Corbett banned, Vigilant unbanned…

Let’s do this.

14 thoughts on “Corbett banned, Vigilant unbanned…

  1. “An exercise”, heh.
    Justice delayed is ….(fill in the blank).

    Also, Somey:

    Like Mr. Turnedworm says, his subsequent ongoing criticism of WP (not to mention the often-coarse way he criticizes it) practically guarantees that he won’t be allowed back in, …

    Is this some kind of joke? We are talking here about an admin corps that had an RfC over whether it was okay to say “fuck off”. And we have another arb on the very same thread pushing his penis in some poor woman’s face. This is Wikipedia’s best and brightest. Check my potty mouth list.

    No, the question is not whether Vigilant wipes his feet, the question is whether he stoops low enough for their “locker room values”.

  2. You guys have been pretty boring since you got rid of Crow and Kumi. You should do it like a divorce visitation, one gets the forum one week and the other gets it the next, or maybe weekends, idk.

    This was a classic though, gotta have a screenshot (and I thought it was an unusually good post on Strelnikov’s part):

    Let me try to fix it so it’s readable though. (The post was by Abd, if you still can’t read it.)

    That site’s appearance really sucks — or maybe that’s the point.

    UPDATED: This at 150% zoom, you can click on it to read it – this is for posterity, it may be Abd’s shortest post ever.

    1. For your viewing pleasure use this on Sucks and WPO as well:

      We are having boring days on the forum… I’m busy contributing, no time to spread the grievances and negativity 😀

      And I miss Crow too. Actually, I also had that idea to time-split the forum: one week for Crow, one week for us. Sadly he would never request a come-back, I wonder what’s with him. I hope he found a nice cabin in the woods, remembered how beautiful real-life is and now he’s laughing at us, burning in this toxic hell.

  3. It makes those websites look like this beer. And wide. Try fixing the dangling logo 😉
    If you only want wide without the darkness then find the simply “Wikipediocracy” style. Although that’s not working satisfactorily on WPS yet.

    I have to steal this, may I have your permission?
    In exchange here’s the music that goes with the style:

  4. The video’s index in the list did not go through…
    This is the intended music:

    Btw, Wikipediocracy dark is smoother than the standard WPS brew, even though still a dark ale.

  5. Oh no problem, the beer parodies I hereby release into the wild CC0, which I am told is even less restrictive than PD. No attribution necessary, especially since this is illegal in some quarters. o_O

    Dangling logo?

    Agnes Obel, very nice.

    “She’s arranged complicated string parts, layered 250 tracks on top of each other, and processed her voice to sound both low and high; on Familiar it sounds like she’s duetting with a male cyborg version of herself, while Golden Green is earwormy pop at its most eerie. Lots of the album was recorded in her cheap, big Berlin flat, with older keyed instruments like the spinet, celeste and aforementioned Trautonium (which she got made and shipped across Germany).”

    I can’t say I’m crazy about spinets, the only ones I have tried just had the wrong feel to the keyboard, but I would like to try this celeste thing. There is one for sale in Ohio, but it looks out of reach…only a mere $3,200.00 on eBay with “Free local pickup”.

  6. Don’t mean to play favorites with the parodies, here is one for Sucks. Again any copyright I may have is hereby released CC0:

    The flavor for a “sucks” type of beer seems to be ” American Double/Imperial IPA, golden copper with a foamy white head. It smells of hops, citrus, and pine. It tastes great. It’s hoppy, malty, and creamy. I get hints of grapefruit, mango, orange, pine, brown sugar, and toasted bread. It’s very satisfying and very drinkable. It’s 8% alcohol…”

    I feel certain though that the sucksters do not drink beer. With all that California vibe, they must certainly drink wine even if they do not admit it. I was hard-pressed to come up with a good Sucks vintage though, and had to settle for something blended with Shiraz, which I think is beneath their dignity, but it will have to do. Kind of like the website.

  7. Graaf sends his greetings (via email) from Charleroi Marchienne-au-Pont, Belgium, where he is still apparently on the road with De Kolonel. For our amusement, they have sent a photo of what they are drinking.

    Cuvée des Trolls:

    ” …poured this straw colored ale into a tulip glass with about a finger breadth of white head which rapidly dissipated.
    Smell is citrus, tropical fruit, toasted malts and a bit of floral notes. Taste is sweet malts, orange peel and a hint of pith, astringent hoppy midnote witha bit of piney resin and leading to a clean finish. Mouth feel is medium with a good amount of carbonation and astringency – very clean finish with only the slightest sweet residue.
    Great with bbq, pizza – astringency is a good palate cleanser and easily quaffable.
    Like a love child between a blonde ale and a belgian pale – all the best elements of each.”

    Looking further, a cuvée is a wine-making term derived from French meaning “a type, blend, or batch of wine, especially champagne”.
    These things are always being poured into “tulip glass” (although Graaf & Co. are probably not doing this around the campfire) so I had to look for that too, it seems the brew has its own glass.

    But it is De Kolonels’ photo that really shows the detail of the art on the bottle label, that you don’t see on commercial photos of this product, the troll emerging from a torn opening and a motley crew of faces waiting behind in the dark….

  8. There’s gold in that thread for anyone looking to demonstrate Wikipedia and its supposed preeminent critics suck. Shame that there is no longer any such place to do that.

  9. We should probably add Jenkem as well, as illustrated by badmachine, in case it turns out to be a Sucks classic.

    The Jenkem poop inhalant hoax is here
    Wikipedia also tells us “Genkem is a brand of glue which had become the generic name for all the glues used by glue-sniffing children in Africa before the manufacturer replaced n-hexane in its ingredients in 2000.”

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