The Nathan Larson video and the YouTube links

Note: this includes the links Repzion posed on Youtube that didn’t make it into the comment section at “Abd archive.”

Belle DeMasi’s video channel

While the intrepid dudes of Wikipedia were fearlessly droning on philosophically about “Mirkin phases”, a few teenagers recognized what was going on at Nathan Larson’s websites, and how he was singling out vulnerable girls to manipulate.  They jumped on the websites, with no thought of their own safety, to protect the other girls. Belle DeMasi was begging them not to — viewing such things can lead to secondary trauma or de-sensitization — and begging the FBI to interfere, and do something about Larson.

So far DeMasi has 14 videos about Nathan Larson. She has tracked him from one website to another,……… as each was taken down and he created new ones.

Here is her channel. (sound warning: adjust volume before opening link)

She reported on the experiences of the children who had gotten caught up in his snare, how they were troubled and lonely, and often came from families with abuse issues, how they were told by Larson that they had to send nudes in order to get access to the forum and be a part of the “community”, and how they became afraid when Larson locked their accounts so they could not delete them, and again when the FBI started looking for them.  She reassured them that they would not be in trouble themselves if they cooperated with law enforcement, and she provided an alternative community, where they could communicate with each other in safety.

The Repzion links

When Repzion used his own YouTube channel to amplify Belle DeMasi’s video — and add some of his own commentary — he also added a collection of links. Many of these contain content that is too graphic to post anywhere else – images of search warrants, communications to law enforcement from his ex-wives, etc., but is useful if you want to form your own opinions from primary sources, and aside from what the mainstream media is willing to print openly.  As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words.


Repzion’s links about Nathan Larson are worth re-posting, they seem to have copied over well enough, even if the links go through Youtube. I have tried to provide secondary and more direct links. (the Kiwi Farms links are especially NSFW)




23 thoughts on “The Nathan Larson video and the YouTube links

  1. Why the hell he wasn’t on a watch list is beyond me. I sent this information to Fauquier County police in 2018.

    Hartman, James

    sheriff. info

    Tue, Oct 9, 2018 at 3:36 PM

    Thank you. This information has been forwarded to the Criminal Investigations Division.

    Month: October 2018
    The incel’s guide to pedophilia
    1. stranger_danger-727x485Start hanging around the school playgrounds after school. Hand out candy. The kids will respect you for it and with the right amount of coercion they’ll be more than happy to take a ride in your car. If they start to scream, don’t worry, they’ll calm down.

    2. Play games with kids you meet on the corner. One of my personal fav’s is the old “tease the snake that lives in my shorts” game. That gets ’em every time.

    3. Hang out at bus shelters. Kids really like it when you sit down next to them, wet yourself and laugh maniacally. They’ll be sure to accept your offer to come over to your house. If they don’t, don’t worry, they’re just playing hard to get and will like it when you force them to come.

    4. Go out with the kid’s mom. If she’s old, divorced and horny then you’re in luck. She’ll be so scared of losing her last chance that she won’t listen to her daughter’s claims that you gave her a spanking butt naked screaming in ecstasy even when she hadn’t done anything.

    5. Be really forward with them. They really like when you tell them that you love them and decide to prove it by standing outside their bedroom window all night screaming their name and how you’re going to kill them.

    6. Become a school guidance counselor. When kids come to you with their problems, you can “comfort” them. They won’t tell. Make sure you make it clear to her that if she does no one will believe her and if they do you’ll go over to her house and boil her bunny wabbit.

    7. If you’re over 50 then you’re in luck! 15 year old girls love older men. Especially when you touch them a lot.

    8. Be the “cool teacher” at school. You know, the one who lets everyone smoke and drink and never tells. They’ll like you so much that they’ll accept your frequent invitations to come over to your house and then you can play a quick game of slap and tickle. They won’t tell on you because they’ll think it’s their fault.

    9. Go for really little kids. You can find them at the shopping mall. If you’re lucky, then they’ll be lost and screaming for their mommies. Or even better, they might be so young that they can’t do anything but moan and pout and that won’t hold up in court.

