Is Wikipediocracy down again?


And although we at Deskland have been struggling a bit with the flu, in this time of need we will step into the void and try to bring what news we can of our wild and crazy brothers-in-criticism over at Wikipediocrazy.

They are a bit early this year, but it seems to happen every year about this time (the Ides of March), every time for a different reason.

Looking back through the genderdesk archives, it seems they were down on pi day last year (3.14) for some kind of squabble about Facebook logo.

So, just going by memory, (not that I ever read it, of course), what have they got going on now?   Some stuff about India, which is always really weird (remember India Against Corruption?) but no one usually takes them seriously.

Something about Larry Sanger and Trump hiring his new cryptocurrency outfit to track cellphones with their new app.

Oh, Larry Sanger + India + Trump?  Might be something there. Phunware is the new Trump vehicle, and is certainly no stranger to “dark money”.

Something about Art+Feminism and the flu pandemic written by their feisty Brill Lyle. While the Art+Feminism crowd seems to be highly allergic to Brill Lyle – at least they were the last time I dropped her name over there – I doubt they read Wikipediocracy or have enough clout ( or stomach for breathing the same air as Brill Lyle) to go to all the effort of finding an excuse to have it removed. I mean, she’s not even a regular, she just pops in from time to time.

Some spelling correction along with a wish for Kohs to show up.  Did they send the renewal notice to Kohs by mistake?  Maybe just mentioning his name is like the Voldemort thing, you say the name, and bad magic happens.

These are all reasonable conspiracy theories, but I’m gonna go with e) none of the above.  It’s going to turn out to be some weird copyright on one of their reaction gifs or something.

OH WAIT, there was the dox of Big Dick Xray, or whatever his name was, in the two India publications.  And subsequent removal of those publications from Wikipedia’s “reliable” list. Usually they put that stuff in the seeeekrit forum.

ADDENDUM: Yes, Sucks, there was a discussion of the previous down time, thoughtfully archived on Friday the 13th, back in December. Some kind of automatic scan that tripped the Facebook logo detector thingie.

11 thoughts on “Is Wikipediocracy down again?

  1. Thank you for the updates.

    I hope this is just routine, and not some weird new thing on the internet, but I suppose we are unlikely to find out much more on a Monday.

  2. The denial of service attack has now been confirmed by William Burns, (Wikipediocracy’s old moderator “Zoloft”) in an email to Eric Barbour on Sucks. I’m not going to comment on why he would choose to communicate this to someone who frames the situation as “going down on” (see the Urban Dictionary definition) but it doesn’t surprise me in the least that Wikipediocracy is eager to crawl down into the sewer with Sucks.

    But why is the host trying to make Wikipediocracy responsible for the DDOS attack? I mean, that is one of the reasons for choosing a service provider, that they are going to support you through one of these things and not force you to self-censor and capitulate to the attackers.

    There were more than a few of these websites that went through something like this after publishing the Mohammed cartoons, and even got ousted by providers that couldn’t keep up with the attacks. They just kept changing providers, until they found a good one, rather than give in to the demands of foreign censorship.

    By the way, it is not all that hard to find Wikipediocracy’s IP, you just use a site like this:

    The genderdesk does not have to worry about any of this, as WordPress subdomains are rock-solid.

    Which brings us back to the original question…where are these attacks coming from? India? Has Larry Sanger laid down with dogs and gotten up with fleas?

  3. My answer to Eric Barbour’s query was in an email. They asked politely, I answered honestly. If you had asked, I would have answered the same way. My apologies for you jumping to straight to attack mode. Eric, whatever their faults and peccadillos, is a practiced journalist and author, and has succeed in running a long-time business. You have a blog. Try harder.

  4. The blog is on autopilot, and I am in bed with flu. If you had bothered to read the post before going off on me, you would know that.

    It would be easy enough for me to close the comments entirely, but I have kept them open and moderated as a public service, because in the last two days, I have gotten more than 180 page hits from people who are looking for information about you.

    You know where to find me, everyone knows where to find me. You have even been able to post here without moderation, as I have never moderated any of the Wikipediocracy admins, even when they only come here to insult me.

    And Barbour is a big boy, anyone who uses a picture of a penis on a cracker or a blue barrel labeled “anal lube” as an avatar, probably knows in advance what I am going to say about him, and doesn’t have a problem with it. It is very sweet of you to defend him, though, and vouch for his character.

    But if you expect me to send you polite little notes begging for information after you people have tried to get my blog taken down, and posted threads about me featuring pictures of dildos, you are going to be waiting a long time.

  5. Not me, that’s for sure. But it looks like Wikipediocracy is back. With a fairly lame explanation about a bot farm in China. Yeah, right, your provider suspends your service for that. I will see if I can spot anything missing, but it’s kind of hard without screenshots. Poetlister is right, they really do need to update their photo of the fetid basement.

    In the meantime, do feel free to party here. If someone wants a specific topic, I can start a thread.

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