Kelsey Merkley: twofers?

One week from now, Ryan Merkley will be joining Wikipedia as Katherine’s chief of staff.

Does he know what he is getting into ?  Ask his wife.

“…Wikipedia, notorious for its toxic editors, and the damage to the community when they are tolerated.”

LOLOLOL, if he doesn’t know yet, she will tell him, in no uncertain terms.

kelsey merkley avatarSo who is she?  She tweets at @bella_velo

From the YouTube bio:

A keynote talk from 2019’s Creative Commons Global Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. Kelsey Merkley is the founder of UnCommon Women, a project designed to advocate for leadership roles for women and celebrate those in leadership through the UnCommon Women Colouring Book. She is an advocate with almost a decade of experience working with local, national, and global organizations. Previously she was Creative Commons Public Lead in South Africa and later in Canada where launched numerous community-building projects. Kelsey now lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The writing on the wall: Babylon is fallen

In case anyone has forgotten, I wrote about the Uncommon Women coloring book here: “Uncommon Women: coloring book goes commercial“.  Katherine Maher is on page 5. Also here: “Uncommon Women coloring book 2018“. Maria Sefidari is on page 10.

So if anyone is confused about the direction of the New World Order, aka Ryan Merkley, it looks like the writing is on the wall.

Also it looks like both husband and wife were employees of Creative Commons, so any accusation of nepotism the Wikipediocrazies are trying to scare up about you-know-who is not likely to fly. In any case, few companies have rules against members of the same family being employed in the company, unless one of them works in payroll. So as usual, they have no clue about employment practices.  They are just throwing mud against a wall, and hoping some of it will stick.  Against women of course. There is a different, non-existent standard for men.

As always, this is your paper doll and coloring connection.  Since there doesn’t seem to be a coloring page for Kelsey Merkley yet, I have made one from her Twitter image.
kelsey merkey5 4
Coloring pages for Katherine and Maria are below the fold.

maria sefidari coloring page (This is a PDF file. No really. Click on it.)

Same thing in PNG format:


4 thoughts on “Kelsey Merkley: twofers?

    1. So now you’re “Renee”?


      The real Renee commented here:

      Obviously Renee is not exactly my favorite person, but I am not going to allow impersonation here either.

      I have attempted to contact this person by email, to understand if they have some legitimate concerns, but so far this has gone nowhere.

      It looks like someone just wants to prevent criticism of Wikipedia.

      So I guess it’s time to flush the toilet.

      From now on I will start marking these as spam. In my experience it takes very little time for the WordPress spam filters to recognize the types of comments that are either being spammed or unspammed and make the adjustment, so very very soon I will not be seeing these comments at all in the moderation filters.

      In a way it’s a shame, because some legitimate comment might get filtered out. But in another way it is good because it means I will probably be able to lift the moderation for my devoted fans so they can comment directly again.

  1. I don’t understand your point about nepotism. Has one of the Merkleys shown favoritism towards the other, say, in a promotion decision or in resolving an internal dispute at CC? I think we understand that nepotism has nothing to do with a couple simply being employed by the same company while married, at least until such an act of favoritism occurs… For now, I’ll just take it on faith that you do too.

  2. And if one of them is CEO? That is not exactly “simply being employed by the same company”. Someone in a company does not just incidentally hire the spouse of the CEO independently. But I will leave it to your people to dig for any dirt, who came on board first etc., which I doubt they will do — for the usual reason.

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