Willem Jan Ausma

[Ausma’s Wikipedia page on the Dutch wiki has been renamed, and I have not been able to ferret out either the reasons or the current name (see comments).  But there are times when there should be information about people available on the internet, so I am pleased to host a small bio here. This is not what should be in an actual Wikipedia article, it is just what I like personally and a way to aggregate a lot of links to surface more information about the subject.]

ausma twitter profile 2Willem Jan Ausma (1968 – ) is a Dutch attorney specializing in criminal cases. In 2008 he was named best criminal lawyer in the Netherlands by the website http://www.advocatie.nl, beating out such legal luminaries as “Anker, Spong and Korvinus brothers”.

“Anker” would appear to be Wim Anker of law firm Anker & Anker.  Wim Anker defended Robert M, the pedophile dubbed the Monster of Riga by the Dutch press. “Spong” would be Gerard Spong of Wladimiroff & Spong Advocaten, who defends murderers, perverts,  and drug lords.  Korvinus may be Cees Korvinus of  Korvinus Abeln Advocaten / Korvinus Van Roy & Zandt, who has a criminal justice background. There is also a Dien Korvinus, “first female appointed as the Attorney General of the Netherlands”, whose specialty seems to be human trafficking. Oh my, it’s a blue link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anna_Korvinus.

Notable cases

  • Defended the 30-year-old Pascal F., convicted of murdering his tenant Nadia van de Ven over a dispute about a washing machine in 2002, and real estate agent Anton Bussing in 1995 with the same weapon.
  • Dual-national Amin M., convicted in Morocco of the murder of Ilona Németh. The signed confession usual for that part of the world was obtained under unknown circumstances.
  • Jason W., a Dutchman who converted to Islam, and who held the Laak district of The Hague under siege in 2004, throwing a grenade at agents who made the arrests; he was a member of the Hofstad group, responsible for the murder of film maker Theo van Gogh.
  • Defended F. van L who was convicted of trying to blackmail dairy company Campina by poisoning desserts.

This is kind of interesting, they print the names of the victims, but the perpetrators get anonymity.

Also these seem to be mostly, if not all convictions, so not sure of their definition of “best”.

The lawyer has moved into a new building on the Maliesingel.

ausma office 

Family and career

Ausma’s  father was a municipal officer in the Frisian town of Buitenpost. One grandfather was mayor, the other a businessman. From the age of 17 to 24, Willem-Jan was a disc jockey at the Ringo Bar in Veenklooster. He grew up in Buitenpost, and attended primary school at De Fakkel, then Lauwers College (

ausma (L) with his borther on the beach

Ausma’s cousin is the stage magician Hans Klok.

ausma and cousin ausma cousin

Ausma studied law in Groningen from 1989 to 1995, and did an internship at Buitenpost with Marcel Wolters, and later in Groningen with De Haan. His thesis was on special investigation methods.  This was just before the IRT affair became a hot issue. The “IRT affair” of 1994 involved the Inter Regional Crime Squad which used active informants to deliver controlled amounts of drugs in order to gain information about international drug dealers.  This led to the Dutch government becoming a major importer of drugs, with some drug shipments inadvertently ending up on the market, and various police jurisdictions quarreling over control of the unit. The Traa Commission was formed in 1996 to investigate the agency, with high-profile televised parliamentary hearings, and ended in the police functions becoming more centralized.

After completing his studies, Ausma worked at Haulussy Advocaten in Rotterdam, then started his own practice with Onno de Jong, first in Nieuwegein, [or perhaps, according to local information on Sucks, de Jong had the practice first then Ausma became a partner, but as they say “citation needed”, Sucks is no more a WP:RS than I am, also what happened to the”Booij” part of Booij & De Jong Advocaten, Nieuwegein; best to leave it out then.) then in 2008 moved to the Maliesingel in Utrecht.

