Are drag queens for kids? (RIP Wilson Gavin)

Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.
– John Donne

This is Wilson Gavin.  He was conservative and he was gay.

I am neither, but I think we should mourn him and I think we should consider his views.

The guy on the left is drag queen Diamond Good-Rim.  Rim is slang for anus.  A “rim job” is…well, you can google it…

They are at a library in Australia and Good-Rim has just finished a presentation to some children as part of an official library program. Gavin is part of a group opposed to the program and they are doing an action at the library, chanting “drag queens aren’t for kids”.

The video of the action went viral on Twitter, with Good-Rim’s friends piling on Gavin, threatening to get him kicked out of his university and encouraging him to die. A few hours later, Gavin was dead at a Brisbane railway station, and the police were treating it as a suicide.  The video which had been posted by Jess Origliasso of the Veronicas to her 319,000 followers on Instagram was taken down, but of course everyone has it by now.

News sources say the protesters were “storming”, but you can see here they are standing in one place chanting with hands in pockets, with no visible signs or printed slogans, while Diamond Good-Rim shakes a finger in Gavin’s face and the Veronicas put their camera in another guy’s face in a fairly intimidating manner.

It was claimed the protesters broke into the program area where children were being read to, and that children were crying, but there are no children in the video.  The protesters claimed they waited until the program was over, and met the drag queens on their way out. There are no children in the video.

Hey, little girl, can you say ‘Good-Rim’?

The other drag queen at the event was Johnny Valkyrie @johnevalk, who performs as “Queeny”, and is taking advantage of the publicity to ask for money on his/her FB page:

Johnny Valkyrie UPDATE:

Please help me fund my affirmation procedure if you have capacity. I am transgender, and openly. I worry the media will backlash given the anti-LGBTI+ bend of the Murdoch media.

Please also support Diamond Good-Rim.

Please see my new post on my page;

Hello. Your love and support is literally in the thousands. The media and the public have made the incident viral. Thank you for your support. If you can, please help me with funding my affirmation procedure, which will cost me my entire savings ($10,000).
The incident yesterday which has gone viral has exhausted me. The media and opposition will come after me given I am transgender and homosexual. I am worried about my mental health, my employment and my ability to handle the legal action I need to take regarding the incident that has exploded on National News. I wish my activism paid the bills, but I have to do 9 – 5 elsewhere. I am so tired. I need your help. #IStandWithQueens

Apparently this $10,000 “affirmation surgery” is a mastectomy.

“Queenie ” also complained bitterly on Twitter that instead of thoughts and prayers, some people were actually delivering petitions to the government about the issues Gavin had cared about.

No Queenie, this is not “hate speech”, or transphoooooobia, these are good questions, and I don’t have any good answers.  But when someone does not want to take these questions seriously, it is not a good look.

So what about drag queens in libraries? Is this sexualized entertainment, of an adult nature?  Does this promote puberty blockers and sterilization of gay kids?

A while back I wrote some positive stuff about the drag queen programs in libraries.  But now I’m not so sure.  What for example does it say about gay people?  Like, what do gay people look like?  Like a freak show?  Like Halloween?

And we’re starting to see a lot of violence associated with this MtF trans  stuff.

If you spend a little time with google, you can find photos of drag queens doing strip tease in libraries, using profanity, teaching children to twerk, or stories about convicted child sex offenders in the programs. Are there any grownups watching?

This is what Wilson Gavin looked like, just a person.

Here is what he did with his life.

On Saturdays, he served at a soup kitchen. Soup kitchens are good, there should be more soup kitchens in this world.

He spent a year teaching kids in Mongolia. It’s good to get out of your own back yard. It’s good to see the world in some role other than a tourist.  It is good to share your skills and to mentor people.

He gave money to homeless people on the street. Okay, I’m not as good with this as with the soup kitchens, but some people are like that and there’s a lot worse things you can do with your life.

And that is exactly what the gay people I know are like. They have jobs, they play classical music, they wear suits, they go to church, they give to charity, of their time and their money.

Maybe those are the kind of gay people the kids should be seeing.


Hmm, no article, yet, but can we really expect it in the current trans-bully climate.  Hasn’t been added to the list of LGBT-related suicides either.

NOTE: Not sure if anyone who is not from Brisbane can sign it, but the petition is here:

OMG: more on Mr. Diamond Good-rim.  Did you know oral-anal sex is called “rimming”,   and that the CDC recommends the use of a “dental dam” to prevent STDs?  How to: (NSFW)

3 thoughts on “Are drag queens for kids? (RIP Wilson Gavin)

  1. Well well well, here come the woke neo-liberal trans activist bullies.

    Grave-dancing, anyone?

    And now people are starting to remember August Ames, real name Mercedes Grabowski, who died by suicide in 2017, the day after an onslaught of Twitter abuse.

    She had tweeted about not wanting to shoot a sex scene with a gay man and many considered her stance homophobic.
    “Fuck y’all” was Ames’ last tweet

    Being in the porn industry, she even has a Wikipedia article, although Clarice Phelps, the first black woman involved in the discovery of a new element can’t seem to get one.

    Does anyone suppose Gavin will get an article?

  2. Drag queen Kitty Demure:
    “Would you want a stripper or a porn star to influence your child? It makes no sense at all. A drag queen performs, in a nightclub for adults….
    Backstage there is a lot of nudity, sex, and drugs….
    And honestly you’re not doing the gay community any favors, in fact you are hurting us, okay. We have already had a reputation of being pedophiles and being perverts and deviants, we don’t need you to bring your children around.”

    Kitty Demure @demure_kitty Jan 18

    The reality is, the “community” is full of extremely vicious and irresponsible people. They think life is a big gay party. I have experienced much racism, sexism, hate and abuse in the community. They are very phony and fake.

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