4 thoughts on “Is Sucks down?

  1. Yes. Same problem as Wikipediocracy: PHP update.
    Admins are down too…
    On the plus side: Sucks will look better than before.
    Will. Someday.

  2. I would be surprised if anyone is busting a gut to fix it, the Administration just basically isn’t interested in doing what they said they wanted to do at the outset (provide an alternative to Wikipediocracy).

    Latterly it was just a screwed up mutant, trying to be Wikipediocracy, with staff insulting its own members, both literally and their intelligence, and the mod copying Wikipedian means of user control/encouragement, just without any of them putting the minimal amount of management effort required to be even that bad. Wikipediocracy does it with just one admin and one mod, the difference being what they are committed to begin what they want to be, a clubhouse for Wikipedians with a side show interest in maintaining Vigilant’s Patented Clown Show.

    Christ knows why seemingly genuine critics would be so negligent. Eric has an excuse, but only for inaction, not for the actions he did take, chiefly appointing a wholly unsuitable mod and ignoring the fire within, raging as hard as the fire in his home state. Strel, he is a mystery. Was he ever really a serious Wikipedia critic? Seems like he saw it as just a side show to his other interests, or he has some other goal not exactly aligned with serious critics. Truthfully, to this day I couldn’t tell you what they are about. Should have trusted my gut and hard passed. Or accepted their offer of modship!

    Agent Juice, the aforementioned crap mod, will be happy. He can go back to his Wikipedia/Wikipediocracy handlers/masters and report Mission Accomplished, the competition has been eliminated, the threat nullified, even if not via his rather incompetent hand. I had his number from day one. He may even get a bonus for the fortunate timing.

    On the upside, the forum destroyer Kumioko is now homeless, and so hopefully will either finally move on, or do himself in. Although I fear shouting into the void of Discord until another host appears, is enough to keep him stuck in his programming loop. Katie’s answers to questions are a must read, in that regard. The madness of the pseudo-critics.

    What is rotten can never thrive.

    Embrace the hate. [death threat redacted]. [death threat redacted]. [death threat redacted]. HTD.

    [As if we don’t have enough already with the Parkland shootings and March For Our Lives, now it’s “murder, death, kill”? Tsk, tsk, Crow, and tsk again. -GD]

  3. It was a weird situation on Sucks and I am glad it is out of the air for now.

    But, and that was the most weird of all, agent Juice got his instructions from Abd on Dysk his Discord. And not from the Princess, the administrator what you was thinking Crow.
    She is fine, she and Dysk did anything to protect me against the constant blocking of the participants or deleting all my postings constant.

    Abd was there as a real Catweazle shouting Foe! Foe! I Foe you! high in his tree house.
    And that Aronman, Juicy appeared to be some blocked crap user of WP-DE, so I presume he is close related to the Pirate Party fraction. He did all the time exacte on Sucks what Abd ordered him on Discord, he discussed every step with Abd.

    But the Princees who is in general very good informed told me something. And I still don’t know what to think of it.
    This Sucks Juicy moderation should be advised after consulting the Dutch wikipedians.
    Dunno what is true about this strange sorry, but I have to say it is a fascinating story.

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