Reddit communities go dark in protest

* from


Also noted:

All three major “TERF blocker” extensions were made by male sex offenders.


Article locked.

Wikipedia user formerly User:Aimeec110  

Photo on Commons nominated for deletion:,_2016_(cropped).jpg,_2016_(cropped).jpg

The file was originally uploaded by the subject, see

Might as well post the Lineham discussion, some people prefer a video version. You might have to open it in Chrome.

TLDR: This Aimee Challenor/Aimee Knight person is MtF trans, autistic, and has been a central advisor to Stonewall in formulating recommendations about trans policies, which in turn has been used to train police. Challenor was also responsible for the 2020 Reddit purge. It looks like Aimee has been groomed by a pedophile ring with diaper fetish for years. His father is in prison for sexually assaulting a 10-year old girl in his home torture chamber while wearing a diaper. Aimee was advised to transition by Mermaids. Aimee is currently in a 3-way relationship with two of his father’s friends who are 14 years older.

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