What is a woman

The Feb. 1 Seattle event “Fighting the New Misogyny: A Feminist Critique of Gender Identity” was held at the public library, in spite of some controversy and attempts to get it canceled.

Similar events featuring Meghan Murphy have been challenged by trans activists.  A January 2020 event at New York Public Library was cancelled,  Simon Fraser University cancelled an event in Feb 2019 for “security” reasons (it was held elsewhere), the Toronto Public Library went ahead with its October 2019 event after coming under fire (for instance Fay and Fluffy cancelling their drag queen story hour) , and in spite of some pushback, the Vancouver Public Library has agreed to room rental on the evening of Saturday, March 21, 2020, for an event featuring Meghan Murphy.  In the UK, a seminar by philosophy professor Kathleen Stock, was cancelled by University of East Anglia, citing “academic freedom” of all things.

The Feb, 1st event was live streamed and is available on FB. The audio does not kick in until about 2 minutes, the disruption is about 6 minutes in, and is over by  15 minutes or so. So much for caving to threats of violence.  We can see here how the Seattle police were able to handle it easily, first some angry male voices then the video kicks in as the crowd chants “na na na na, hey hey, goodbye”, then “let women speak”.

The event was sponsored by the U.S. based Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) and the local Seattle group Save Our Sex-based rights (SOS).

And just so I can not be accused of neglecting the womanly duty of attention to fashion, I will note that the t-shirt du jour was apparently black, with the dictionary definition of “woman” in white letters.

But can someone with a beard and a penis actually become a woman, just by thinking it?  Can sex be changed by medical intervention? Here is a thoughtful but complex piece, written by a gay male scientist.

If you are serious about this subject – sex as merely a social construct, intersex conditions, transgender “brain sex” arguments, innate gender identity and gender identity mismatch, etc, – you need to wade through it. https://medium.com/@LogicalMarcus/is-julia-serano-right-that-transwomen-are-female-a989dca9d026

Good stuff.  And you run across hidden gems, like “Tumblr-influenced neologism” (which is where all the fakey trans-activist terminology came from):

Can we have any other words that mean women or female? “Biological female” is, according to Serano and other activists, transphobic. How about AFAB, assigned female at birth? Leave aside that this is a lie — sex is observed, not assigned, outside of rare DSDs. But not absolutely all female humans are “assigned” female at birth, either. Trans advocates often say children should not be assigned anything at birth — such as this child, if it’s female.

How about cis women? But transmen and nonbinary females are also female. And genderfluid, and agender, and any other Tumblr-influenced neologism. There is no finite set of words that cover the exact same set of humans as female human.

Note: (sending a little link love to SocJusWiz, here) There is a deadlink to a piece about the non-intersex condition of cloacal exstrophy, by Social Justice Wizard, who seems to have been censored by Medium, but it is still in the Wayback Machine here: “A simple science review on gender identity: If you can call that science, that is“.

Hmm, from Twitter, Seattle yesterday, pics of the event, see event description also on Feminist Current.

4 thoughts on “What is a woman

  1. “My position”? Hardly. It is a loose collection of sources which I have attempted to group together in some kind of classification system, and it includes trans voices. The academics are at the top, if you want to start with that.

    Rational wiki I am not familiar with, but just for starters, the profile has both “notorious” and a slur in the lede.

    As far as loaded language, Wikipedia is not much better, you can see the hand of the prostitution industry in this one, and probably big pharma as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meghan_Murphy

    You would almost think they don’t like lesbians or something.

    My own position is something along the lines of “puberty sucks”. And then things either get better, or they don’t.

    The position that giving children puberty blockers if they demonstrate any interest in being either “too feminine” or “too masculine” is a sterilization plot to eliminate gays similar to Nazi eugenics is I think still unproven and possibly a bit extreme. Although there is this: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10998169/iran-gay-people-gender-reassignment-surgery/

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