Fembot and rough sex

“Men have always murdered women,
this is just a new way of getting rid of them.” – Louise Perry

Fembot weighs in on the UK’s proposed Domestic Abuse Bill, which would prohibit the use of the “rough sex” defense being used to justify the killing of a woman.  There are now over 60 women from the UK whose killers have made this defense in court.

Fembot was designed to please men, but something happened to the factory default settings.

Great bat bot. The square bot speech font is also a nice touch.

Quick Wikipedia check:

  • Louise Perry (red link) is a British freelance writer.  She runs We Can’t Consent To This, a group that raises awareness of the “rough sex” defense, along with the founder Fiona McKenzie (red link, but there is a disambig, where she is not mentioned). She has written for The Telegraph, The Spectator, The i Paper, Quillette, The Spinoff TV, Feminist Current, Areo Magazine, Standpoint Magazine, UnHerd, and Red Carpet Crash. Her personal website is frigidbitch.substack.com. She tweets at Louise Perry@Louise_m_perry and We Can’t Consent To This@Wecantconsentto.
  • Rough sex murder defense.
  • Grace Millane is at Murder of Grace Millane. Note: this helps confirm my hypothesis that articles for women are more likely to be given “victim tag” titles. Note also that Rodney King is at “Rodney King” even though all he did was get beat up by cops. George Floyd is at “George Floyd” not “The Murder of George Floyd”.
  • Carole Califano (red link), the first recorded instance of the “rough sex” defense,  murdered in 1972 by Peter Drinkwater, a doctor who had treated her and her daughter.
  • Natalie Connolly (red link), killed by millionaire businessman, who was sentenced to 4 years with the possibility of being out in less than 2 years, although Connolly had 40 injuries, including a broken eye socket.
  • Priyanka Reddy (red link) (Hindi: प्रियंका रेड्डी)was an Indian veterinarian who was kidnapped, sexasually assaulted,  and murdered, and her body set on fire to prevent detection.  But the murderers were traced to the place they bought the fuel to set her body on fire, and later all four suspects died in police custody. Her name is one of the top porn searches, men are looking for a video of her being sexually assaulted and murdered.
  • Nirbhaya (“Fearless”)(red link), the name used for Jyoti Singh by the India press, which is forbidden to print the names of sexual assault victims, redirects to “2012 Delhi gang rape and murder“, even though she was named to the International Women of Courage Award in 2013. She does have an article on Simple Wikipedia. The case against the suspects dragged on for years, but the sentences were carried out after the murder of Priyanka Reddy in 2019.

Didn’t we see this with HAL in 2001: a Space Odyssey?  But of course it’s a metaphor for the shift in relationships between men and women brought about by gamergate, the incel movement, and now the “rough sex” murder defense, which smears a woman’s reputation with sexual innuendo, and which a woman cannot speak against once she is dead . It might be worth mentioning at this point that the “red pill” theme of the MGTOW movement came from the Matrix film, created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, who have since announced that they are trans-gender MtF.

This seems to be the first episode of Fembot:

Fembot is drawn by Tatsuya Ishida@TatsuyaIshida9 You can also find her on Glindr (Spinster). @TatsuyaIshida@spinster.xyz.

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