Which is worse, Kiwi Farms or Wikipediocracy

Most of the time I try to ignore Wikipediocracy and all those other dank places on the internet.  And most of the time they like to pretend they are not barely literate potty-mouth idiots by trying to keep most of that stuff in the back room.  And usually I try not to meddle. But sometimes the stench is so great that it is impossible not to.

And this time, I can smell it all the way from here.

Wikipediocracy has always had a misogynist streak.

Rumor has it that they are now using their secret back rooms to post F-bomb, c-bombs, and call each other the b-word.

Do they get all their cues about interacting with women from looking at porn?

But that is not all.

These days we now have war porn. Captured prisoners being undressed for the cameras, in the pretense they are looking for tattoos. Or at least that’s who they say it is.

Can you say “Geneva Convention”? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geneva_Conventions

Genderdesk does not pretend to be a Reliable Source™, or even WP:NPOV.  Sometimes we even neglect to be ladylike. But there are a few things we don’t do.

We do not dox and we do not link to sites that dox. We do not publish unsourced accusations, even against WMF staffers. We do not publish slurs, including demeaning names for women. And we do not link to purported prisoners of war being paraded for propaganda purposes.

Yes we have had attempts to post fifth columnist or tankie type of stuff here.  Usually we will say something before they get moderated, but this is a small operation, and we don’t have a lot of time for Brandolini’s Law type of stuff, like those other sites with paid moderators. And let’s face it, we already know whose eyes are likely to swivel and mostly that kind of stuff can be moderated before it goes live.  This is not our first rodeo.

But maybe Wikipediocracy just likes keeping a pet lolcow or two around. It wouldn’t be the first time. But the trouble with mixing lolcows in with the rest of the members, is just like Animal Farm, pretty soon no one can tell the animals apart.

2 thoughts on “Which is worse, Kiwi Farms or Wikipediocracy

  1. Neither.

    YOU are the worst. Because you pretend to be for “openness and honesty” while supporting an absurdly secretive, paranoiac cultish organization. Started by a pathological liar, narcissist and sociopath.

    Not to mention your occasional attempts to stab people in the back quietly. Kiwi Farms is a stupid nerd namecalling forum and Wikipediocracy was converted into another “cult disinformation outlet” in 2016. Neither of them is as dishonest as a “dedicated and obedient Wikipedia supporter” like you. IN a sane world this blog would be labeled “disinformation”. But OF COURSE you have millions of suckers, Google’s money fountain, and the Berkman Klein Center behind you. (Is anyone paying you to run this blog? Be honest–for once.)

    Better yet: Take your meds and stfu.

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