One of Ausma’s more controversial cases involved the Chaam cornfield murderFreddy T. was eventually convicted of the murder of the Flemish Marita Schoenmakers from Turnhout, who he knew from the Hells Angels café De Pitstop in Turnhout where he worked as a bartender, and sentenced to 18 years in prison. Ausma defended José of E., the mother of a six-year-old son and the girlfriend of Freedy T., who threatened to implicate her in the murder if she ended their relationship. After holding her for a year, the prosecutor suddenly concluded that there was insufficient evidence for José’s involvement in the murder, and she was acquitted.

In the summer, Ausma visits his home town of Frisian Buitenpost or the Belgian seaside resort of Knokke, following in the footsteps of two other “dandy lawyers”, Piet Doedens and Theo Hiddema, who frequently visited this seaside spot together.  Doedens is also from Utrecht, and Ausma often attended sessions at which he pleaded in order to gain experience.


While Ausma says he does not run away from publicity, he says he does not seek it either.  “I don’t need to.” Since the well-known Piet Doedens had to quit for health reason, Ausma has been the leading lawyer in the Utrecht region.  He prefers writing however.  He regularly gives courses, lectures and workshops for interns and students, and has written several legal texts.  He is an instructor at various training institutes and the police academy. His text Het strafproces (Criminal law) has been through five different editions from 2009 to 2016.

He was a frequent contributor to the television program Vandaag de Dag on WNL and RTV Utrecht.

Ausma is a contributor to the online legal newsletter Mr.

Ausma is on the editorial staff of the criminal law journal Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Strafrecht (Dutch Criminal Law Journal), published by Boom Juridisch.  The new journal was introduced in February 2020 as a reboot of the old Tijdschrift Praktijkwijzer Strafrecht (Criminal Law Practice Guide) published by Wolters Kluwer.  The journal uses the same editorial staff but with a new publisher. The editorial staff consists of lawyer Willem Jan Ausma (Ausma De Jong Lawyers), Sabine van den Brink, Rob ter Haar (lecturer in criminal law at Leiden University), Douwe Herbrink (lawyer at the scientific office of the Supreme Court), Mark Hornman (lawyer at the Financial Markets Authority), Jasper de Jong (senior councilor of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal), Menco Rasterhoff  (lawyer at De Roos and Pen Advocaten), and Nieke Verschaeren (lawyer at the scientific office of the Supreme Court).

Sartorial advice

Ausma says “we have one dress code in the office, make sure they can tell the client apart from the lawyer.” The first thing criminals do is look at your watch.  They also look at suits and shoes, and to some extent this determines the value of an attorney’s billable hours.

Ausma’s suits are made to measure by an Italian tailor. His shoes are eggplant-colored, he has about 20 pairs, very important to distinguish yourself under the gown, he says. Not “Van Bommels or Greves, everyone is already doing that.”

ausma shoes

No sneakers or jeans.  No ties — one spill and you’re out 100 euros. And no hats, caps, or backpacks. His hair comes out of a bottle, “a drug from the drugstore, so that my hair stays blond and does not turn gray. I don’t say anything, otherwise the whole of Utrecht will soon be wearing the same hair. Even the hairdresser doesn’t know.”

You can see the 5000 euro watch here

Ausma clipping 1

For the product-conscious (from the online article): info: Pak, Corneliani € 3000 shoes and belt, Jeffery West, € 450, shirt: Hugo Boss € 120, watch, Van der Gang € 5000 bag, Piquardo € 350 perfume, Chanel, blue noir The print version also adds the price of the cologne: perfum Bleu de Chanel €67,50.

The bag is not shown, but here is the closest Piquardi bag I can find to that price point. And for € 320 you can believe it’s gonna be leather and come with an ipad and external ear buds.

Piquardo bag with ipad Piquardo bag with model Piquardo bag with earphones

According to Ausma, as he gets older and more experienced “he has come to realize that a lawyer is more than a lawyer.  He should also be a coach. A supervisor of his client.  Now that I am slowly getting older, I want to give more meaning to life. As a coach you can help others.”


