2109 editor gender survey

I suppose this is for me.

Other than not understanding the “Ohara” part, that will do quite nicely.

This is good, this is very good.

Sums it up quite nicely.

Please do carry on.

A few details: they forgot the link, which I have nabbed from Sucks. https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:Surveys_on_the_gender_of_editors

So what if a 10-year-old boy gets the survey?  He is definitely male, but is he a “man” or “other”?

The original survey was meant for people reading Wikipedia, not editors. Anyone under 18 was excluded from the survey.

But now children will be counted as “not men”.

woman definition
the new “hate speech”

Are transwomen really women?  There used to be lady-boys, female impersonators, and cross-dressers, and this used to be something fun.  But  now gays are being told they have just been reincarnated into someone else’s body, and that being gay is a “wrong” body.  But not to worry, the solution can be purchased from Big Pharma.  Follow the money.  Who is financing Stonewall these days?

Also Jessica Yaniv, of testicle-waxing fame (but are they or are they not lady-testicles?) has been arrested and is starting to look a bit too interested in underage girls (the Blaire interview is here).  So we may see Stonewall fanboyz like Fae start backing off sometime soon. (In spite of what the Wikipediocrazies say, there are a lot of people who used to have some respect for Fae.)

Also, this does not seem right

We use Man/Woman instead of Male/Female as we are asking about gender and not sex.

Are they using the U.S. or the U.K. meaning for sex/gender?

In the U.S. “gender” is the basis for the 1964 anti-discrimination legislation, a genteel wording that was originated by the notorious RBG, back in her ACLU days.

In the U.K. women have “sex” based rights, (2004 Gender Recognition Act), that include privacy and single sex spaces.

So if they are doing a “gender” survey, they should probably get someone in there who is familiar with the territory. If you want a sample, google “women don’t have penises” or check out @Glinner on Twitter: “we told you about Mermaids & Yaniv and you called us bigots”.

In the meantime, the WMF will be counting boys and gay men as “women”. Then they can say the gender problem is solved and dissolve Trust & Safety.

4 thoughts on “2109 editor gender survey

  1. Surely by 2109, all of this gender-related conflict will be behind us?

    Also, I believe “O’Hara” is a reference to Police Chief O’Hara (played by actor Stafford Repp) from the original 1960s Batman TV series – part of his job was to light up the bat-signal whenever Commissioner Gordon told him to. In fact, that may have been his only job.

    1. Police Commissioner Gordon would instruct Chief O’Hara to display the “bat signal” whenever he needed the Caped Crusader and his sidekick Robin to make an appearance.

      HTH. Best wishes.

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