How to find sleeze in Bangkok without Kudpung

First of all there is no reason to believe that Kudpung even knows where to find sleeze in Bangkok, or that he is anything other than a Nice Catholic Boy.

See here the first entry:

It is for the newsletter: “Nittayo TESOL Newsletter Submitted on 2008-07-15 by Chris Carter-Smith”.  The newsletter itself is in the Wayback Machine.  It’s from the “Education Department of Bangkok Archdiocese”:

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RexxS (l), Kudpung (r)

So you will see a number of the Manchester cabal recusing themselves in the current arbcom case request, because they either know Kudpung, work in Thailand, or both. You cannot expect Wikipedians to put their jobs on the line for a volunteer position in Wikipedia, no matter how prestigious. /snark

The distance between Worchester and Manchester is only 90 miles, so is there any reason to believe they don’t know each other?  Of course they do.

So what about the Thai sex trade?  If that is why you are going to Wikimania this year, you don’t need Kudpung.  Google is your friend.  Try here.  Although if you are that interested in the Thai sex trafficking, you probably don’t have any friends besides google.

Also, if you have any change in your pockets, as people do when they take a lot of trains and such, while you are walking around the night markets, checking out the lady-boys, the change will magically disappear.  If you are used to being aware of your surroundings and knowing when someone brushes up against you, even by accident, you will not know when your pocket has been picked. Yes, they are willing to take the risk for the equivalent of just a few pennies.

Also, Thailand is known for the date-rape drugs. If you go into a shop, do not accept tea or anything, or you may wake up somewhere with all your money gone and a pocket full of costume jewelry. If you find yourself in Bangkok for Wikimania, get out of town as soon as you can, maybe head north to Chiang Mai or even to Vientiane, where you can get away from the infernal British Empire non-cuisine and sample some colonial-era French pastry.

On the other hand, Thailand does have pad thai, and Singha beer.

Hmm, I wonder if Kudpung could get me a job in Thailand? ….

3 thoughts on “How to find sleeze in Bangkok without Kudpung

  1. Here’s one that’s not behind a paywall. Goes back to 2003, just now being investigated.
    Fast forward to this year….”136 rapes against dozens of young men in Manchester”.

    It’s probably too late to move Wikimania to Manchester, but Wikimania has never really been that kind of event.

    UPDATE: Manchester Evening News had a special report, also this is nothing new to Manchester, see Wikipedia article Rochdale child sex abuse ring in a northeastern suburb. The BBC documentary Betrayed Girls was about the Rochdale grooming scandal.

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