Only a few days ago I caught a screenshot – for posterity – of Dennis Abdul Rahman Lomax typing “TLDR”.

can you give us a tl:dr on that? Because tl:dr.

Now he has typed the definitive response. Read it and weep.

I hope you don’t develop a habit of telling us what you did not read.  Were you implying something? That you have a small mind and cannot speed-read or skim and need to be spoon-fed? What?

O tempora, o mores!

22 thoughts on “Abd: TLDR

  1. Yes, and I am ashamed to say I laughed for a full ten minutes.

    An extraordinary mutiny, both on Sucks and on Reddit.

    Finally all the warring factions have an issue that unites them. A wondrous thing it is to see such harmony in the Wiki criticism world.

  2. The thing is, I would kind of like this lawsuit of his to be taken seriously — I think it raises some interesting issues. But this other stuff is something of a distraction. You would think that if someone has a colorful past, and they wanted to engage in a fairly public lawsuit, their attorney would have advised them to keep a low profile.

  3. You know, I should set out all the links in a new post, for those who want to follow along at home, but I keep hoping that at some point Sucks will just stop embarrassing itself.

    The court filing for Abd Dennis G Lomax against the Wikimedia Foundation is here:
    * https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/14573324/parties/lomax-v-wikimedia-foundation-inc/
    He has posted some updates here:
    * https://www.reddit.com/r/Lomax_v_WMF/

    The main reddit arguing is here, mostly they are saying he gives bad answers to peoples’ questions:
    * https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiInAction/comments/ezlxxf/vegans_attacked_and_deleted_the_carnivore_diet/
    * https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiInAction/comments/ewnofc/wikipedia_criticism_forum_wikipedia_sucks/
    * https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiInAction/comments/ey8nuv/please_be_nice_to_my_exhusband_dennis_lomax/
    * https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiInAction/comments/esp9fz/checkusers_data/
    * https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiInAction/comments/es4sk2/dumbass_deletes_all_the_good_edits_i_and_others/
    * https://www.reddit.com/r/internetdrama/comments/etwzb4/slapfight_involving_abd_ulrahman_lomax_a_75_year/
    He doesn’t answer any of the points on reddit, he just reports the person asking it, and copies it to his cold fusion blog. It hasn’t been archived since January, so I guess no one is looking at it. This is supposed to be one of the honeypot sites, so take care to use a proxy (see below) if you don’t want to expose your IP:
    * http://web.archive.org/web/20200120002802/http://coldfusioncommunity.net/reddit/wovigilant/ There’s more though on Archive Today, but nothing more recent than January. http://archive.is/http://coldfusioncommunity.net/reddit/wovigilant/

    So here is the site where Abd posts about anyone who insults him on Wikipediocracy. It’s copied from the seekrit members-only forum so if you don’t want to register an account on Wikipediocray, you can read it here instead. Prophylaxis reminder to pick up a free proxy (see below) before browsing:

    It has been claimed that this site is a honeypot, and it’s true that Abd has given himself all the permissions for this site, so here is a free proxy if you don’t want to leave any footprints. You can probably find others.

    If you just want to make a new archive of the thing, and read if from the archive instead, there seem to be a few already on the Wayback Machine.

    * http://web.archive.org/web/20200212032706/https://wikitop.cc/w/User:Abd/Wikipediocracy/Sucks_is_circling_the_drain_at_this_point_-_3

    * http://web.archive.org/web/20200212033052/https://wikitop.cc/w/User:Abd/Wikipediocracy/Sucks_is_circling_the_drain_at_this_point_-_2

    * http://web.archive.org/web/20200212033436/https://wikitop.cc/w/User:Abd/Wikipediocracy/Sucks_is_circling_the_drain_at_this_point

    Abd was given access to this site in order to do maintenance for Barbour’s book, but it looks like he’s using it as his own personal website. For instance, here is a screenshot of some home supplies for cold fusion [archived], even though Abd has his own cold fusion website.

    If you look at the recent changes, he has not done one thing for The Book in the last 30 days.

    The main content page is here, but as yet it looks like only a couple of PDFs have been uploaded.

    Other than that, Sucks is just filling up with personal abuse, name-calling, and sexualized insults. Kind of like Wikipedia.


    NEW STUFF!!!!:
    see all saved versions at http://archive.is/wikitop.cc


    So here is a bonus video of Manchester sewers, it’s not half bad.

