Some sources for Magdalen Berg: controversy at Edinburgh

Magdalen Berg was a British activist notable for her contributions to transgender issues, published via a series of videos.

Her YouTube channel had over 30,000 subscribers, and her videos were boosted by such luminaries as Irish comedian Graham Linehan and author J. K. Rowling.

Personal life

Berg grew up in London, and attended university at Edinburgh, graduating in physics. While at university she contributed to various programming projects, and won three boxing titles. She died at the age of 36, of a rare type of brain tumor.

Controversies at Edinburgh

Conflict with Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA) in 2015: Issues centered on self-definition and the Scottish prostitution question.

Issues from this source (guest editorial by Berns):

Candidates – Edinburgh University Students’ Association: Megan Atkins. Magdalen Berns (need to register account)

FemSoc does EUSA By-Elections: Questions to Women’s Liberation Convenors Candidates

University Feminists Are Betraying Their Movement’s Liberal Past:For opposing the legalisation of the sex trade, dissident feminist Magdalen Berns has been banned from future feminist society events. Feminists on campus have treated her like a sub-human traitor to women.”

” She is a lesbian and has gone up against Ada J Wells and been banned from the Edinburgh LGBT society. ” Ada J Wells: ” Ada, who is trans and prefers to be called “they”, labelled women with vaginas as “cuntscum”, has also called women who refuse to have sex with gender-neutral people with a penis – like Ada – transphobes, and has advocated for them to be expelled from the University of Edinburgh.”

“…describes herself as ‘a critic of religion, capitalism, identity politics, conservatism, neoliberalism and socially imposed gender norms.’”

” Ironically, it is university students who seem to be leading the charge — bullying radical feminist students into silence, banning women from their campuses for challenging liberal doctrine (something Magdalen Berns speaks to in her talk, as she was banned from just about every women’s and LGTB group at the University of Edinburgh in her final year — an institution that has apparently placed a “trigger warning” on radical feminism itself).”

More social media with profile


Other stuff

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