The strike is so over

spade-vector-royal-flushThere was the “Administrators general strike“, “editors on strike“, “participant’s strike” (Beetstra), and just plain “strike“. Then there was this chart, showing the activity level of the strikers was about 2% of the total Wikipedia activity.

The bureaucrats notice board WP:BN has seen a steady trickle of admins coming back to be resysopped. The latest are Yelyos and Ched.

In the meantime, several RfAs have continued.  The first were challenged as strike breakers, or rather the woman was challenged. But now Floquenbeam, having served out his one-month desyssop at the hands of the WMF, has come crawling back at the end of the ban, obediently requesting a return of the tools, and there is not a whisper against it.

But I do remember another time, on Jimbo’s talk page, where Floquenbeam was so upset about someone not approving of printing the c-bomb, that Floquenbeam went out of his way to use the word without using it, if you know what I mean.  That is, he didn’t have the guts to actually type it, but he made sure everyone knew what word he was thinking.  So Floquenbeam, no I have not forgotten that you consider my body to be the most vile and disgusting thing in the universe, that you have no problem with demeaning women, that you are willing to actually make the effort to go to Jimbo’s talk page to make sure everyone knows it, and use it to create drama, yet again.  So why don’t you go play with your waifu.

cat with waifu pillow

I can’t really get any sympathy going for any of this.

behold the field

Now that big rebel Floquenbeam the c-bomb warrior has come crawling back, how many more will continue to hold to the fiction of a strike?  Even for the ones who say they are on strike, like Carrite, it’s business as usual, they are busy participating in discussions and editing articles.

The next action of the WMF will be definitive, and having exhausted their social capital proving they are only interested in maintaining their position of privilege at the expense of other users, the “community” will be unable to mount even a token resistance against even the most dubious proposal. Checkmate.

8 thoughts on “The strike is so over

  1. >>Even for the ones who say they are on strike, like Carrite, it’s business as usual, they are busy participating in discussions and editing articles.

    Yes, I’m participating in discussions dealing with the Fram affair, directly or indirectly. And actually playing hooky from my book project(s) by writing articles for the first time in a long time — I’m on a bit of a early 20th century sports tear at the moment. What I’m NOT doing is any maintenance task, including particularly AfD or New Page Patrol. Business as usual? No.

    Realistically, you are right, the strike has fizzled. WMF turning over their Fram decision to the Star Chamber for “review” has pretty decisively defanged the opposition. Whether they have learned a single thing from their overreach debacle remains to be seen.

    What is now clear is that ArbCom’s current occupants need to be completely off-loaded in the next election. A massive FAIL by them. Massive.

    best, —tim

  2. I can’t say I’ve seen your name a lot at deletion discussions, and NPP is a different animal since ACTRIAL, but yes I see the Wikipediocrazies are thinking about adding some chapters to the upcoming Wikimedia encomium. I doubt if they’ll get past the “thinking about” stage, but hey, it keeps the readership occupied.

    Kinda blows up the “content creator” vs. “dramah lama” argument though, that always made the Wikipediocrazies so smugly superior to the admins.

    In your opinion what should arbcom have done about the Fram thing. You seem to be in favor of kicking butts for your shop floor, (or I would spin this more as corporal punishment in the classroom), so is it Fram’s butt that should be kicked or arbcom’s for not dealing with Fram earlier. And which do you trust more, arbcom star chamber or wmf star chamber, and is there a viable alternative.

    You may have whatever length of time is usually given to beauty pageant contestants to compose an answer.

  3. Arbcom should have taken WMF’s evidence and then initiated an open case. But ahead of that, when the situation was critical, they should have been in WMF’s face protesting against the end-run around established process.

    Fram is not a saint — far from it, he’s an asshole. But there have been ZERO Arbcom cases against Fram, so presenting his situation as some kind of a failure of Arbcom to do its job, is fallacious. Start the case and see where it goes.

    Instead, Arbcom has been looked to to affirm a preordained outcome. And no matter how deserving he may well be of that outcome, when then affirm the secret evidence through their secret proceeding, they are going to look like toadies and schmucks for being toadies and schmucks.


  4. So why do you think there are zero arbcom cases against someone everyone agrees about? A little bird told me the admins have been emailing each other privately about this for eons, but no one will put their name to it.

    That tells me the whole arbcom process is not fit for purpose.

    Unless your purpose is to disgust good people and drive them out.

  5. O hai, Rogol, are you back in town again?

    Don’t worry, I won’t publish any of your privacy data stuff I can see behind the counter here, but just to let everyone know, it’s definitely you.

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