WikiConference USA declares war on crotch hair

This is not on the conference schedule, but there has been a low level skirmish going on all day that looks like it will break out on Monday.

The topic is Category: Nude portrayals of computer technology.

Before you click on this you probably want to make sure the boss is not looking over your shoulder and the kids are out of the room. This is not even a turn-on, in any way, it is just gross.

This is also a silly topic for a category, because everyone knows computer technology does not wear clothes at all. It’s just not what machines do. And these images don’t have anything to do with machines, either. In some cases these are just nude bodies with stuff written in magic marker. Yeech.

So here is the edit war. Today’s action centered mainly on attempts to add “Category:Sexual objectification” to the images, which makes as much sense as the other category, really. Also there were some attempts to add the description “nipple” to images with a nipple, while the two guys warred to remove any descriptions. It looks like they want people to think the images are something scientific, instead of just the usual gratuitous locker room stuff. Here is the edit history.

The two dudes are User:Tm, who seems to speak Portuguese and User:Infrogmation.

Maybe I am missing something here, but why are these images needed on Commons at all? Can’t these guys just basically download the stuff to their laptops, for whatever they are using it for?

2 thoughts on “WikiConference USA declares war on crotch hair

  1. Yo yo, It’s Kevin Gorman. I have been busy the last 3 years. Anyways this blog rocks (for da most part). It’s good to see a site which shines a light on the msygonist issues at the mothership (Wikipedia). Wikipedocracy is about as msygonist as you can get (just like wikipedia) so tis site is refreshing. I agree with all of your articles but you really don’t go far enough (because being a secret gamer gater supporter deep down inside you can’t fully criticize Wikipedia so you criticize them but stop short of going full Gloria Steinham leaving some wiggle room for Wikipedia misogs to look half decent). For that reason alone i suggested to WordPress to close your blog down .Keilana would be a perfect blogger for this but she is corrupted by Wikipedia (they stole Keilana from me) but anything is better than a half hearted attempt to shine light on a real issue. peace out

  2. The blog is closed already, jrminor, (see the sticky “open thread” at the top), although I still do stop by from time to time.

    Kevin Gorman’s obituary is here. Kind of odd he does not have a Wikipedia article, he was of course the first Wikipedian-in-Residence and invented the position. A lot of his red-link list has been filled in.

    Keilana’s Wikipedia article is here. She has not been very active since she started med school, although she does still edit on medical topics from time to time.

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