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After 20-odd pages of cruft on the ongoing Fram dude-bro hissy-fit, Crowsnest, over at Sucks, has finally started hitting his stride, tracking everything from resignations of admins (who quite frankly have not been particularly active lately), to the inevitable upcoming Signpost coverage.  If you have nothing constructive to do with your time, you might want to check out the ongoing rant.

A sample:

crow rants on Fram

This extraordinary statement advocating intentional disruption might be something you expect to find coming from the hasten-the-day crowd, instead it is from a powerful insider afraid of losing his status and privilege.

… On a specified date, the editors who agree to the proposal will begin to report every violation of the terms of use to Trust & Safety. And a lot of things are: Vandalism is against the TOU. Copyright violations are against the TOU. BLP violations, spamming/advertising, suspected undisclosed paid editing, block or ban evasion? All a TOU violation. Send them a report each and every time one of those things happens. Even if it’s already been handled by someone not participating, make sure they get a report, so T&S can make sure the rubes didn’t screw it up. I say we let T&S handle all of it, and see just how much work the volunteers who have kept this project running for nearly two decades deal with every day. If they think they can do it better than we do, let’s send them a message: Prove it. Seraphimblade Talk to me 02:26, 24 June 2019 (UTC)

Todd Allen (Seraphimblade): “I’m autistic myself.”

Seraphimblade (Todd Allen) is either a former or current arbitrator, I forget which. This is extraordinary, grown men charged with protecting the project are now essentially advocating vandalism against it if they can’t run it as their own private brotopia. Crow quotes him from the mailing list here, un-ironically protesting “secret Star Chamber-style proceedings, where apparently even the accused is not permitted to know all the evidence against them” : Can you say “honeypot“?

Another interesting viewpoint comes from Boing said Zebedee, someone who is both deeply embedded in Manchester politics but has carved out his own niche:

“Whatever might happen in the coming days and weeks, it remains a fact that we are in the midst of a governance change and a shift in the balance of power….Should I ever consider re-applying to become an administrator, it would not be until the current power shift is complete, until the new rules and enforcement regime are finalized and made clear, and until I see the new enforcement structure working sufficiently well and sufficiently fairly to consider becoming a part of it…. “

Two comments on that, (1) yes I think “shift of power” is about right, it is a realistic evaluation and (2) this is how it has *always* been for women. But when it happens to men, they down the tools and walk away, muttering “fairness”.  And so far, none of them has been mocked as a “social justice warrior”, or told to develop a “tougher skin” or not to be such a “special snowflake”.  Shall we have no more of those head-scratching “why don’t women edit Wikipedia” articles?

[Note: the above statement by an identifiable person (Todd Allen) is so extraordinary, I have gone looking for the diff which Crow has neglected to provide us with.  Here ya go: ]


Oh wow, just….speechless, User:Seraphimblade:

“…Especially serious are the allegations that the WMF sanctioned someone at least in part because he stood close to people to compensate for a hearing impairment, and mistreated people who had autism. (The latter especially hits home; I’m autistic myself.) …”

This is who the brotopia cult wants to make judgments on behalf of Wikipedia.

Link: ]

[Another update]

lots of revelations of autism/spectrum disorders on this recently archived thread, this is amazing:

spectrum disorder screenshots

*As someone who has a [[Autism spectrum|spectrum]] [[Asperger Syndrome|disorder]] this is absolutely appalling for me, and demonstrates that T&S [[WP:Our social policies are not a suicide pact|aren’t trustworthy for their role]]. Being able to separate a legitimate complaint from a spurious one should be a ”requirement” for that position. —[[User:Jéské Couriano|A little blue Bori]] [[User talk:Jéské Couriano|v^_^v]] [[Special:Contributions/Jéské Couriano|Bori!]] 19:57, 19 June 2019 (UTC)
** As someone who has both hearing loss *and* an autism spectrum disorder, I share your feelings. That’s really gross on behalf of the WMF if true. [[User:Rockstone35|Rockstone]][[User talk:Rockstone35|talk to me!]] 20:34, 19 June 2019 (UTC)

The Dunning–Kruger is strong with this one.

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