  • Het strafprocesHet strafproces, (Criminal law), part of the Praktijkzaken (Practical affairs) series, five editions 2009-2016.  ISBN: 9789013064216 9013064213 OCLC: 471417652
  • Strafprocesrecht (Criminal procedure), part of Kernzaken (Core business) series, 2008 ISBN: 9013056318 9789013056310 OCLC Number: 838375514
  • Strafrecht (Criminal law), part of Kernzaken (Core business) series, ISBN: 9789013056372 9013056377 OCLC: 234146623
  • Wetteksten strafrecht (Criminal law legal texts), 2011. ISBN: 9789073875944 9073875943 OCLC: 747355458
  • Tijdschrift Praktijkwijzer Strafrecht (Journal of Criminal Law Practice), editor; publ. Wolters Kluwer.

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Authority control



So, over at Wikirev, as soon as Graaf said “want ik ken mijnheer Ausma al jaren en jaren”, (because I have known Mr Ausma for years and years), a couple of new users appeared on the “WMF lawsuit” thread, one with the name of Ausma, and the other as “Somebody”.

So are we now to believe Graaf will soon have a pro bono lawsuit against the WMF?  We keep hearing about how strict the European defamation laws are.

Why yes, it’s perfect enough to have come straight out of an automatic translation tool, as a reworked set of English-language aphorisms.

So whose socks are these?

Meervroudigepersoonlijkheidsstoornissen…multiple personality disorders. Now who do we know on Wikirev that impersonates people? It’s on the tip of my tongue,…does it start with an “R”? [Note: several socks have now been claimed by known users on other platforms, but of course that still does not rule out Rogol.]

The only thing Proabi needs to get checked out is his horrible haikus.  May I recommend the (now defunct) Vogon poetry generator? I dare say it could be resurrected with a little help from Wikipediocrazy’s new AI toy. https://talktotransformer.com/

That would be better than offering money to write fake Wikipedia articles with it – a bet which has now been paid out.  This is a new low for Wikipediocracy – even Kohs went back and deleted his old breaching experiments – until of course they were restored by arbcom’s favorite son,  Hell in a Bucket.

23 thoughts on “Willem Jan Ausma

  1. This guy is starting to look “notable”, at least by enwiki standards (not sure about nl.wiki) based on being an author. I have added some ISBNs to the piece. His Het strafproces looks like some standard law text that has been acquired by a lot of law and other major libraries. https://www.worldcat.org/title/strafproces/oclc/960051153?referer=di&ht=edition#borrow Not sure how you would prove it though. And without an article in Dutch it might be hard to justify an English article.

  2. Yeah, well let me think about this, I have to sleep on it. This is not how it works, not at all. You could ask Moira-Moira and the Wikimedia Netherlands people, but you already called them “gender bitches”, so they probably won’t help you. You could ask Brill Lyle on Wikipediocracy, she likes to help people and she knows a lot about WikiData – the standards for inclusion on WikiData are not as mysterious as the language wikis, and your Mr. Ausma could probably get on that. But, oh dear, you called Brill Lyle a “gender bitch” and now you are off of Wikipediocracy too.

    And I am not very happy about what you did over on WikiRev either, stirring the pot, and for no reason. Who is left there now? The neo-Nazi shill from Breitbart, and now the Singapore/Thailand /IAC bunch that was stalking Drmies at his university, and that has already been thrown off of every other forum in the known universe, or more likely, someone who is impersonating them.

    And now you copy-paste Vigilant’s dismally inept haiku at Sucks. ¡Que barbaridad! He is not even half the man as Proabi. He cannot even count to five.

    1. Higgledy piggledy,
      Proabi and Vigilant
      Seething, went after a
      Blathering brat

      Now the whole forum blazed
      Laissez faire management
      Finally fell flat.

