Medivac! Peace Corps closes

While Federal offices remain obstinately open, the Peace Corps has decided to pull all its volunteers worldwide.  Volunteers have already been evacuated from China and Mongolia.

Peace Corps director Jody Olsen stressed that the closings were temporary:

We are not closing posts, and we will be ready to return to normal operations when conditions permit. Importantly, our host country staff will remain in their current positions.

Well, the country director does get a few perks, like real health insurance, moving expenses, and access to the embassy pool.

Trump may have eliminated the agency responsible for responding to pandemics, but not even Trump would be able to get rid of the Peace Corps.

Trump’s May 2017 budget proposal sought to reduce spending on the Peace Corps by 15%, the largest proposed cut to the agency in 40 years.

Nice try, but no cigar.

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