If you binge-watch decluttering videos long enough, sooner or later the auto-play will start showing you decorating videos.  And why not, the average human attention span does not last that long with kondoing type videos.

Soon you will find out the first step of decorating is to make a “mood board” which is a collection of pictures, often taken from pinterest, of the “feel” you want the room to have when you are done with it. From there is it a quick hop to identifying the current names for different styles: glam (gilding, velvet, and glittery stuff), farmhouse (unlike a real farmhouse, you paint it white then scuff it up), industrial (shelving made out of reclaimed boards and plumbing fixtures painted black), coastal (beach vibe with blue colors, rope, and rattan), and mid-century modern (the old “Danish modern” spray-painted gray with small gold knobs).

Then there is something called “Boho”, a combination of bohemian and hippie, that features two of my current fascinations, ethnic textiles and big round wooden things suitable for holding up a coffee cup. Every culture has a restaurant that looks like this, usually close to the banana-pancake circuit. It is for people with no job and no money, who want to spend their time drinking coffee in exotic surroundings.

After the “mood board”, you are supposed to start looking for stuff representing the “vibe” on Craigslist and eBay and Anthropologie, but with any luck, the mood board will be enough and you can stop before you have spent any money.

So here is the boho vibe. I would totally eat banana pancakes here.

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