These guys droning on

“It was exhausting to try to listen for hours on end to these guys droning on.”
– Sue Montgomery, Montreal

So, taking a look at…

…what do you see?

Yup, sausagefest.


And they are not exactly Wikipedia’s best and brightest either.

Once again, we can turn to Canada for a solution (via Metafilter).

Sue Montgomery (red link), mayor of the Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough, this week announced she is knitting during council meetings to help her concentrate and to demonstrate that men speak more than women at the meetings.

Montgomery knits in red when men speak and in green when women do. So far, she has 15 inches of scarf, 80 per cent of it red.

The council has 31 women and 34 men. According to Montgomery:

“My experience is that men tend to use up all the time allotted to them. They repeat everything several ways even though they’ve made their point. They like the sound of their own voices. Women tend to stand up, make their point and sit down.”

I’m seeing a way here to improve Wikipedia’s dramah boards…

And with number of admin resignations at WP:BN, maybe it’s time to start adding some  different kinds of admins: article deletion admins, civility admins, etc,


4 thoughts on “These guys droning on

  1. Latest polling: (the epithets and arrows are mine. polling data and graph from

    Choice bits from
    “has an impeccable pro life voting record”
    “to think that a Catholic bishop must answer to a civil authority over matters of faith is abominable”
    “Scheer was critical of comments questioning people who support creationism stating that millions were offended”

  2. I have struggled to figure out how and why Canada has elections, but there are only so many hours in the day. At this point I will have to give up and offer condolences, and perhaps later in the day some coloring to relieve the stress, as a tribute to Canada Day.

    But “pro-life”??? There is very little about anti-abortionists that promotes life. Their whole framework involves forcing women to have children they cannot take care of, then withholding nutritional and educational programs and health care from the children once they are born. They also support the death penalty, so go figure.

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