Gregor Murray

Gregor Murray or Gregor Fisher Murrey (May 14, 1987 – ) is a Scottish politician and an Independent councillor from Ward 6 (North East district) of Dundee in Scotland. This Dundee City Council district covers the areas of Mill O’Mains, Claverhouse, Fintry, and Whitfield.   Murray was elected as a member of the Scottish National Party (SNP) in 2012 and again in 2016.

Murray was born in the Fintry area of Dundee, and attended secondary school at Braeview Academy.  Murray attended University of Dundee and received an MA in International Relations and Politics in 2008, and an MLitt in European Politics in 2010.  Murray was employed in IT, then as a journalism researcher, then from 2007 to 2013 worked for Shona Robison, MSP for the Dundee East district and the Cabinet Secretary who promoted a 40% female quota in boardrooms,  and for Joe FitzPatrick the Dundee West district MSP for the SNP, and the Government’s chief whip.

On the Dundee City council, Murray was the convener of the Children and Families Service Committee.

Murray’s stated gender is “Plural (neutral)”. According to mumsnet, Murray is male but “identifies as non-binary which is underneath the trans umbrella.
Non-Binary identities are very individualistic so it may mean that Murray does not identify as man or woman or alternatively Murray identifies as both man & woman.”


avatar twitter boy scout gregor murrayIn May 2014, while deputy convener for education, Murray attacked Alex Salmond’s plan for 40% female representation in boardrooms as “f***ing stupid”, and  “the biggest load of p*** I have ever seen”. (not sure what is p***)

In August 2017, a complaint was lodged against Councillor Murray by Rev Bob Mallinson over concerns the pedestrian crossings at new Tayview Primary School were not working in time for the opening.  According to the complaint, Murray “responded that he didn’t care and that he wasn’t interested in anything I had to say to him. Councillor Murray also called me a liar.”

grogipher-twitterIn July 2018, Murray referred to the political equality group Women 50:50 as “absolute roasters”, which was criticized by Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale. “Roaster” is Scottish slang for an objectionable person.

In August 2018 Murray resigned as convener of the children and families services committee and equal opportunities spokesperson, following profanity-laden rants on social media surrounding an anti-trans protest at a London Pride event.

As chair of the children’s and families service committee, Murray approved a report about period poverty and sanitary products in schools without using the words girl, woman, or female but included transgender men and non binary.


In April 2019, Murray accused several Scottish Government ministers of “hysteria”, after they signed a letter of concern in connection with changing the Gender Recognition Act of 2004.  The current act allows gender recognition certificates to be issued “if the person involve has had a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria and proof of having lived in their declared gender for two years”.  The proposal would allow certificates solely on the declaration of the applicant.

Statement by Joan McAlpine

In May 2019 Murray resigned from the SNP, noting “unwavering support” from the party in Dundee but accusing the wider party of having “a major institutional problem with transphobia”.

Also in May 2019, Murray was suspended from meetings of Dundee City Council and its committees.for two months by the Standards Commission for Scotland, an independent body that promotes and enforces codes of conduct for councillors. Murray called the decision a “miscarriage of justice.” The panel found “It was evident that the councillor’s description as TERFS being scum and hateful and vile that he intended it to be a term of abuse.” and also “The panel further determined that the councillor’s use of the ‘c’ word in a public forum such as a tweet was highly offensive and inappropriate.”

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Gregor-MurrayThe following is a full list of activities:

  • Convener of the Children and Families Service Committee
  • Council’s Spokesperson on Equal Opportunities.Member of
  • The Council’s service Committees (City Development, Children and Families, Development Management, Neighbourhood Services and Community Safety and Public Protection)
  • Representative, COSLA Board (Children and Young People)
  • Representative, Dundee Partnership (Children and Families Executive Board)
  • Member of the Dundee City Licencing Board
  • Member of the Tayside Pension Investment Sub-Committee
  • Member of the Personnel Appointments Sub-Committee
  • Member of the Personnel Appeals Sub-Committee
  • Member of the Whitfield Regeneration Forum
  • Member of the North East Local Community Planning Partnership
  • Member of the Dundee School Children’s Holiday Fund
  • Member of the North East Campus Project Board
  • Governor of the City of Dundee Educational Trust
  • Trustee of the Dundee Trust
  • Trustee of the Mars Training Ship Fund
  • Member of the Education Review Group
  • Member of the School Parking Review Group
  • Member of Educational Appeal Committees
  • Chair of the Appointments Panel for Education
  • Director of Dundee Science Centre
  • substitute member of Licensing Committee
  • substitute member of Local Review Body
















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