Wikirev compromised?

Not gonna link, but something very odd is going on here. (see update  below)

Auggie didn’t used to be a creepster, but lately there have been a lot of pictures of sexualized underage women, not counting TDA’s avatar. Seems to be a re-branding in process. And there don’t seem to be any women at all on the site.

The Wikipedia criticism sites do seem to be a magnet for guys who are, shall we say, romantically challenged.

If Wikipedia criticism is now going to be about a bunch of guys getting naked together, maybe it’s time to revisit the post so long ago about the Tumblir blog “Critique My Dick Pic”.

The site is gone, swept away with Tumblir’s adult content ban. Daily Dot tells us what happened in an interview with Madeleine Holden, the woman behind CMDP: “The end of an era: RIP, Critique My Dick Pic“. But perhaps Auggie is going to pick up where Holden left off.

“Dick pics could go from being this seedy form of harassment (as they normally are) to high-quality erotica shared with consent and crafted with the recipient’s desire in mind,” said Holden.

Now, when it comes to the Wikipediocrazies, I have never had “the recipients’ desire in mind”, in fact, quite the opposite.  It is just Too Much Information.  As they say, “Discretion is the better part of valor.”  But for those who want to see how it can be done, CMDP is still available on the Wayback Machine.  A good year to start with might be 2015, which seems to have been its archiving heyday.*/

Holden summarized her best dick-pic-taking advice in a 2018 interview with the Daily Dot: “I always suggest zooming out (i.e., not focusing narrowly on the dick itself), including hands, using natural lighting, having a clutter-free setting, and paying attention to things like tone, angle, and framing.”


wikirev screenshot private forumUPDATE:

Auggie has just explained it’s the security certificate.

So if you use http instead of https, this is what you get.

A super sekkrit boyz forum.

So they are talking about me behind my back.

And they know what they are doing is wrong, so they are trying to hide it .

Note: see

Thank you to Auggie for taking that down as soon as he saw it, and also I think there is something else, maybe Joe job, going on behind the scenes

I have been asked to take another look at some of the statements I made here, and maybe reevaluate them, I guess for accuracy or fairness or something.  Maybe niceness.  Women are always supposed to be ladylike. Pearls, white gloves, that kind of thing.

So here goes…

  • sexualized underage women – most of these were being posted by the Giraffe, who I think everyone has already gotten the idea that there is something going on with him and women, and might even be the reason for his global ban.  Proabivouc called attention to the comments, so no one can say there was no warning or no way of knowing they had been posted.  It was right on the thread.  And Auggie did not discourage any of it, in fact he posted a downblouse picture of someone’s boobs hanging out of the front of their top, with some comment like chill out it’s summer.
  • dick pics – the link to that former website and the explanation should be obvious.  The reason for posting it is of course Auggie’s decision to let the thread be used to post gratuitous sexualized images of women.
  • passing along Eric’s lie about an “angry demand” (it was a polite concise message) – I have no access to the emails, I only provided a screenshot of Barbour’s post, and a mostly unreadable one at that. It is Barbour’s words, and accurately portrayed as Barbour’s words.  If it is incorrect let someone take issue with Barbour over on his website.
  • “He’s been outing nobodies anyway” – inaccurate as I do not do that and actively try to prevent others from doing it – Wrong.  Auggie’s blog is one I have never linked to, as I do not link to blogs that dox.  I have screenshots and emails, but obviously I’m not going to post them here.
  • creepster – my point was that Auggie has never been a creepster before, but the blog definitely took a turn for the sexualization of women, and as moderator Auggie activley encouraged it.  Posters were actuallyl talking on other websites about the “men only” topics they were planning to discuss on Auggie’s website.
  • guys getting naked together – what other reason is there for posting lewd pictures of women for a bunch of men to look at.  Does anyone really think they had both hands on the keyboard?
  • super sekrit boyz forum, talking about you behind your back (just moving things out of public view, pretty standard forum practice. We were not talking about you behind your back.) – If someone is posting something about me in a place where I cannot see it, it is behind my back.  If I have to create an account to see it, so they are able to obtain my IP and other information, then that is even worse isn’t it, especially in a site that is proven to dox.

No, I stand by everything I have written.  Especially now that that party has moved to someone else’s crib. And if they do it there again , I will call them out again, whereever they are doing it, and whoever is moderating the space.

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