  4. (1) asking someone for a tl;dr is not the same as trolling with the comment. It’s engaging, whereas the trolling comment is just that, an insult.

    (2) Vigilant, with massive trolling at about 130 posts since January, is of late allied with the Smith Brothers, creating their usual hundreds of accounts. Thinking that this is “about” some theme is not even wrong.

    (3) Yeah, I thought the lawsuit brought up some interesting issues. The judge is taking his time. I really don’t know what will happen.

    (4) I was not given mod on Sucks to do maintenance for Barbour’s book. That’s a distinct project, and without help, it has started to look like Too Much Work. Maybe tomorrow (actually, it looks like a year’s work at the pace it was taking). Anyone wanna help? Uploading is easy, it’s scrubbing the pages and making sure everything is archived that’s Work.

    (5) Nobody has reported any issues about the CFC sites, “honey pot” is some of the Viper’s vomitus. Yes, as domain owner, I have access to raw logs, but those have never been used illegitimately. That’s a Smith brothers claim, originally. They hate checkuser.

    (6) Reading the site will only add the standard read access log entry. So someone read the page, so? I’m going to dig through millions of IP addresses to try to figure out who? So, what, a massive reverse tl:dr? “Hah! Gotcha! You wrote ‘tl;dr’ but YOU ACTUALLY READ THE PAGE, YOU LIAR!!!”

    (7) I couldn’t make up stuff this stupid. GenderDesk, you could do better.

    (8) My point on Sucks resembles your thinking. The toxic atmosphere on Wikipediocracy is quite like Wikipedia. So I’m documenting it, and discovering how easy it is to troll the Troll of Trolls, by not responding in situ with argument, protest, any of that, but dropping a one word link to a page which nobody has to look at. Drives him crazy. It’s working and he’s making himself look like what he is, on Reddit and maybe on Wikipediocracy.

    (9) On Reddit with Smith accounts is tag them with the name as a throwaway, because Oliver Smith accounts commonly disappear. Darryl Smith accounts don’t, but tend to have a single post per account (though not all do that), and they also impersonate — as can be seen; I kinda doubt I forgot a wife (marriages lasted between three and seventeen years) , and at the point claimed, my first wife was pregnant with the first of five kids.) . I tag throwaways, which isn’t reporting, it’s just adding an easily verifiable fact.

    (10) Yeah, sexualized insults. Not good, but completely routine with Viligent. Eric wanted to use “Vaginant,” which I considered offensive, and said so. But he does own the site. That’s mild compared with Valigent’s rants on sucks, and he’s been at it for years.

  5. Abd Lomax on his blog once wrote that he used to operate a pedophile or rapist support group. One of his friends that supports Abd’s lawsuit is a rapist. I won’t link to it but this person actually owns a blog dedicated to rape and admits he has those fantasies. Yet Lomax let’s this person post on his CFC wiki.

    This person said he recently came out of a mental institution and that he had been banned from work for life, “I guess people figure that based on my history, not only should I never hold employment again, but I also shouldn’t have the opportunity to continue my studies at an institution of learning.”

    Lomax’s rapist friend uses this IP address

    Lomax occasionally has to hide and delete his friends comments when he links to his rape blog, unfortunately those comments were hidden by Lomax. But I managed to archive these ones recently


    Click down to the bottom of the page. Lomax seems to be associated with some very disturbing individuals.

    Lomax has also written in his own words that he used to slap his six year old daughter:

    “I slapped her. And then I immediately apologized to her. “I’m sorry I slapped you. I would rather be bit than slap you.” So, then, when this came up in family therapy, the therapist agonized over whether or not to report it. She consulted her supervisor and the response was routine. Always report if there is any doubt at all. So the Department of Children and Families opened an investigation. Now, raising seven kids under sometimes difficult conditions, I had ample opportunity to interact with them. Lots of parents are completely freaked out by a report and contact from DCF. I wasn’t.” – Abd Lomax.

    Source taken from Abd’s blog http://archive.is/hDBp5

    My conclusion is that Abd Lomax is a dangerous lunatic not safe to be around anyone. He never explains his seven divorces but Lomax is online 24/7 arguing with people. I have not seem him do anything productive with his life and he is old, he’s like nearly 76. People like this give humanity a bad name.

      1. For now at least, all the trolling gets a platform here, including yours.

        A bit asymmetrical though, since you already have complete control over three other platforms: Sucks, your cold fusion wiki, and Barbour’s book site.

