Is Genderdesk a Reliable Source?

Maybe sort of yes.

Everipedia has long considered me a reliable source – see “I am now a reliable source for Everipedia” – but that clubhouse has a verrrry large roof.

Should I say something about their images of scantily clad women?

Shall I say something about the value of blockchain?

Or maybe I should think of something nice to say about Everipedia, like the story of Fram and the Revenge of Sander.v.Ginkel, an academic who created articles about women athletes, until he was unfortunate enough to end up on Fram’s radar. And may I add, unfortunate for Wikipedia as well. But Everipedia was scraped from Wikipedia at a time before all these articles were mass deleted (by Fram, I have heard) over some link-rot technicality, so Sander.v.Ginkel’s articles are all alive and well–on the blockchain.

But this is not about Fram, or blockchain, or even the soul-crushing qualities of various projects.

This is about ME! ME! ME!

Exhibit A:

Guy Macon refers to me as a “low quality source”. Who is the Guy Macon person?  I have never heard of him. Whoever he is, he has no less than 42 user boxes, one of which informs us that he is a “wikiogre”, someone who is “typically yet not always accurately depicted as large, hideous and manlike.”  When someone tells you who they are, believe them. In any case, there is no such thing as “bad publicity”, and I accept the homage, even if it is low quality homage.

Exhibit B:

“I came here because I read about it on GenderDesk. My colleagues can decide if that makes my opinion less valid.” LOL. Originally posted by the nasty little Tsumikiria, but in an archived form so I wouldn’t get any linklove street-cred from it and later censored by Fae, who deleted huge chucks of it before saying in the deletion discussion that it didn’t have enough ref. Tsumikiria called it “canvassing” and “targeting Fae and me”.  The same Tsumikiria who has now requested a user name change after having his Twitter account with all the anime child porn suspended. (see my comment at “Get the L out“. And oh, the article behind poor, poor “targeted” Tsumikiria’s Ero kawaii user box, with the pictures of children in underwear, is now a red link. It’s hard to imagine the naughty, naughty Fae censoring anything, but if he chooses to censor me, I must be doing something right.  And I called the deletion discussion too, didn’t I. I now have the only version of the pre-deletion-spree Get the L Out article, as the whole thing was deleted and redirected to something else, thus losing the entire article history. Some day this article will be written again, and when it is, the algorithms will have have had a little experience with connecting the links.

Exhibit C:

This one on Wikipedia (now hatted, so it won’t turn up in an internal search) is only a “don’t care”, but I love it because it ranks me favorably against Wikipediocracy and other offsite criticism.

In case anyone can’t read that, someone (who seems to have a bit of street cred themselves) is voting to *include* me in the WP:FRAMBAN list of “off-wiki coverage”

So would you also include:

    • Wikipediocracy?
    • Wiki Review?
    • Hacker News?
    • Reddit?
    • Twitter?
    • Gender Desk?
    • Reclaim the Net?…

No (forum), no (forum), no (forum), no (basically a forum), no (tweet), don’t care (blog), yes.

Kind of odd, thinking how spur of the moment it was, and how I just jotted it off in order to get back to what I was doing.

It had a huge amount of readership though, the spike was easily four times the readership of the previous day, and it has continued to this day. And most of it not from identifiable article links, it looks like they were just reading off the front page.

Also kinda funny how this Fram thing is generating so much attention, and that so many people consider it a watershed, or even dumpster-fire event, even though none of this is new. The only thing new here is that it was a partial and not global ban, and that it took place after the departure of Mr. Alexander, who having escaped the constant, and probably faked email spam, is now raking in the big bucks over on Twitter.

…continuing on….

Exhibit D:

Metafilter has linked to my Dude Timer, at “Perception v reality of women’s contributions to debate

Exhibit E:

The Conversation linked to my Rogol sock piece from one of their comment threads.

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