Per Katherine, WikiMania Bangkok 2020 has been cancelled.

Long live WikiMania Bangkok 2021.

So what else is going on in the (virtual) C-suite?

Katherine’s Chief of Staff Ryan Merkley is quarantined.

His wife is taking medication for anxiety.  Must be nice to have enough health insurance to be able to afford Valium or whatever.  That’s Canada for you.  It looks like they’re not observing the 6-foot social distancing  though.  Must be some kind of Canadian metric system.

She has a new pink jumpsuit.  Stereotypical femininity, eh?

Also, they have sent the servants away with 2 weeks pay.

They usually share an office, but Ryan has kicked his wife out and taken the good space for himself, leaving her a small desk area under the stairs.  He’s got the paycheck, so maybe he needs more space, but just sayin’.

Everyone has a Kent Monkman? Oh, it’s a Canadian artist, what they call First Nation (indigenous) and apparently likes to draw men in fetishized women’s clothing. His main character seems to be Miss Chief Eagle Testickle.  In a piece commissioned for the Met, the women are doing all the work, rowing the boat, rescuing the drowning, and caring for the children, as Miss Testickle prances above them, dressed in a flowing negligee thingy, makeup, and stiletto heels.

“Stupendous. . . . Miss Chief is an avatar of a global future that will see humankind moving beyond the wars of identity—racial, sexual, political—in which it is now perilously immersed.” —New York Times

And there’s this.  Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Kelsey’s Monkman piece is right above her desk; Ryan’s I haven’t spotted yet, maybe he doesn’t spend as much time looking at scantily clad men as she does.

Oh, and it looks like she’s a member of the Feminist Air Force, whatever that is.



  1. Is this a formal nomination of the wife of Katherine’s Chief of Staff for the Potty Mouth List? Should she, or should she not be treated with a bit more gravitas on the Wikimedia criticism sites? And … citation needed maybe? How is copulation “feminist”.

    I don’t suppose she has a talk page, where all of these burning questions can be navigated….

  2. Here is another one, Miss Testikle being rescued with children in underpants. I know this is probably supposed to be “performing femininity” and checks off a lot of intersectionality boxes, but this looks to me like a very unhealthy (and unattractive) use of steroids.

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