Crowsnest’s obsession with women editing Wikipedia

Over at Sucks, Crowsnest has been stalking Jesswade88’s edits and giving a blow by blow description of how appalling he finds her.  He is now up to 5 pages.  Really.

Five pages of rants. He doesn’t like the sources, he doesn’t like the way she rewords them – has he heard of plagiarism?  Of course you have to paraphrase sources. And he doesn’t like the way every sentence in a paragraph starts with the word “she”.

Something tells me if the sentences all started with “he”, there would be no five pages of rants

So who is this Jess person that Crowsnest finds so indigestible?

Dr. Jess Wade is a British physicist who also writes Wikipedia articles about … ruh roh….women. Imagine that. A scientist who wants to write Wikipedia articles.  And not about Pokeman either, she writes about science.

Last summer she was featured in the Wikimedia blog. And she had some interesting things to say about notability requirements for the early career scientists like herself:

I get really sad when my pages get nominated for deletion—not because of the time investment, but because the people I’m creating are genuinely brilliant and don’t deserve to have their notability questioned. The notability criteria are a bit time-expired: academics are usually only deemed worthy if they are a Professor at an impressive university, have a high number of citations, or have won an internationally recognized prize.

Whilst that’s all well-and-good, it doesn’t take into account the amount of public engagement early career scientists are doing—they aren’t just sitting in their labs but writing books, newspaper articles, and doing TED talks. The notability criteria for early career faculty who are significant public figures hasn’t been written yet.

If you spend any amount of time at AfD or pontificating on the subject,  take a few minutes to read what an actual Wikipedian- scientist says about it.

And this is what Crowsnest is working himself into a frenzy over?

Let’s pick someone else and stalk a few of their edits, and see what we come up with. Here is someone called Hell in a Bucket.

Their last article was Casimiro Barela. This is what it looked like after the first six edits. Three sentences, three refs, but “Hispanic” and “Spanish” are not even capitalized. Is this the type of person who should be editing Wikipedia?  And try to find the information given in those refs. According to the article, “He served in both the Colorado Territory legislature and the legislature of the State.” But the source doesn’t say that.  It only says he served “40 years in the Colorado State Legislature.” but once the information gets into Wikipedia, it is only “almost 40 years.”

So let’s pick a different article, Historic Arkansas Riverwalk. After five edits by Mr. Hell in a Bucket, this is what it looked like:

The Historic Arkansas River Project is a voter approved city beautifiction project in Pueblo, Colorado, It is a multi-acreage project taht is intended to be an economic catalyst for the area by attracting tourism and new businesses.[1]The project features a man made waterway that is accessible to the public free of charge. It is a celbration of the original path or the Arkansas River which was a major factor in Pueblo becoming a city. The San Antonio Riverwalk is considered the inspiration for it’s creation.[2]

Phase Three

Since 1995 there have been two phases completed on the project. The third phase started in 2009 and currently hosts plans for ” two hotels are contemplated, one of them billed as the hippest hostelry ever. And, adjacent to that, add a couple of humongous restaurant complexes. Adjacent to HARP itself, an old warehouse, the Ice House, could become a mixed-use development…..Professional Bull Riders Inc. headquarters, also due to include a spacious restaurant, entertainment and exhibits.” [3]

Professional Bull Riders

In 2008 the P.B.R. moved it’s new corporate headquarters to 101 Riverwalk Way.[4]

Is it just me, or is this totally unintelligible, outside of the obvious spelling and punctuation errors.

I would be curious as to how our Mr. Crowsnest would critique that. Or if he would critique it at all. More likely, someone like this will get a free pass, as well as lot of discrete help from the Good Old Boys club.

Of course this Jess Wade has some interesting friends, too. She has been running editing events with someone named Alice White. Shall we see what this Dr Alice White @HistorianAlice person has been re-tweeting?  Brace yourselves. Because I think we’re going to need one of those Code of Conduct thingies in here. Oh dear.  Library collections are not what they used to be.

Note: And no, you may *not* post “joe job” comments impersonating CN. Did you really think I wouldn’t check?



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