Mood boards and vibe

All this is going on my mood board because it’s a vibe. -SNL

A week ago, an SNL sketch included Ella Emhoff, the step-daughter of Kamala Harris, who is apparently the latest fashion icon. It’s here at about 3:40.

Ella Emhoff

But you don’t have to be a fashion icon to get in on the latest mood board and vibe thing. You can simply collect your own photos from Pinterest, or a Google image search, or whatever, and put them together in one place. In this way you can procrastinate and avoid any decluttering you have not finished yet, and with any luck you will be satisfied to just look at the pictures before you actually start to shop for any of the items or spend any money.

So the other day I was thinking about plants and wondering if it was too early to obtain a few patio type varieties, and start enjoying the outdoors. In fact, yes, it is, but it is not too early to collect some pictures from sites like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Then you can look at them for a while and think about which you would rather have right now, a Victorian parlor palm or a pizza.

So here are some:

And here are some more:

So if you want to try this yourself, it might help if you had a social media influencer to talk you through it, so you could learn all the buzz words and the current trends. Who is hot on social media keeps changing.  The big deal is to get to a million subscribers, in order to command some decent money from advertisers. But at some point, nearly their whole presentation becomes a commercial, and they have to keep putting out a certain number of videos a week, whether they have any new material or not, so eventually they reach a point where they are not so interesting any more.

But if you want to test the waters, here are a couple of currently popular DIY types, so you can start to get your feet wet . If you are really hardcore, you can subscribe to the channels and get notifications every time they upload a new video. Then you can subscribe to their blogs, and the supplemental stuff on Instagram about what they had for lunch, and buy their merch so you can pretend to hang out with them and all that.

Or you can just watch for free and then spend the money on pizza.

  • Here is the YouTube channel for The Lone Fox, who is a bit heavy on the long testimonials for the current sponsored product, (which you can fast forward), but has spent some time in the home decor industry and cuts his videos and DIY stuff so as not to waste a lot of time with chitchat.
  • The Sorry Girls have a huge number of subscribers, but they have also been around forever. At first they seem a little ditsy, but eventually you realize they are very inventive, and much imitated by other vloggers who copy their techniques. This might be the best for learning techniques for various stuff or to watch for who they are doing collaborations with if you want to expand your horizons.
  • My latest discovery is this online seller, Laura Caldwell at Left Coast Revivals (she likes local Oregon stuff ) who has a thing for buying weird hats, and films herself thrifting for 80’s “antiques”, then sells her finds on her website.  For some reason I seem to have missed the 80’s and it’s a convenient way to catch up .
  • Just adding “DIY with KB“, she does way too many shopping videos for my taste, and her point is to impress people with large scale stuff rather than to feel comfortable, but she seems to have a design background and does teach some interesting techniques

Don’t forget to tidy up now. 😉


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