Wikimedia Space: my 15 minutes of fame

The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.
Isaiah 11:6

The poo-flinging contest is over.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the new Wikimedia Space forum. They noticed it and actually linked to me. Then one of the Meta stewards took notice and left a fairly nasty comment about me.

What could I do?  I depend on anonymity for my safety, and to continue to be able to write plainspoken commentary. I could hardly go over there and have a chat with them.  So I wrote about the reasons the steward might be flaming me. Then I added it to the heading of the piece they had linked to, so everyone could see it.

Today the entire post has been taken down.

wikimedia space oops 2
So “oops” it is.

If the children are going go fight over the toy, then no one gets it. And the nice moderators over at “Space” won’t have to worry about getting globally locked out of their accounts by the Sekrit Brotherhood of Stewards.

Or maybe more like Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.” I sincerely hope not.  There is too much of that going around as it is.

In any case, “Space” is shaping up to have some interesting stuff that you don’t get from the Usual Suspects, and the moderators are turning out to have some interesting international perspectives.  I will probably link to them again. And they are certainly welcome to engage here, or I would be happy to answer any questions anyone might have about the site, either through the comment section or the email listed in the sidebar.

But one thing is certain.  Wikimedia “Space” is indeed a “safe space” for the powerful elite, like Ajraddatz with his “gay Jew pony” sodomy.  But what about for the anonymous “voices crying in the wilderness”, like me? The incendiary material about me has now been removed, right?  So now I can feel so totally safe, right?

Maybe it is so safe that now I can go over there and register an account, if I can figure out how to do it.  Then it is probably only a matter of time before this steward and myself will be putting on the love beads and welcoming the Age of Aquarius together with flowers in our hair.  O Brave New World!

Except for a few small details.

An individual was able to go to this supposedly moderated, official WMF platform and make unsubstantiated accusations against someone, a woman, and was immediately believed, simply for being male.  In fact, rather than ask for proof, the WMF employee merely thanked him for “the context”. This is why women do not trust any of the processes on Wikipedia.

Whatever internal “safe space” processes there are on Wikimedia Space did not work.  The staff had obvious examples of a dox attempt and personal attack sitting right in front of them, and did nothing.  I had to put it right in the first paragraph of the article they linked to, in order to get them to see it. There does not seem to be any other way to get their attention, for instance, buttons for anonymous flagging of comments.

They removed the attacks against me by removing the whole post.  As a result, I was silenced, deplatformed.  This is the old Wikipedia definition of “safe”.  A “safe” woman is one who does not speak out, who “lowers her profile” as they told Lightbreather, when she went after the user who was making “deep fake” porn about her.  When Wikipedia makes a platform “safe”, they do so by eliminating the voices of women.

And what about Ajraddatz?  Why is a volunteer steward micro-managing the WMF’s Wikimedia Space? What are his qualifications, besides first-person shooter games and pony pr0n? Don’t they have their own competent people?  People who know how to moderate a forum?  And why did he risk so much exposure to get me silenced? The stuff I wrote about him was long buried in the archives. Surely he must know about the Streisand effect, and that his past might come to light again.  He must be very secure about the Foundation’s willingness to tolerate homophobia and antisemitism.

He has no idea who I am.  He has never posted here and to my knowledge, I have never met him IRL.  So what gives?   Ajraddatz isn’t shy about visiting some other blogs, like Dysk’s WikiCabal, in spite of Dysk’s global lock [1] [2] [3], where Ajraddatz convinced Dysklyver to delink my website.   Of course Dysk and his quasi-siblings are welcome here any time.  But I bet we’re not going to see Ajraddatz rummaging around in Dysk’s sock drawer with his checkuser tool any time soon.

They dress the wounds of the daughter of My people with very little care,
saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ when there is no peace.  –Jeremiah 8:11

As always, if this doesn’t play in your region, you can always right-click, copy the URL and paste it in a new window.

How safe is Wikimedia Space?

The new Wikimedia Space forum is about to have the first test of its “safe space”.

Last month I wrote about the new feature: “WMF introduces moderation: “Wikimedia Space’“.

Unlike Wikipediocracy, which trashed Wikimedia Space with their usual stock anti-WMF bugbears, and unlike the mailing list, which for some reason responded with knee-jerk hostility, I tried to be reflective and fair. In short, this was not a puff piece. I don’t write those.  But I did find some positive things to say.

And now someone has posted a link to my review at Wikimedia Space.  And right away, someone else has proposed to censor me.



Oh Adrian.  How could you.

And just when I thought you were starting to mature and mellow out a bit.

In all fairness, I think Adrian might be one of the better and more thoughtful stewards right now. But some of his past actions have raised some major, major questions.

