How historical revisionists control Japanese Wikipedia

Yumiko Sato writes in Slate about how the Japanese Wikipedia is being whitewashed.

“The talk pages on Japanese Wikipedia show how a group of editors often silence those with opposing views. Users who challenge them risk being accused of “political activism” or violating rules and have their accounts blocked.”

  • Unit 731, a biological and chemical warfare unit that carried out lethal human experimentation under Imperial Japan, is referred to as “a theory” . []

  • Nanjing Massacre is referred to as 南京事件 “Nanjing incident” []
    [“… soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army murdered disarmed combatants and Chinese civilians numbering an estimated 40,000 to over 300,000 …”]

  • Comfort women – “women and girls forced into being sex slaves by the Imperial Japanese Army” are referred to as baishun (売春) “prostitutes”, implying that they were not forced. []

Why would the current government go to so much effort to protect the imperial wartime government? Are they trying to avoid the possibility of restitution (which, afaik, no one is really interested in)?

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