Tramp tourism is absolute the future

Don’t forget to tell your readers how happy I am without a complete madhouse called wikipedia in my life anymore.
Because wikipedia is like a onion. Every time you peel a layer you find a new one what makes you cry and makes you feel deep, deep sad.  – Graaf Statler

A few days ago Graaf tried to post a comment here as “De Kolonel”, and as usual, my Evil Twin deleted the comment.

So Graaf wrote to me and said

I am eating now high cholesterol Belgium food, am living like a tramp next to the railway and are cooking my food with a wood fire.hi choloesterol belgium food 

That is the life for me! And I am very good with cooking over a campfire.

I told Graaf to go forget Wikipedia, it is not good for anyone, and do something that makes you happy.

So Graaf told me about his business plan and gave me permission to post his  emails on genderdesk blog.

Charleroi Marchienne-au-Pont and tramp tourism is absolute the future, we are already planning courses living like a tramp.

So what exactly does that look like?  This should be it right here:
That is very nice, the canal and the bike path. This time of year will be chilly but not cold, and maybe there will still be some fall color.  It is good campfire weather.
Here is the weather, translated to Fahrenheit and Celcius.

I don’t know if you sometimes follow De Kolonel his blog but he absolute stands for healthy food in our course survival as a tramp under a Belgium bridge. That sandwich was a exception and cheap.

We expect a lot of students in the near future, so our business plan is professional. Collect wood when it is dry. How to become friends with a Romanian copper thief. De Kolonel got nice fish conserves from him. How to fix a free meal with starling scream. Dit you know De Kolonel last year was enen interviewed on Belgium TV? He had told there he was the champion starling screamer of Belgium.


Not sure what that is about.

  • “Central Park in New York City is where a group of Shakespeare enthusiasts released approximately 100 European starlings in the early 1890’s.  All the European starlings in North America descended from those original 100 birds. Today, more than 200 million European starlings range from Alaska to Mexico.”
  • Starlings are great vocal mimics: individuals can learn the calls of up to 20 different species.
  • Birdist Rule #72: It’s Okay to Hate Starlings.  Audubon.

Graaf also has some advice about Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a nice, fine gift of the devil, the complete bullshit money and wiki honour will make no one happy at the end, Madam. I thank the lord I am not trapped in that snake pit. 

It is wikifaust, it promise you gouden bergen, and at the end it takes you anything! Wikipedia seems innocent but it can destroy lives just like drugs and alcohol can.

“Wikifaust”, great neologism.

After an attempt to take his own life, Faust calls on the devil for powers with which to indulge all the pleasure and knowledge of the world.   The Devil’s representative, Mephistopheles, appears, and makes a bargain to serve Faust, but at the end of the term, the Devil will claim Faust’s soul, and Faust will be eternally enslaved. In the early tales, Faust is irrevocably corrupted and believes his sins cannot be forgiven; when the term ends, the Devil carries him off to Hell.  In Goethe’s rendition, Faust is saved by his constant striving.

If you stop and think about it, there is a lot of wisdom wrapped up in that.

So maybe it’s time to take to the open road.

AFOOT and light-hearted, I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long brown path before me, leading wherever I choose.

Henceforth I ask not good-fortune—I myself am good fortune;
Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing,     5
Strong and content, I travel the open road….

Allons! whoever you are, come travel with me!    115
Traveling with me, you find what never tires.

Don’t forget the s’mores.

Instructies voor s’mores (in Dutch)

Ingrediënten: Je hebt grahamcrackers, grote marshmallows, chocoladerepen, een stok om de marshmallows te roosteren nodig, en natuurlijk een kampvuur.


1) Neem een grote grahamcracker en breek deze in twee. Hiermee maakt u de boven- en onderkant van de sandwich.

2) Pak de reep uit en leg een stuk chocolade op een van de grahamcrackers.

3) Rooster je marshmallow en draai hem een of twee keer om. Je wilt de marshmallow aan de binnenkant smelten en bruin aan de buitenkant. Laat het niet in brand vliegen!

4) Leg de geroosterde marshmallow op de chocolade. Het chololaat smelt een beetje. Gebruik de bovenste grahamcracker om de marshmallow op het broodje te trekken. Plaats dan de tweede grahamancracker erop.

5) Eet. Neem dan wat meer “some more” s’mores.

Since we have been doing bassa nova, how about starting our walkabout with a little Antonio Carlos Jobim, the one with the giraffe on the cover…

15 thoughts on “Tramp tourism is absolute the future

  1. I am afraid there is a misunderstanding, Madam. Your Evil sister is wrong, I am not De Kolonel. De Kolonel is one of the most remarkable and striking trolls ever of Wikipedia and is my best digital friend.De Kolonel has wiki trolling evolved to a form of art, but was also a very fine colleague on Wikiquote.

    And no, I am not eating high calorific Belgian food and no I am not living as a tramp near a canal in Belgium and no, I am not collecting dry wood for a campfire. But these are not the only things I don’t do.

    I have not doxxed the complete Dutch wiki cabal, I have not even the slightest idee who these peeps are, I know nothing about the municipal politics of The Hague, really nothing. And no, I have not the most creative sock puppets who have made WP-Nl to one constante big chaos as it is nowadays.

    Just like you have a evil sister I have a evil brother madam. De Kolonel also called and fill it in.

    The only strange thing is I can’t find anything about the starling scream festival in Charleroi because there must be a video with a interview of De Kolonel on Belgian television so I can proof I am not him.

    Your evil sister is wrong madam, just like anyone is always wrong about my identity. I am even already declared dead and a impersonator.

