Mueller time again

Everyone in the U.S. was glued to their laptops yesterday as 13 million viewers watched the Mueller hearing. Actually that was 13 million viewers on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, as opposed to like 20 million for the Kavanaugh hearing.  I tried to watch on NPR, which was crap because they only showed Mueller and not the person questioning him, so I had to go in search of a live stream with a split screen that would identify the questioners.

The hearing was a disappointment to some who were perhaps hoping for something along the lines of Perry Mason, but Mueller, who was under oath, refused to be stampeded into walking into any perjury trap.

So as it turns out, “no collusion”, a term frequently tweeted by the White House,  is not a term the Mueller team would use, and the Democratic questioner thoughtfully supplied the term “conspiracy” which Mueller readily agreed with.

And millions of Fox viewers heard Mueller say the only reason Trump was not charged with obstruction of justice is because a sitting president cannot be charged. (Only the House can do this, amirite?) Also that he could be charged after he leaves office.  Also that the Statute of Limitations is 4 years, so if Trump is reelected, he will be past the statute of limitations and again cannot be charged. But again, Mueller refused to walk into that one, and would not comment.

More stuff I didn’t know: Mueller tried to get Trump to testify, and finally after a year of negotiations with his lawyers, decided against subpoena, as the endless court delays would not be worth it, and would only have prevented publishing the report.

Also, the best stuff is in Appendix C which is a statement provided by Trump, under oath, yes indeedy they did clarify that during the hearing.

A lot of Fox viewers apparently think the Mueller report exonerated Trump, which it did not.

In fact the whole thing is a spotlight on the Russian interference in the American elections, which Mueller says they expect to do again, and are doing right now, even as we sit here..  Other countries too, not just Russia.

So back to this Appendix C.

Where can I read it?

It’s a government document right? So it’s in the public domain, right?  So this document is on Wikipedia somewhere right?

LOL wikisource.

Looks like they got bogged down in the usual WikiDrama over copyright and never finished it.

And then the DPLA beat them to it. But this is not a text version of the PDF after all, it is an “eBook” with an “.epub” extension. So what is that about?

This is supposed to be the TLDR.

I got as far as the first 6 minutes, and Russia stealing the passwords for the Hillary campaign.

Whoever is looking at Wikipedia password security in Kazakhstan might want to think about that.  last post

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