    10. Become a child psychologist. Maybe you’ll find a kid who’s already been molested. That way she’ll already be broken in. Encourage her to talk about her experience and then act it out in a kinky role-playing adventure. You’ll really be helping her get over her problems so you don’t have to feel guilty.

  2. Looks like it’s down, since at least January.

    It’s in the Wayback Machine, but how stable it is there is anyone’s guess.

    There are 157 URLs from the subdomain saved here.

    What does it mean to be on a “watch list”? They arrested him once and had to let him go because something about a Supreme Court ruling. But as I understand it (and with no help from the Wikipedia articles :/ ) the laws have now been rewritten with the Supreme Court stuff in mind. So what does it mean if they are “watching” him? Like, what does it take to press charges, or like, make an arrest?

    If you read about why Larson decided to drop out the second time he ran for office, it was something about his mother’s job, I seem to remember she offered to pay for him to live somewhere else so they wouldn’t have the same address, as it would be some kind of conflict of interest, or maybe against her job’s rules (?) and he regretted later not taking her up on it. He also mentioned his father having some debilitating illness, was it multiple sclerosis? But it is like there is some kind of black hole around Virginia, that no information about NL seems to get in or out. Finally there has been some movement on the case, but it is coming from Colorado, California, and the feds, not Virginia.

  3. Hi

    I am not sure if you are still following Larson’s defender Abd Lomax but he has been taken off Reddit because of the bad stuff he was posting. I sent an email to his care home they respond last week. They said they are now watching his internet activity after having a word with him about my complaint and he is now limiting himself to helping people with religious matters on Quora. I checked his account there and this appears to be the case. I find it unlikely he will use Reddit again whilst he is under moderation.

    1. No the info is correct I can assure you.

      Me and several other people sent Abd’s care home about 6 emails. This is because they took about 3 months to respond or take any action about his support for Larson. I am not saying he is banned on reddit by reddit staff, he still has that account open. He is banned from posting on Reddit from staff at his care home who now keep a close eye on what websites he is visiting. They are now moderating what he is posting and how many hours he is online for. He now only posts on quora. They told me he will not post on Reddit again from their facility. His account is unlikely to be active again.

        1. * Sorry typo in my last comment. I meant to say Abd is online on Reddit. You can check his account, he still posts there. He has not been moderated.

      1. The home care team where Abd is staying are not reliable. I sent them an email two months ago and they said they would “look into it”. They never took any action. Abd Lomax is not online on Reddit so whoever you spoke to was not telling the full story.

        Abd has internet addiction disorder.

        He was online less than 5 hours ago attacking genderdesk on Reddit

        [link] *

        *Note: original link replaced by archived link -GD

  4. ” ……….sent an email to his care home they respond last week.”

    O please! Give the name and adres of Abd his care house! So i can let deliver some flowers for easter! Yes, I know he is a muslim but I am sure he will appreciate it!

    1. Genderdesk does not publish personal information. This is considered to be dox, and can lead to brigading and harassment. If someone tries to post it here, we will remove it. Someone also keeps trying to post incorrect information about Abd here, post false information about Abd’s health, or impersonate members of Abd’s family. If you need someone’s correct address, it is best to contact them and ask for it privately.

  5. Sure. Sending nasty mails to the staff they have to be careful with young nurses. Or insulting emails to his daughter how bad her father is. Or mails to Abd I hope he suffer soon a fatal stroke? I am looking forward for it!

    But do you mind if I just send Abd something nice and continu with the things I really like? like fot instance finishing my train project and my vacuum tube amplifier as described on my new blog?
    And only think, poor Abd, paralysed in a rehab in covid time? Because I really admire Abds optimism and understand he only focus on positive things like religious matters on Quora.

    O, what had I loved it to sit with Abd on a nice summer evening in the garden of Simonos Petras monestery Only talking about religious matters! What a pity you coudn’t join us as a woman, a shame! The monks should allow really interested woman to vist Athos!

