Os Keyes: get mad and get even

Former Wikipedian Os Keyes seems to be making all the right friends. [See The NYT piece (and Oliver Keyes)]

First in getting published, then in getting retweeted by Dr. Jess Wade.

It’s this Jess Wade, from the Guardian: “Academic writes 270 Wikipedia pages in a year to get female scientists noticed.

Not sure about the “spider-queen” reference.  Not sure who our Mx Keyes wants to get even with, or why.

Since Keyes has a history of deleting accounts, I should probably include a screen shot.

The article in question is “Actually, We Should Not All Use They/Them Pronouns A response to a recent Scientific American essay By Alex Hanna, Nikki L Stevens, Os Keyes, Maliha Ahmed on May 3, 2019“.

“For many trans/GNC people, gender is an important part of their identity and actively avoiding the act of gendering manifests as another form of violence—a violence that trans/GNC people have been fighting against throughout the long history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual and two-spirit (LGBTQIA2S) experience.”

What would it mean for those of us who have fought to have our gender recognized as women, who have fought seemingly endless amounts of administrative red tape—what transgender legal scholar Dean Spade calls administrative violence—to have that erased? And how does this proposal factor in the history of misogynistic and trans-erasing narratives in this world of scholarship—a history that has often consisted of punishing and shaming trans women for asserting femininity, with the precise argument that this is somehow reinforcing the patriarchy?

That’s good to know, Mx. Keyes, about all this violence stuff. That disagreeing with someone who is “two-spirit (LGBTQIA2S)” is just the same as “violence”.

Totally unlike the violence of driving a pen through a woman’s throat to shut her up, or assassinating the pope, or setting someone on fire with massage oil and a lighter. [Source.] (Wasn’t that Keefer from Wikipediocracy? which doesn’t mitigate it of course.)

But in this case, looking at Keyes’ twitter account, this horrific violence seems to be self-inflicted.

But why does this person want to be known as a “genderfucky nightmare goth”?

This only goes to show how so incredibly smart Keyes is that he can get a $42,000 Ada Lovelace fellowship and even afford to take $8,000 out of his savings, for laser hair removal, while the rest of us plebes have to struggle with those nasty pink razors.

No research though, no scientific method. Just assertions. We’re supposed to take this all on faith, sort of like creationism.


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