Estivate is to summer as hibernate is to winter.

es·ti·vate  /ˈestəˌvāt/ verb

spend a hot or dry period in a prolonged state of torpor or dormancy.


Yes, I think it is about time.

Of course I probably will not be able to resist popping in for a few remarks now and then, but gonna try.

Wishing the best summer ever to all my devoted fans.

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2 thoughts on “Estivate

  1. As to the Aristotle quote, they told us in my training that “If nobody is shooting at you, it is because you are not doing anything worth wasting bullets on.”

  2. A pastor I used to know was disappointed when the FBI was FOIA’d and they only had two pages on him. He thought he had been a much better Christian than that.

    Nonetheless, I intend to have my Big Sleep.

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