  2. Well this is all very puzzling, and not for the first time.

    But I see De Kolonel is also a character in this play you sent me a link for (in Dutch language)

    The characters are Jimbo, De Kolonel who is a wikiduivel (wiki-devil) and who makes a wager with Jimbo that he can corrupt the Wikipedias, and Count Statler, hiding behind a tree, which is graafhimself, and a friend of the devil.

    It is all in Dutch. It is a digital age rewrite of the European literature about Faust, which Americans probably do not know about, because we already have so much American literature to cover in school.

    Part of it is confusing and part of it is very funny.

    “When he woke up, the wiki devil stood beside him. Do I dream or not think Wikifaust, the biggest troll of all time in my room! I have to report this on IRC!” (Toen hij wakker werd stond de wikiduivel naast hem. Droom ik of niet dacht Wikifaust, de grootste trol aller tijden in mijn kamertje! Dit moet ik op IRC melden! )

    The pact with the devil is concluded in blood, on a stroopwafel. We do have stroopwafel jokes in the U.S. – it is an insider joke about the Netherlands wiki being too powerful and taking over everything – but we also do have stroopwafels sometimes at meetings, because it is a Wikipedia joke.

    “Draw here with your blood on this digital stroopwafel between the ridges. Whereupon WikiFaust pricked himself with his styli and put his digital signature on the tablet of the wiki devil, after which the wiki devil suggested going to the pub.” (Teken hier maar met je bloed op deze digitale stroopwafel tussen de ribbeltjes. Waarop WikiFaust zichzelf prikte met zijn styli en zijn digitale handtekening zette op het tablet van de wikiduivel, waarna de wikiduivel voorstelde naar de kroeg te gaan.)

    The devil and Faust go to a bar and drink non-vending machine coffee. (“Gezellige zaten Wikifaust en de duivel aan hun bekertje eigenlijk niet te drinken automatenkoffie”)

    This parody of Wikipedia corporate-speak in the bar is kind of amusing:

    It was a strange environment. Everyone was moving in a woody way, you could almost say it was robotic. And the conversations actually didn’t go anywhere. Occasionally someone came in, and then he called: Inspire Campage: Improving diversity, improving content! And things like that. Nobody understood a blow, but nobody really cared. (Het was een vreemde omgeving. Iedereen bewoog er houterig, je zou bijna zeggen robotmatig. En de gesprekken gingen eigenlijk nergens heen. Af en toe viel er iemand binnen, en die riep dan: Inspire Campage: Improving diversity, improving content! En zulk soort zaken. Niemand die er een klap van begreep, maar dat interesseerde eigenlijk geen mens.)

    LOL: “And the conversations actually didn’t go anywhere.”

    But I have checked the email again, of the person who says “Of course I am eating now high cholesterol Belgium food, am living like a tramp next to the railway and are cooking my food with a wood fire.” and who gives me permission to publish the email, and the signature is “Martin” of “LGB Analoog”.

  3. I found the link of the festival Madam! You speak French, isn’t it?
    De Kolonel you see at 0.24 and he won a free meal with his imitation.

  4. Martin of LGB Analoog writes that this contest is “Le concours de cri de mouette” (The Seagull Cry Contest), so it has nothing to do with starlings after all. Starling in French is “étourneau” not mouette.

  5. O, sorry, I must mix it up but your are complete right. It was a Seagull Cry Contest where De Kolonel won that free meal, and I have to wait for him for that link with to that interview with him.

    A few remarks, “De Kroeg” is the Village Pump of WP-Nl. and stroopwafels is something typical Dutch what the Dutch Wikipedians have made to there mascotte.

    I myself don’t like them at all, much to sweet, high calorific, and a desaster for your teeth.
    Here you can see how the make them:

  6. And I absolute want to stipulate DE KOLONEL was preforming on this festival last year and caught on camera and not ME!
    Whatever that evil twin of you is saying, it’s all rubbish.

  7. Exacte where I was afraid for, Abdism, two reality’s. You mix us again up.

    The real situation: Graaf Statler and De Kolonel are two total different persons who have and had hardly any contact except online and who have never met each other. We live in two total different worlds, I am a handcraft man and what you call a vacuum tube guy. And I am the son of a old, long forgotten Dutch professor.

    But De Kolonel knows all kind of wiki peeps I have never heard of and is familiair with wikipedia deep inside, special the Dutch wikipedia and trolls himself in heaven there.
    But I never troll. And Eerbeek/Flipjeland is the blog of the Kolonel, and I am one of the guest editors.

    I hope this clear.

    The Wiki reality: De Kolonel is absolute troll number one of WP-Nl and a damed good one. Graaf Statler is one of his socks, and is a impersonator of the son Martin of that old forgotten professor who has died on the age of 14 years old. There was even a secondary source Martin had died, a MyHermitage page. I still have the screenshots but don’t know how to post it here.

    So, for wiki peeps and properly also for your evil twin are Graaf Statler and De Kolonel the same person. And have they SanFanBanned a dead person, a sock of De Kolonel..
    That is absolute not risky, is’t it?

    But back now to the real situation. I Martin, had posted that link on the De Kolonel his Eerbeek blog had written here a comment.

    Is this Abdistic explanation a bit clear?

    [“I still have the screenshots but don’t know how to post it here.” Here it is, posted below. -GD]

  8. Also, I remember Faust part II being really strange and most likely brainbending. Not sure if Wikipedia does it justice: Faust 2:4. Drmies’d probably know. I should dig that back out one of these days. I think I even have Nerval’s translation… ^^

  9. Yeh, but that is Goethe’s Faust, and my inspiration was the a classic medieval German legend of Faust.
    The temptation of the Devil, the moral integrity, giving your soul away in exchange of benefits, those themes I have used.

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