In case anyone doesn’t know, I wrote about Ajraddatz a while back

  • Kumioko unchained…by the most curious admin Ajraddatz – in which I detail Adrian’s curation of Uncyclopedia pages related to raping children with tentacles, shooting blacks in the face, and how to beat your wife: “Anything can be used to smack the bitch down…”, also his nine years playing League of Legends, which teaches kids how to collaborate to kill unarmed bystanders.

Maybe he had some remorse though, because he vanished his user name and has done his best to scrub his presence there, as detailed with screenshots at the end of my report.

But he didn’t erase everything.   A few things did get archived before he went on his deletion spree.  It came up here, in this comment about the arbitration committee elections.

A “gay” forum

“Raped by gay Jew ponies”

  • There was also the matter of “Mr-ex777”.  This was a kid who had some trouble fitting in at Uncyclopedia.  He was bullied and picked on. The other kids created an Uncyclopedia article about him, “Mr-ex777 raped by Magic Ponies”,  featuring a cartoon of the child being sodomized by a “gay Jew pony”.  The other users, including Ajraddatz, then proceeded to vote to put this on the next Uncyclopdia front page.

Here, Ajraddatz votes in favor: [Archived.]

Here is the “featured” article in question (NSFW): [Archived.]


The rest of the (NSFW) cartoon is below the fold.

So we don’t know how Ajraddatz feels about all of this now, we only know he tried to hide it.

And now we also know he is trying to have me silenced.

So he thinks he knows who I am?  And he is trying to dox me in that venue?  How exactly is that “friendly and welcoming”.  We already know about the classy incels and Gamergaters and what they do with dox.   It has already happened with way too many women on Wikipedia, and elsewhere.

His second point is about harassment, and how it is defined. Is it harassment to promote a cartoon for sodomizing children – or one particular child – with “gay Jew ponies”, or is harassment to point out when someone has promoted such a cartoon.  Am I harassing someone when I point out, with links and screenshots, what they have done?  This goes to the very heart of the harassment problem on Wikipedia – the harassers are in high places, and they expect omertà, the code of silence.

If Wikipedia Space is going to be “friendly and welcoming to everyone”, is it going to be “friendly and welcoming” to me, and not publish personal attacks, undocumented accusations, and attempts to identify me, which bottom line, is just another attempt to silence me?  Or is it it only going to be “friendly and welcoming” to those who think raping children is funny, and who make unsupported accusations against other volunteers.

So let’s take our questions about Wikimedia Space one step further. If the moderators of Wikimedia Space get locked out of their Wikimedia accounts, who gets them back in?  Stewards, that’s who. If Jimmy Wales gets locked out of his Meta or account, or his password gets compromised, who locks down his account, and gets it back to him safely? Stewards.  I seem to remember that happened not too long ago too.  Now, if any staffers get locked out of Wikimedia Space, who can get them back in?  I don’t know the answer to that one, but I would suggest that someone find out.  Because just maybe we have a new constitutional crisis here, where Stewards are allowed to flaunt the Safe Space rules, just because they can.

Now, how do we get our Stewards?  They aren’t stewards-for-life, like admins, are they?  They have to be elected every 2 years, right?  Wrong.  About two years ago, on an obscure back page, they voted themselves a change in the election process, since they decided they were all friends and there was nothing controversial about what they were doing.  The only person who noticed was Nemo Bis.  They are now in for good, and they have got all their friends in too, and all of them voted for each other, and you had better believe it is not a secret vote either, which is the foundation of freedom from tyranny. They communicate somewhere off-wiki, maybe IRC, more likely on Wikia.

So now, what about our current “constitutional crisis”, as has been unfolding at WP:FRAMBAN, which is a proxy for whether women, gays, blacks, and Jews are real Wikipedians, and will have a seat at the table, or whether Wikipedia will be held hostage by those with traditional Male Privilege. The strike, or revolution, or whatever you want to call it, that was declared by our resident Marxist, Tim Davenport (user:Carrite), may have failed, but there were a few individuals who followed him blindly. See Wikipedia Signpost/List of Fram related strikes. Fortunately most of these users and admins were not very active, they were just ones who like to stir the pot.  There was a bot owner as well, but the bot actually makes a lot of errors, so Wikipedia may have come out ahead on the resignation game.

Still, you have to wonder, what if all the Stewards got together in their Secret Place and decided to lock out all the WMF employees.  Seriously, the Foundation needs to find out who has the keys to the moat, and have some copies made. And while they’re at it, do an inventory of critical bots and other functions.  The Superprotect crisis is over, the community did well with that, in the absence of leadership and common sense from the Foundation, but that was in the now-distant past.  I fear “the community” — as they style themselves — is not suited for the new challenges ahead. At this point they are just a mob, and a very destructive one at that.   The Wikimedia Foundation needs to get control of their platform.  Soon.