  3. Lovely!

    Er was eens een smart ass in Limerick,
    Sprak geen Engels, maar was toch een slimmerik:
    Ik neuk met mijn neus,
    D’r is geen andere keus,
    Want, lieve schat, met mijn pik timmer ik.

  4. “Wikipediocrazy’s new AI toy. https://talktotransformer.com/

    That would be better than offering money to write fake Wikipedia articles with it – a bet which has now been paid out. This is a new low for Wikipediocracy…”

    The once destitute ferrets of Manchester beg to differ.

  5. It is all very well and good to pay off bets with donations to animal shelters, but the same objection here to the North Face breaching experiment. Wikipedia is like a public utility, if you deface it, you are leaving something worse than the way you found it, and it is meant to be a resource for every one. I do hope that at a minimum the newly created article will either be nominated for deletion or brought to at least an acceptable stub status.

    1. Over 500 articles have been affected by this experiment so far, with approximately 125,000 words added. All utter gibberish yet nobody’s spotted a damn thing…

      What does that say about quality control at your “public utility”?

      If enough windows get broken the authorities will seek a way to stop it happening again.
      Hopefully they’ll evict the current tenants and condemn the whole building.

    2. “Wikipedia is like a public utility, if you deface it, you are leaving something worse than the way you found it, and it is meant to be a resource for every one”

      Well, with millions of unreferenced articles (according to WMF Research), thousands of them biographies of living people, and thousands of unchecked copyright violations, it seems that a few hundred hoaxes make precious little difference either way. If Wikipedia is a resource for everyone then it is a worthlessly unreliable one. It was never meant to be an encyclopaedia, because it was never organised in a manner capable of producing one — and its originators knew that from the start.

      1. I should probably keep you in the dungeon where my Evil Twin put you, but I did get curious when you lately just stopped harassing me for an entire week. I hope you are not ill.

        If any of my beloved readers are wondering why they can no longer post here openly and all their comments now have to go through moderation, they have Rogol/Renee/Thomas Townsend to thank.

        And yeah, in this post-Wikidata era, a few Talk-To-Transformer articles out of millions won’t make much of a difference.

        But here is the old Rogol pattern again, running around making huge volumes of slightly negative comments that are hard to pin down…

        As Proabivouac rightly perceived, your objective is to cost people money by wasting their time.
        The accuracy thing was Kohs’ argument really. He thought he had a deal with Jimbo over paid editing, and that he could have a little (or big) wiki-business on the side, and when that fell through, he tried to monetize the Bomis story along with the idea of how accurate Wikipedia is not. I still have his slide show from the old defunct Examiner. These days they have just made that a recruitment argument, for instance see 1lib1ref. People add thousands of references during the campaign, literally to make Wikipedia more accurate.

        Who knows, in the future we might even see a grant application to develop a method to ferret out and reverse the vandalism.

  6. “who do we know on Wikirev that impersonates people? It’s on the tip of my tongue,…does it start with an “R”?”

    Whom do you claim that this person you so coyly allude to has impersonated? And do you have any actual evidence ?And, to quote someone who posted on this blog recently, “You cannot make a fabrication true by repeating it over and over.” Is this perchance punching down?

  7. Shall we have a moment of silence for Proabivouac.

    “…a candid and serious conversation about the purpose of this site…”

    The purpose of *all* those sites is to keep the people who might damage and disrupt Wikipedia occupied with something else, that is the only purpose.

    It is a glorified baby-sitting service, and Proabi was unfortunate enough to take it seriously.

    I really don’t understand why Proabi has never been on some of the other sites where there is more serious discussion. He does go way back, so maybe there is some history there I’m not aware of. He is certainly smarter and has more common decency than most of them–maybe that is the problem. But on the other hand he doesn’t seem to understand how dangerous doxing can be – and how it dovetails with lynch mob vigilante brigading mentality. That is becoming a standard across more and more sites, written into the TOS of the hosting service, if you will recall the circumstances of the demise of some of the previous Wikirev sites.

