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[(H/T Proabi.)  The deletion discussion is here.  The article was nominated for deletion using some fairly disturbing language, by the nasty little Tsumikiria, who sports a user box bragging: “this user loves ero kawaii art”, which apparently involves children in underwear. Checking the history we see the refs are being gutted by none other than Fae, the nude bondage selfie guy, who unselfconsiously mansplains the true nature of lesbianism in his edit summaries while ripping out chunks of text. Below is reproduced the article before all the deletions.  I am pleased to host this here as an educational service.  And yes, this issue is becoming really nasty in England; some day a proper history will be written, but this is the time to collect the sources, before they are obliterated by the next google algorithm. LOL, “Saved 117 times between May 19, 2019 and May 21, 2019” on the Wayback Machine]

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Get the L Out

Get the L Out” (GtLO) is a grassroots lesbian feminist campaign created within a segment of lesbian society that seeks autonomy for the sapphic community by separating the L(esbian) from the blanket initialism that represents the LGBT community. The movement protests “lesbian erasure” and the influence of genderidentity politics, with a particular focus on trans women.[1][2][3]


Get the L Out activism was set in motion in the United Kingdom in 2015 with the petition on, “We are getting the L out of the LGBT”, which began with the introduction:

We represent Lesbians who demand that the petitioned drop the L from their organisation names, and drop the L when reporting about any LGBT issues not directly related to lesbians since they do not represent our interests. The petitioned did not heed a petition to drop the T, leaving us with no choice but to remove the L from the LGBT….[4]

The petition was directed at Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, Lambda Legal, The Advocate, and HuffPost Gay Voices.

In 2018, lesbian feminist activists called attention to the movement by interrupting the Pride Parade in London; carrying banners that read “Lesbian Not Queer”, “Lesbian=Female Homosexual”, and “Transactivism Erases Lesbians”.[5][6][7][8][9][10][11] Get the L Out protests were also held during the 2018 Southend Pride parade in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.[12] GtLO-inspired activity occurred in Belfast, Brighton, Melbourne, Vancouver, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle during Pride and dyke marches.[13][14]

The London protest was condemned by Stonewall,[15] the largest LGBT lobby group in the UK, which led to the organization being accused of giving preference to transgender causes. The week following the demonstration, the Lesbian Rights Alliance (LRA) published an “Open Letter to Stonewall” endorsed by 135 signatories that emphasized grievances. LRA accused the organization of promoting “lesbian invisibility” and “lesbian erasure” in favor of a “trans political and ideological agenda” which, according to LRA, encouraged “hate crime[s] against lesbians”; and demanded that Stonewall “stop claiming to represent us and leave the L out” of its definition.[16][17][18] In April 2019, lesbian activists and their supporters staged a protest against Stonewall at its Stonewall Workplace Conference in London.[19][20][21]

In 2016, a second petition, “Statement: L is out of GBT”, was created on The statement read:

This is a statement by Lesbians and our supporters that we are NOT part of the ‘LGBT” umbrella. Our interests both as lesbians in particular and women in general are not represented by any alphabet organization. We have had enough of our voices silenced and our protests ignored. The ‘LGBT community” is actively harming women with its insistence of focusing on transgender issues. We, the L, are going our own way to focus on our own community. We are building L-only spaces, women-only spaces, campaign for women’s rights and L rights. L only. We demand that the L be left out of the current LGBT acronym. We’ll take care of our own business, as always, and will form temporary alliances as we see fit, when the goal is parity for Lesbians. The L will speak for ourselves.[22]

Lesbians at Ground Zero, a two-part research report by the Get the L Out organization, was released to the public in March 2019. Among the results from responses to surveys, the study found that “50% of women reported being excluded from their LGBT group(s)”, “66% of respondents reported being intimidated or receiving threats in their LGBT group(s)”, and “56%…reported being pressured or coerced to accept a transwoman as a sexual partner.”[23][24]

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Harrison, Hannah (March 30, 2019). “Get The L Out! – ‘The Cotton Ceiling. Object. Retrieved 18 May 2019.

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  1. This has been linked offsite here at r/GenderCritical.

    Also on the deletion discussion, now removed by Fae (see history )

    And no, Tsumikiria, and you too Fae, objecting to calls for violence against women is not “harassment”. DARVO much?

    And now a link to the Reddit site by the anime child porn pervert Tsumikiria from

    And now the creepy Tsumidiria wants to change his user name because “Previous username linked to Twitter handles proved too volatile.” I wonder if anyone had a chance to archive that Twitter account before it got deleted.

    I opine further about the Fae here.

    And from Twitter, you can click on the link and see the Twitter account was not deleted but “suspended”.

  2. Thanks for the links. I have updated the Twitter link.

    This is not really my article. I have just preserved the last revision online, so that that people who are looking for information will be able to find what was deleted. Anything published on Wikipedia has a CC by-SA 3.0 Creative Commons license, so anyone can use it with attribution.

    I would encourage you to try again with adding this information to Wikipedia. The people who were interested in disrupting your work flow have moved on, Fae is topic-banned from gender again, and the other one hasn’t edited since last summer, at least not under that name.

    If you look at the redirect, the article they pointed it to is absolutely horrible, which is probably why this post comes up first in a google search. The first line of the lede says more or less that lesbians are “hostile”, and goes downhill from there. It also needs to be streamlined and simplified for the casual reader who is looking for a sound-bite of information, not walls of text filled with opaque jargon. You need something where you can control the narrative, not have words like “cis” and the t-word pop out un-ironically, or allow yourselves to be defined by negative stereotypes from those who do not wish you well.

    If I was doing it, I would start over, maybe with some fresh writers, and with something less ambitious, maybe adding information about GtLO to a paragraph in another article somewhere, then _if_ it gets too large, split it off to a new article about ‘lesbian activism in the UK’ or somesuch. You could add info about the Scottish consultation and the “adult human female” sticker protests, as well as something about the new LGB Alliance @AllianceLGB (and anything else that @glinner retweets). My impression is that these are all somehow part of the same movement that is going on in the UK right now, and is also tied in to the de-transition groups. Isn’t there a Scottish group associated with the late Magdalen Berns? You can also photograph your actions and add them to Commons, it is less controversial than an article and can always be used in an article later. It has also been my experience that articles with photos look more professional and are less likely to be deleted.

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