Is Wikipediocracy down?

A: Yes.


Q: If Wikipediocracy is down, where can I find the usual locker room values stuff?
A: The same place where it has always been: Commons. In fact, you might want to go over to “Wikipedia Sucks” wikipediasucks(DOT)co right now and make some accounts on Sucks, because it looks like the action on Commons will start tomorrow early (see, and if it comes right down to it, I probably won’t be able to do a full-sized war room here. They (Sucks) have got some of the rowdiest members on ice for the moment so you should be able to take a small vacation there at least, if you can get past their moderation, which seems to take place at odd times. Since the conference is now over, and the conference attendees will no longer all be on the same IP,  I cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone post on Sucks – for one thing they dox, and for another thing if you post there they will have your IP.  Did I mention they dox?

Feel free to post your edit wars or stuff here, although your first comment may be ever so slightly moderated, because trolls.

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