Open thread

Since I am pretty much unavailable now and for the foreseeable future, and since this has traditionally been a place for people to reconnect when various sites go down, or they are de-platformed somewhere, for now I am leaving this thread open for communications by trolls, real people, and whatevers.

I might write one or two posts more, as the spirit moves, but probably not. I will try to monitor email for a short time, in case anyone has problems with access. (It is currently set up to pass users who have already had a comment approved.)

I will try to stop by later and remove the creeps, death threats etc.

Cheers, and carry on.


13 thoughts on “Open thread

  1. GS: I appreciate everything you’ve done, all the hard work you’ve put in, even though we may disagree quite vigorously from time to time. I’m sure I speak for scores of lurkers when I say that we hope to see you back soon in full force and fury. best regards, —tim

  2. That is very generous of you, RfB. Although we have disagreed from time to time, I have always read your comments with great interest. Whether I will return is something to be considered later. It has been an honor to be part of this whole awful mess, and I have been touched to tears sometimes by the warmth and sincerity of the people I have met along the way.

    In the meantime, I have left plenty of saints here to keep watch over you, and who knows, I may even be lurking myself.

  3. Well, special your topics about saints, religious matters and non-wikipedia matters i have always enjoyed and read with so much pleasure. I will miss them.
    You are absolute a amazing lady, madam Gender.

    The wiki related matters where often much less interesting for me, I am and I was always hardly a wikipedian.

    Because I only wrote some articles about my father, a long forgotten professor who was born more than 100 years ago, his friends, also long forgotten professors, Dutch windmills and Greek politics on the total unimportant Dutch wikipedia somewhere in the periphery of wikiland.

    And that is the reason that SanFanBan makes me so extreem proud. Rarere than the Nobel Price!
    40 million Wikipedians world wide, and I have won it with really doing nothing wrong!

    And is it OK to thank here in Public De Kolonel for fixing that SanFanBan and to nominate him as wiki troll number one? Because in my opinion he absolute has beaten every wiki troll of this world!

  4. See Timmy. When the world is deprived of my analysis, they lose all interest in the world of Wikipedia. 😉

    I don’t think I agreed with you every much at all, and most of the time it sounded like you were crackers. But I happily credit you with awakening my interest in how bad the Wikipedia community is, as seen through a woman’s eyes. And I speak as someone who was already familiar with the true nature of Wikipedia self-governance (government for the a-holes, by the a-holes), the sheer dishonesty and duplicity of the place. A true cult.

    I have done my best to highlight this, some of which is of course widely known, but much of which is not (the media doesn’t even seem to have noticed ArbCom will shortly be down to either one or two women, on a panel of fifteen fine and upstanding men), and will be continuing for the foreseeable future, if not at Sucks, then via my other outlets.

    I’m sure Wikipediocracy will continue to be what it has always been – a haven for the people who think Wikipedia is fine and the uppity women just need to man up, shut the fuck up or something equally male, to fit in. They will continue to rifle through women’s knicker drawers, peek through their windows and relish picture time, all in the name of “criticism”.

    As well as the usual denials, the Wikipediocrats will continue to ignore and even defend the wrong women, the people manifestly damaging the cause of feminism with their ham fisted and selfish efforts, like Ms. Wade, while mercilessly pursuing the women who they think than be torn down as a means to achieve their evil goals, which is usually to make Wikipedia an even bigger paradise for the patriarchy.

    I shall carry on the good fight. Embrace the hate.


    [And now Dr. Jess Wade has been awarded the British Empire Medal by the Queen. Not exactly Sucks’ finest hour, was it. -GD]

  5. What is really a pity is I am a native Dutch speaker, Madam. Otherwise I should love to write new blog posts here as a guest writer what I also am on the Eerbeek blog of De Kolonel.
    But my English is simple too poor for that.

