Nadja Kossinskaja

Nadja Kossinskaja (Надя Косинская) (red link) is a guitarist from the Ukraine. She has won a number of international guitar competitions, including a special prize for best interpretation of a composition of John W. Duarte (1919-2004) at International Guitar Festival Rust 2003, where she impressed Duarte himself with her performance of his Sua Cosa.

She studied at Music College in Drogobych, Ukraine, the National University of Arts and Culture in Kiev, and the Hochschule für Musik Detmold, Germany.

She has recorded for West German and Ukrainian radio, recorded music for films and made numerous television appearances. She has performed with various international orchestras and artists, including the New Russia Russian State Symphony Orchestra, and teaches guitar internationally.

Official website


  • Lebenswert, with Peter Maffay, from his platinum CD “Laut und Leise”
  • Star Rain with Matthias Rethmann
  • Once upon a time
  • Bluezilian, 4-Tissimo, (Fortissimo) with Russian guitarist Dmitry Illarionov.
  • Nadja (DVD)
  • Wolfpakk
  • Criolissima On a sunny day
  • Solarphase
  • Revelations with Amata Sarva
  • Ex oriente Luxus with Karl Wolff
  • Ars Nova Drum Dance
  • TE-CD 001


Don’t bother with the rock stuff, or the English vocals, her forte is technical virtuosity.  Try:

The below seems to be a cut from the Netherlands performance.

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