Ramadan: overcoming weaknesses

“Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.” -Step 7 of Alcoholics Anonymous

Ramadan offers the faithful a practical path for self-control. The physical purification offered by giving up food, drink, and sex is coupled with a spiritual purification obtained through piety (taqwa) of physical self-discipline.

Piety (taqwa) is a diligence and watchfulness that help us suppress our inclination to yield to temptations.

Piety is the opposite of avarice and selfishness. It is a constant struggle to give a wide berth to all that is glamorous on the outside and rotten inside.

Piety enables us to keep our passions under control, and discipline them.

Piety is the fear of none but Allah. The strength of piety comes from Allah and Allah alone.

Ramadan is a month of the year meant for the purification of our minds and souls. It is a special time to grow closer through our faith and deeds to Allah, as well as to each other. It is also a time for reflections upon Allah’s infinite blessings through piety, self-discipline, and patience.

Ramadan is the time to seek Allah’s forgiveness and for each Muslim to forgive each other by settling differences that arose during the past year. In this month, believers not only abstain from food and drink during day time, but also hold back all tendencies for quarrel and confrontation.

Fasting is an effective lesson in moderation and willpower.

During Ramadan, a believer refuses to indulge his body, but feeds his soul instead. A fasting person lowers his gaze, restrains his wandering mind and reins in his tongue.

Fasting trains a person to flee from the prurient and the obscene.

Fasting prepares a Muslim to confront the trials of life with patience and fortitude. It helps him or her to calmly endure the physical pangs of hunger and thirst, as well as the mental pain of facing the misdeeds of others.

Fasting is a good course in anger management as well. It gives a person the strength to rise above common weaknesses and remain steadfast in truth and justice. It instills into a person compassion for his fellow beings as regards their needs, concerns and anxieties. Ramadan makes Muslims charitable and generous to the unfortunates who have fallen by the wayside in their journey of life.

“Fasting nourishes the soul”

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