  6. It looks like Abd Lomax just told boredbird to kill himself.

    The original conflict with boredbird was about doxing pedophiles.

    It looks like the conflict with Vigilant on Wikipediocracy was about the same thing.

    Sucks has never been a very pretty place, but this is the first time I have seen a moderator tell one of the members to commit suicide.

  7. That comment was ripped from context. See an archive.is copy. http://archive.is/Trq9M.
    I’ve added a link to it that shows context, no other changes. It also did not refer to a “member,” but asked a question of one — who was not the “you” of general address of the audience, which also referred to those suggesting explosives as linked. Context. Ah, Dear GenderDesk, don’t leave home without it.

  8. “Ripped”? Hardly. It was a screenshot which contained the entire wall of text.

    And “dear”? We have never met, much less been intimate, so I can only assume this was meant as condescension.

    And this after you call me “stupid” on my own blog. I guess you must have gotten tired of lecturing the Sucksters about personal attacks, while attacking them and calling them names. The ones who are left, if any.

    How about if you don’t want someone to blow themselves up, don’t tell them “blow yourself up”.

    I understand people want to make excuses for you, since you are suing the WMF which a lot of people hate, but at some point this becomes like the frogs being boiled to death, with the continued vulgarity, gaslighting, and verbal abuse gradually creeping upward until people don’t even notice they’re being abused.

  9. Time to send Bird some comfort food. Being Valentine’s Day, one naturally thinks of chocolate, but the internets tell me chocolate can be toxic to birds. We can’t have that. But anyone who chooses Sucks as their natural habitat must surely be acclimated to fruits and nuts.

  10. Abd Lomax is pro-se. No lawyer would touch his lawsuit, and he has a toxic internet history. He has no chance of hiring any future legal team or seeking advice. I suspect the judge will dismiss Lomax’s lawsuit very soon. The WMF lawyers and Jones Day have been informed about Abd’s internet trolling that has spilled out all over the web.

  11. Just a minor quibble, this has nothing to do with Abd getting older. I mean, what do you expect him to do, what exactly is the alternative.

    No indeedy he has always been like this, more or less, this has nothing to do with age and everything to do with Abd being Abd, which I am still trying to grasp in its entirety.

    For those following along at home, there are three new Abd thread on reddit:
    * https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiInAction/comments/f3p52n/abd_lomax_harassing_wikipedia_sucks_users_who/ (which links to moi)
    * https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiInAction/comments/f3zrl0/abd_lomax_gives_richard_feynman_lecture_but_is/
    * https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiInAction/comments/f3xx8c/abd_lomax_is_a_vicious_75_year_old_internet_troll/

    okay four, four new Abd threads on reddit
    * https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiInAction/comments/f3riiu/abd_lomax_deleting_my_comments_on_wikipedia_sucks/

    If those are parody accounts they are very well done.

    I am very disappointed in Etherman, who is usually sane if somewhat politically conservative, if that is not an oxymoron in these troubled times. The point that is being missed is the type of advice Abd is giving and whether this is good for newbies who after all come to these sites trying to find answers to life’s persistent questions, a question that Abd is sidestepping by refusing to answer questions with anything but spamming a link to his website, which he will tell you up front is overrun with comments from users on tor nodes….

  12. Nathan Larson was the 69 IP on Lomax’s blog, which he has confessed to on the tallk-page and Lomax has just banned him.

    Larson is a confirmed pedophile and rapist/white supremacist. He communicated with Lomax on his website for over six months.


    In one of his comments he says he has known Lomax for “years”, he even requested for Lomax as a reference to go back to study at college. Disturbing.

    Lomax I think needs open up and admit the truth for once. What is the Larson-Lomax relationship? Why is Lomax associated with Larson?