    Next life? And I promise also to take Princess Emb in my next life on that trip with the Venice Simplon Oriënt Express as I promised. Because I like it to keep my promises.

  6. “I promise also to take Princess Emb in my next life”

    On Wikipediocracy forum there is a private thread about Graaf and Emblyn. It’s been 100% proven by Vigilant and other users there that Emblyn and Dysklyver are the same person. It’s also been proven that Dysklyver has about ten different Twitter accounts where he pretends to be different people with different ages.

  7. Now it i’s really getting complex and confusing. Almost too confusing.

    Do you have to deal with old socks in your next life? And do you keep the same nickname? And does madam gender return as a man or a woman? Because as a man she can join Abd and me there on Athos.

    And will Princess Emblyn there standing on Victoria station waiting for me to travel with me to Venice? Will she come? Or will the Dutch police standing there to arrest me as Vig suggested on Reddit?
    I really have to discuss all this life questions with Abd on quora.

    Or can Vigilant maybe open a new treat in the private section of WO? Because there are still a lot of unclear matters.

  8. Graaf its been proven by a RationalWiki admin User:Helena Bonham Carter that Emblyn and Dysklyver are the same person. You probably won’t look at that evidence though because it will shatter your weird fantasies.

    He actually found Dysklyver’s Facebook account and other details. After this “Emblyn” quit RationalWiki and he had his Dysklyver account severely moderated.

    You will never see Emblyn on a camera or in a phone call conversation. Impossible because it is the same person as Dysklyver. They do not live in Iceland. They were blocked 4 years ago on an IP in the UK on Wikipedia. You can check their writing and style and Wikipedia edits that are very sophisticated. Not the words of an 11 year old girl.

    Dysklyver has confessed to being transsexual. The “Emblyn” is one of his alt personalities. Vigilant managed to find one of his other Reddit accounts where he pretends to be an older man called John. He’s been at it for years.

    You have admitted yourself Emblyn has no birth records. This person does not exist in the real world. I understand you talk to “Emblyn” everyday but you have been duped. You are talking to a man not a 14 year old girl.

    Whats more disturbing is you are an old guy in your 70s. Why are you obsessed with talking to 14 year olds?

    1. This is what Dysk himself had to say about Emblyn:

      As for Emblyn, I’ve both denied and admitted she’s not a real person depending on the day, it’s suitably unclear and shouldn’t matter, unless you a weirdo stalker with a peculiar interest in young girls. [Source.]


  9. I see.

    “You have admitted yourself Emblyn has no birth records.”

    >>>>>”it’s suitably unclear and shouldn’t matter”<<<<<

    "Vigilant managed to find……"

    O yes, I know Vigilant as a great detective, His investments are always very accurate and precisely. As far as I understand from one of his last postings on Abd's Reddit I can expert any moment a police raid under pressure from the US government in the developing country Holland.

    For a marriage proposal of an non-existent girl without a bird certificate in an internet environment where Hitler's birthday was celebrated by Stalin, named The Treehouse. Sure. To take her on a 7000 euro trip in a classic train from London to Paris to mary her. How romantic!. With the formal minister of economic affairs of Greece as my witness. The Dutch judges will be astonished by the results of his investments! Social engineering is his professional field, isn't it?

    Zoloft suggested to search for a CEO out of the editors world, but I suggest to search for one out of the fielt of humanities. An experienced psychiatrist or something like that.

  10. I can’t claim to be a psychiatrist but I have read literally hundreds of patient charts and it has given me an interesting background to understanding Reddit.

    Abd has now started adding pings to his old Reddit posts, so that the genderdesk email fills up with spam notifications. This is what he did when he was banned from the Sudoku reddit. When he was unable to disrupt the sub from the inside (although he did get one of the moderators to quit), he created a new sub and started pinging anyone who was trying to participate in the old sub. He hasn’t posted there for months, so it looks like he is less interested in Sudoku than in finding someone to stalk.

    Just to be clear, Reddit does not allow promotion of pedophilia, or sexualization of minors or someone who appears to be a minor.

