Did GenderDesk break WikiSpace?

If you go and look at the discussion section for Wikimedia Space, you get an “oops” message.

wikispace discussion forum down oops screenshot 1
Earlier today, it was working.

The reason I know this is that they linked to me from their “discuss” forum.It was posted shortly before 5 am, and by 7 am it already had two “likes”. So a big “buongiorno” to user:Elitre-WMF for the link love. And in just a few hours, I got more traffic from that link than I  get from Sucks, WikiRev and Wikipediocrazy combined. So people are definitely reading it.

Then it stopped.  No way to make a query on the site itself – it is the comments that are down.  Nothing on the meta talk page about it either.  Just some kid venting about Safe Space.  He must be sad, sad, sad that he doesn’t get to make rapey comments to the women there, as if there aren’t plenty of venues for that already.

Because nothing says “I am not a virgin” quite like filling up public spaces with vulgar words for reproduction.

And I bet you didn’t see this one coming either, his user page is a sexualized anime child in a French maid outfit.

I hope he doesn’t expect to get dates with that.

Really Alexis, get with the program.

Note: they’re back up, and no, it wasn’t me.


Wikispace broken image icon with red circle and arrow

Looks like the problem was with images copied automatically from the WordPress photo library instead of Commons, but if I’m understanding this correctly, sometimes it does work with Discourse, it is only the cellphone (?) applications that don’t work.  But I thought all of Discourse was by cellphone.

Also, this doesn’t explain why it would crash the whole discussion forum, and without touching the blog.

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