  13. It’s a really quite funny to see how similar I am to Lomax, in the narrow confines of Wiki criticism you understand. We share the same views on a lot of things in that genre, hence why the rare times he starts a thread on Sucks not about himself, it’s usually redundant to one I’ve posted on there before. I certainly took his lawsuit seriously, trying to find the positives despite the one massive negative. I guess this is the difference between genius and madness. The poor bastard has no clue he’s the mad one. As well as the verbosity, ocd, and tendency to stray off Wikipedia related topics, you can see the madness in how he seems to genuinely believe Eric Corbett or Poetlister will come to Sucks to play debate societies with him. They’re not Wikipedia critics, in any shape or form, as I detailed many times in the forum, in threads the mad bastard has clearly never even found yet. A serious Wikipedia critic is a person who ends up being hated by all stripes on Wikipediocracy that don’t have the stones or the ability to effectively participate on Sucks, pre-Abd takeover and the mass exodus of triggered. They were all trolls of course, no loss he says, rational moderation he says. But boy does Abd rather seem to have quite the problem with trolls, and quite the hypocritical attitude to trolling. Even there, in the art of war, we are similar, he just goes down a different, more self-defeating path. Which is the real difference between me and him. Despite saying very similar things about topics as diverse as Vigilant and Wikipedia and forums, where I was genuinely hated and feared by those I targeted for criticism, the very same people are simply amused by Lomax, and so they just fuck with him for their own amusement, some even joining forces with those whose life mission is to trollfuck him. It’s sad. Vigilant tried to find allies to go against me as a way to fight back, the best he could come up with aligning himself with the WMF itself. I destroyed his reputation long before Lomax, and ironically on behalf of Lomax. Mad bastard doesn’t even realize it. I hope one day Eric B understands where he went wrong, but I suspect not. So now here we are, and while one losses a out being the Lomax show, and the other simply does what it was doing before, now with added mockery of Lomax because boredom, neither site has even noticed the Clarice Phelps biography was restored recently. Wikipediocracy of course aren’t much interested in that scandal as a rule, but they’d have been more than interested in who restored it.

  14. The Sucks posters don’t want to be subject to his whims, and you can’t blame them.

    Here Carrite brings all of the threads about Vigilant together — there are ten of them. Most mods merge a new threads with the old ones on the same topic, but Abd just starts new ones. Seven of these were started by Abd.

    But rather than either merging the threads or justifying the existence of so many new ones, Abd sent Carrie a nasty-gram (which has been circulating privately) and started replacing Carrite’s name with his own – on every single post. Carrite made his point on Tuesday afternoon. By Wednesday, Abd had flooded the board with his own comments, including a necro-post on old “Tim Davenport” thread he resurrected. By slightly after midnight, he had finished purging Carrite’s name from the boards.

    Why Sucks does not listen to their members who have asked both publicly and privately to put a stop to this, is harder to guess. Maybe it’s similar to what the Wikipediocrazies claimed about the Auggie-giraffe situation, with some kind of sadistic enjoyment taken from having someone publicly under fire and subjected to ridicule. Or maybe it’s just a matter of using the situation to increase their page views and improve their site ranking.

  15. So what does it all mean?

    1) Abd says he was a counselor to some pedophiles. If it was a client relationship, you would expect it to be a private matter, but we have no details or proof of whether a client relationship existed or even the name of an organization.

    2) Abd has had a chance to clarify whether he wants someone blown up, with explosives, in the desert, and if so who. Based on comments he made on reddit, it now appears the comments were about Vigilant, in response to some conversation in a secret members-only forum.

    If Abd did not wish to harm anyone, he could have easily edited his original statement on Sucks to make this clear. But he did not. 

    The most recent capture: (“Vigilant!” p. 7) http://archive.is/5CFdV

    3) Abd’s reaction to this, and as far as I can see, to any objection to his actions, has basically been to double down, and claim that criticism about him should not be published at all. https://genderdesk.wordpress.com/2020/02/10/abd-tldr/comment-page-1/#comment-91361

  16. Interesting to see Oliver here posting with multiple accounts as normal. The flame-war which you see here is already over seven years long and spans thousands of posts over multiple websites with dozens of participants. Great stuff.

  17. Oliver? There was an Oliver D. Smith a while back, but my Evil Twin started removing his comments after he went back and forth with Abd over …whatever it was.

    I’m not real particular about multiple accounts, or editing logged out or whatever. Sometimes people want to post something here and just have it taken at face value without having it attached to their online persona, and they trust me not to say anything. Why not. If an edit is good, it should be good no matter who makes it.

    Impersonations, not so much.

    The Nathan Larson stuff AFAIK is new, and these threads do not seem to be any Abd has claimed to be impersonations.

    http://wikipediareview.com/lofiversion/index.php?t30429-0_html= Archived: http://archive.is/AISnz http://archive.is/7l6Nq

    https://wikiindex.org/User_talk:Abd Archived: http://archive.is/bzehA

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