SucksWatch: the board statement

Over at Sucks, Crowsnest shows no signs of fatigue, as the Fram thread reaches 36 pages.

A few nuggets.


I wonder what percentage of the highly active Wikipedia community that inevitably dominates their instruments of self-government even understand what is meant by the following terms recently used by the Board…..

* toxic behaviors
* safe and respectful environment
* diverse voices

Is that really what they want to offer training on? I know Wikipedia is meant to be for everyone, but come on, anyone who needs training to understand these terms and how they relate to Wikipedia governance, they’re really not going to be capable of being an effective Administrator.

It is clear, training is not the answer. The problem, is wiki has far too many Administrators, and a good few users even higher up the food chain, who know precisely what these words mean, they just have no real interest in seeing them as strategic priorities.


Most of the wiki users and special the high productive are autistic as hell. And there they recruit there sysops and Arbs out of.

You can’t learn a elephant figure skating, it is again insane. It’s the same if I hire for my next project a bunch of color blind painters and if the mess everything up say I will train them.

This is not just hyperbole, we have highly placed volunteers (cough, Seraphimblade, aka Todd Allen cough), who are in charge of making and interpreting policy, who have actually been diagnosed with autism, Aspergers, or who claim to be “on the spectrum”.

Maybe it’s time to go back and read WP:Competence is required, in the light of Fram and his enablers.


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