    The readers of r/RealWikiInAction have also made it very clear they are not interesting in reading constant posts about pedophilia.

    Genderdesk is not eager to showcase people with obvious cognitive challenges, or host yet another unappetizing discussion of “Mirkin phases” by Nathan Larson apologists. We are also not eager to further embarrass such people by publicly advertising bans. But since pedophilia is a prohibited subject on Reddit, this is about the only place that mod actions involving pedophilia can be discussed. Yet when they are discussed, and the links and screenshots are produced, as in and it seems to generate even more stalking and blowback. See

    It seems to be a no-win situation. The obvious solution would be for them to create a space where they could discuss their topic without mod interference, but they have not chosen to do that. Instead they have created one sub after another where they can stand and throw rocks at the people who are trying to keep r/RealWikiInAction from being shut down for pedophilia in the same way that r/WikiInAction was taken down.

    Genderdesk is not about pedophilia. It is about trying to do something about underrepresented groups on Wikipedia, in particular women, both by researching and writing about women who should have a Wikipedia entry, and by evaluating specific Wikimedia policies and procedures that impact women. Constantly trying to respond to these pedophilia apologists wastes our time and takes away from our own agenda.

    But people seem to want the Reddit option as well, and at this point we intend to try to keep it open for the people who want to use it.

  11. SanFanBans fascinate, because there is never given any reason why they are given
    So, people start to speculate what could be the reason and start digging to the centre of the earth and beyond. And will never give up till they have found the reason of that ban. And can’t stand it if they can’t find anything and start digging again.

    I presume that’s the reason the pedophilia thing pops up like a heather fire every time.

  12. If you wanted to know why “the pedophilia thing pops up”, you would have to ask the people who are doing it. So far, that is you and Abd Lomax.

    Let me refresh your memory. These may be inappropriate comments for Reddit, but there is no reason they can not be posted here.

    All you had to do was stop talking about the 11-year-old girl Emblyn, but you didn’t want to do that.

  13. Nice! A twitter account created and made by De Kolonel where he and Jean where posing a incredible amount of nonsens! Eerbeek blog and twitter are not mine.

    Keep in mind “De Kolonel” is one of the most genius trolls in wikiland. He is a kind of three shells and a pea player, he always was. We where always mixed up. He himself is also mixed up with a infamous Dutch journalist, for years now. For years the wiki detectives are hunting on the wrong person.

    And for the rest is the wiki world a house of smoke and mirrors. Who was that Wilma? Why did she pop up in that treehouse? Why was she obesely so extreem jealous? Calling out Princess is gay and i wish I had a uhhhh….. Tommy? Isn’t that strange? I only had a nice conversation with a amazing lady, that was all.

    Who is Twin? Is Twin you as Abd suggest on Reddit? Does there exist a Evil Twin? Was Emb that Icelandic lady who introduced herself to me in a bowery saloon on Discord? Who view of society screws up my mind? Slagged me in a bowery saloon love’s a story?
    Shall we end up on Victoria station in a romance? Or is Vigilant’s wiki police corps waiting there to arrest me and will I just like Larson end up in a cell?

    Do you believe in reality is the open question from Abd on Reddit at the moment after I asked Abd do you believe god exist, Madam.
    Do you believe in reality, madam? Because Abd is right, only reality counts and the rest is all dust in they air.

  14. How romantic is this all! To travel with a beautiful Icelandic princess to Venice! My first marriage in my life! And Yanis Varoufakis as my witness! You are invited, madam! In my granddad age, what a surprise! 

    And yes! Simone was her name,16 years old! Long, black hair, handsome, and the fist girl I ever kissed. On a party with my class, and I kissed her in the bicycle shed.
    But it was only a long, sweet  kiss, just like we had seen in films. All the boys of the class where in love with her, but I kissed her! Yeh!

    It was the weirdest school you can imagine with there anthroposophy in that time. No one ever follows the lessons, but at the end you always got a diploma. 
    I learned there a lot, but it had little to do with what you should expect of a school education….

    Sweet memories. 

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