Aimee Challenor’s father convicted of animal cruelty in 2013

The fallout over the Aimee Challenor / Reddit scandal continues.

The story has gone mainstream as it has now been picked up by The Spectator and Newsweek.

  • “Reddit, Aimee Challenor and a disturbing insight into the trans debate: Why were users banned for posting one of my articles?”, by Julie Bindel, March 26, 2021.
    Seems like a nice person.

    “These various stories might make it hard to see why a series of prominent political parties — and now Reddit — have indulged Challenor over the years. Yet so-called ‘trans allies’ have bent over backwards to defend Challenor, despite evidence of Challenor’s behavior. Take what happened to Sheffield Green activist Andy Healey. When he tried to highlight posts by an account with the name Aimee Challenor, in which he was labelled a ‘vile Terf’, Sian Berry, currently co-leader of the British Greens, responded: ‘I have blocked this individual previously. Sounds like it was a wise decision’.

    “Challenor’s emergence once again in the headlines is a chance for those who have defended Challoner to reflect on their actions. Sadly, it seems, that is unlikely to happen.”

  • “Reddit Fires Aimee Knight As Controversial Hire Sees Hundreds of Subreddits Go Private”

But what about the dogs?

So, Aimee’s father, David Challenor dressed in a diaper while he strung a 10-year-old girl from a beam, electrocuted and raped her in the small Coventry home in which Aimee also lived. This was first reported to police in 2015 and in 2018 he was sent to prison for 22 years.

I know this may seem petty, after all the stuff about the children, but I keep going back to David Challenor’s suspended conviction for animal cruelty.  Here it is:

Challenor was also convicted in 2013 of “failing to provide suitable environments for two corn snakes, a bearded dragon, two cats, three dogs, a hamster, two hedgehogs and two rabbits.” He was jailed for 12 weeks, suspended for 12 months, with 200 hours’ unpaid work, and told to pay an £80 victim surcharge and £500 costs.

Oh dear.

The Sunday Times article also reports that David Challenor worked as an assistant Scout leader and volunteer with a children’s gymnastics group which raises further grave questions …

A Scout leader. A volunteer with children.

And while his father was raping a 10-year-old in the family home…

Aimee Challenor has advocated for the controversial policy adopted by the Girl Guides to allow boys to self-identify as girls and therefore access female showering and sleeping facilities at camp without informing parents that their daughters will effectively be staying in mixed-sex accommodation.


Okay, back to the dogs.

The result of the conviction for animal cruelty was a lifetime ban on any pets being kept in the house. Yet, the Family Court was unable to keep the children out of the same conditions that disqualified the adults from keeping pets.

A terraced house in Coventry.

They lived in Coventry in something which in England is called a row house, or terraced house.

Given that the house was so overcrowded that Council had been offering housing to alleviate the issue for *years*, it may surprise you to learn that 1 (of 2) downstairs room(s) was entirely full of stored items. In a 2-up, 2-down. There was no privacy in that house.

In an overcrowded house, a hoarders’ house, every single thing that happens, is known. No way could David be taking children up into ‘Dad’s Space’ in the attic, without the other family members being aware.


A “2-up, 2-down” is a thing.  From the late 17th century until WW1, they were built the same, scaled up for wealthy neighborhoods, or down for the working class.

This is the space that contained “two corn snakes, a bearded dragon, two cats, three dogs, a hamster, two hedgehogs and two rabbits”. Plus three children and two adults. And a torture chamber for sexually assaulting children.

If you want to know about someone, look at their dogs. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

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