    1. “But on the other hand he doesn’t seem to understand how dangerous doxing can be – and how it dovetails with lynch mob vigilante brigading mentality.”

      Oh, I think he understands it only too well. He did, after all, threaten to dox another contributor to Wikirev, and to publish their personal details with the intention of causing unpleasant personal consequences in real life. See [location of dox removed, along with a blatant bald-faced lie about who doxed who -GD] You will see that the person so threatened has not contributed there since.

      “The purpose of *all* those sites is to keep the people who might damage and disrupt Wikipedia occupied with something else, that is the only purpose.”

      I can only agree with that.

      1. Interesting to see how the genderdesk has been keeping you occupied these days. I have an entire collection of Rogolabilia backstage, perhaps I should publish it one day. It’s a huge corpus though, one might even say a life’s work. Would probably have to be published in installments.

        There were two individuals on that thread, Rogol and Proabivouac. Proabi made an argument for people using their real names, and suggested that Rogol would act differently under his own name. An odd argument for Proabi to make, considering he claims he was himself doxed. Sort of a sour grapes thing, or perhaps more along the lines of a cycle of abuse, where the abused, having seen how it is done, becomes a new abuser, and passes on the “legacy” to the next miserable generation. Rogol then published a link that was purported to reveal Proabi’s real name. Rogol did not return to the thread, Proabi did. And The Devil’s Advocate, who ekes out a living carrying water for the white supremacists on Breitbart, who are so disgusting that even the Trump administration has had to distance itself from it, chimed in by defending anonymous writing. Of course TDA has no qualms about doxing someone else, even if his own personal identity has been mostly scrubbed from the internet. But does he really believe that will make the KKK crowd accept him as if he was white? Perhaps he sees himself as the Middle Eastern equivalent of Thomas Sowell.

        But this is another classic case of Brandolini’s Law and Rogol wasting everyone’s time. Because in order to definitively prove what I say, that it was Rogol who doxed Proabi, and not the other way around, I would have to link to a dox on Auggie’s site, and Rogol already knows I will not do that. In fact, I have already removed a dox against Rogol here.

        So I’m thinking my Evil Twin had the right idea to keep Rogol off the site, and just go to the beach instead.

  8. Hey C***[redacted -GD] — I’ve started a thread about you on WikiRev. It might get deleted, so here it is:

    From time to time I post over on Sucks and read some of the threads. One thing I never understand is why the illustrious Mr Statler wastes time arguing with the idiotic c*** [redacted -GD] who operates that Gender blog. The blog is an amateurish mess and the woman is clearly neurotic and sexually frustrated. I’ve little doubt she’s also physically repulsive.

    I’ve just reported this little b**** [redacted -GD] to WordPress for defamation. In one of her comments she claims I’m affiliated to some sort of Indian para-military organization. She claims too I stalked Drmies at his university, even though I’ve never been to Alabama.

    Laughably, the c*** [redacted -GD] thinks I’m also part of some “Singapore mob”. I think I see her logic:

    1. My girlfriend is a Schwarzkopf hair model
    2. She comes from a town in the deep south of Thailand called Singha Nakhon
    3. Scattered around the town are the remains of a Persian-ruled sultanate
    4. The sultanate was known to British and Dutch East India Company traders as Singora.

    If you’re a f***ing [redacted -GD] moron, I suppose you could confuse Singora with Singapore. But you really would have to be a f***ing [redacted -GD] moron.

    Equally laughably, Ms GenderB**** [redacted -GD] claims the Ausma troll on this forum was Rogol. Well, actually no. We all know it was a Wikipedian with the username HillBillyHoliday [a guy from Bournemouth who posts on WO as Smiley].

    Why is it that whenever I encounter Wikipedians I find myself staring at either mental illness or incompetence that goes off the f***ing [redacted -GD] radar? These people really are the dregs. I wouldn’t employ s*** [redacted -GD] like this even as car park attendants.

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