    Because of a interview of madam Maher in the German Ada I wrote a blogpost on our Eerbeek blog where I explane what Abdism is.
    And why we should love to have Abd with us in Charleroi around or camp fire making s’mores.

    You should be invited too of course madam!. For the campfire you like so much, the s’mores and to learn everything about Abdism.
    I am sure you should love us because we are old fashion gentlemen with a deep respect for woman, madam.

    (Sorry, in Dutch, but in this modern time Google will help you out.)

  6. Well, Julien, one of De Heren van Eerbeek, maybe you know him from sucks because he posted sometimes in the Dutch section of Sucks has started a new Dutch forum and I think that is a good thing because all the other fora are only focused on WP-En.

    Wikiwaanzin. (Wiki madness) A good name I suppose.

    We have now two topics, 21 pageviews, what is not bad for a complete new, fresh forum. And one topic is about woman matters, the Wiki Techstorm 2019.
    Madam Gender will be deleted.,1.0.html

    Who Julien is? I have not the slightest idea, we had from time to time contact with PM’s on Sucks and all of a sudden he was a guest writer on the Eerbeek blog. Dysk has even reblogged one of his topics.

    The only thing I know about Julien is he or she is extreem good informed about the Dutch chapter, follows WP-Nl much closer than I do and is very familiar with the cabal in general.

  7. ….And the board is back, with some changes.

    Theme of the post:

    [Note: for anyone else who is getting a “video unavailable” message from this link, I’ll save you the trouble, it is one hour of NSFW repetitions of a James Doakes meme from the Showtime television drama series Dexter. Why am I not surprised. -GD ]

  8. O hai Rogol, or faux-Rogol* as the case may be.

    You have been away for a long time. I thought you didn’t love me any more.

    But I heard you were married already.

    So how many wives do you have so far?


    *Note: the Real Rogol™ denies that this is him, via a publicly known email account. Also note that of all the socks he has been linked with – and there have been some odd ones – this is the only one he has ever gone to the trouble to deny. -GD

    **And now my Evil Twin reminds me that this is not the first time our poor dear Rogol has been impersonated here, and that we only promised to open the thread to trolls and whatevers, not to impersonators and spam. So I’m afraid it’s back to the spam filters for this one. -GD

  9. “So how many wives do you have so far?”

    As many wives as he needs, but as much as he can afford… he has one of those Japanese anime pillows.

  10. Ever thought about a female mod for Sucks, Strelnikov?
    I mean, I am still not convinced the tree house moderation of modsquad Juicy and Modsquad Abd was THE right answer for the problems on Sucks because now everyone is block or has left.

    And what about the abditration what Abd suggest? I mean, maybe is Abd right and is indeed JuiceBeetle a Wikipedia critic who has been harmed or insulted by admin blocking behaviour and has now a trauma. Because such thinks happens you know. We need a woman for that abditration what Abd suggest, Steln.

    Why not woman power to moderate the cesspit of wikipedia criticism what Sucks is according to Vigilant? I don’t think madam can find the time, moderation of sucks is according to JuiceBeetle hours of work every day, but she should be a perfect mod!

    You must find a power woman Steln, to help Sucks out of this moderation crisis.

    [Link removed, genderdesk does not link to sites that dox. Also I am starting to question the wisdom of letting someone out of the dungeon specifically to respond to a post about leaving Wikipedia forever, only to have them come back to complain about the moderation on another site–that they were leaving forever. I kinda think me and Vig might be on the same wavelength about this. -GD]

  11. Yep. At this point it’s nothing but a time sink. Graaf has already posted his contact information here. If he wants to take pot shots at Sucks, he can do it from his own blog.

    That said, the Sucks mods could spend a little less time pontificating and a little more time cleaning out the stables. For example why should a thread on “who the hell is this”, have so much off-topic stuff in it? Don’t they want to know if is is similar to the other email thing that has been going around? Or is everyone just on a short attention span and unable to focus? Isn’t there a separate section for off-topic comments?

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