The WMF has accused Fram of harassment.  “The community” has asked to see the evidence.

Ajraddatz has accused *me* of harassment: “frequently engages in off-wiki harassment of Wikimedia users”  So where is your evidence, Adrian?  Or are you above the law.

And when are you going to disclose your own Conflict Of Interest in making attacks against me.

Below the fold: the rest of the “featured” Uncyclopedia article, a child sodomized by “GAY JEW PONIES FTW” (for the win).  The one that Ajraddatz voted for.


Continue reading “How safe is Wikimedia Space?”

WMF introduces moderation: “Wikimedia Space”

Gayjewponies 1
Sodomy cartoon: “Gay Jew ponies”

[Note: Ajraddatz is now using the new Wikimedia Space forum to publicly accuse me of “harassment”. No diffs, no links, no proof.

 What he does not mention is his own role as an admin of a site that advocates hitting blacks in the face with a bat, beating women, and raping children (“hentai”).

Ajraddatz also does not mention his approval of a cartoon of a volunteer being sodomized, with the caption “Gay Jew ponies FTW”.  “Harassment”, indeed.  

For details, see “How safe is Wikimedia Space?”]

Anyone who has been holding their breath waiting for Wikipedia to introduce paid moderators can now exhale, because the Wikimedia movement has just announced “Wikimedia Space”.

Like MySpace, it will probably be supplanted by something else in the long run, but for the moment it is there for anyone to take a test drive.

It not that surprising, really.  A lot of ideas have been kicking around the wikistans lately, for one, moderators who are paid staff. Some are saying moderation can’t work because scale, language, yadda yadda yadda.  But others say the number of disruptors is so small that it can be done with a small number of moderators.  So here is a chance to try it on a small scale.

There has also been some kind of recent talk page consultation. Not sure why, but for once the tech folk are actually asking teh communiteh before they implement something.  Talk pages are actually a mess across the projects, each one implements its own system – Wiki markup, Visual Editor, the Flow thing (on WikiData) – and may or may not have the templates and shortcuts you are used to on a different project. So if you have to communicate with someone on a different project, you are lost.  Also you are subject to the blocking whims of their admins and bureaucrats, who may or may not be corrupt, lazy, etc., and may just decide to disappear you if they don’t want to engage (think Ethiopian wiki).

So, what is it, and what is it not.


Like the Wikipedia Weekly group on Facebook, it is moderated. That group was started by a group of die-hard Wikipedians – Fuzheado, Keilana, and others who did a weekly podcast.  People joined because they wanted to listen to conversations between those type of people. No one knows the moderators on Space, these are staffers no one has ever heard of (okay, maybe Ckoerner-WMF Chris Koerner, but what does he do?). The Facebook group is well moderated, conflicts are allowed to play out, but stopped on the rare occasions when they became non-productive. The moderators on the Facebook group understand the current issues on Wikipedia only too well, and are not going to be fooled by trolling, dog-whistles, or false narratives.  The quality of moderation on Space has yet to be seen.

Where Wikipedia is “the encyclopedia anyone can edit”, including IPs, Facebook is not anonymous. You must use your real identity.  This means no user names. This also means women who do not want to be harassed and women in sensitive and/or public positions will not participate. If you look at the registration for Facebook, and start making a tally of the names, there are a good percentage of women, quite a bit higher than the 9% usually cited for Wikipedia.  But who actually participates?  Just a few, the ones who are doing some kind of Wikipedia-related research under their real names, and want to ask questions of seasoned Wikipedians, or those who get on the event scholarship lists, in other words, those who are willing to lend their personal “brand” to Wikipedia.

Wikimedia Space is somewhere in between. Log-in is required, and you can use your Wikimedia user account (so far only on Phabricator), which you can optionally link to your real life identity or you can use your Discourse account, whatever that it, which (correct me if I am wrong) is linked to your real life identity (but not necessarily your user name) via whatever credit card or bank account you use to pay your phone bill. (?)

Unlike Wikipedia, Space has a code of conduct, similar to the TCoC.

How many Space accounts can you have?  Maybe two, the WP account and the Discourse one. But why would you need more than one, there is nothing there to see.

Unanswered questions:

  • What about socks? Can you create a new account to make an “IP” comment?
  • What about globally banned users? ( I would imagine this is part of WMF and as such banned users are not allowed, but there is no real way to keep them out.)
  • Can you be sanctioned on other projects for edits here.
  • Does the Space blog replace the Wikimedia blog?

Other curious things

  • According to discussion on the mailing list, the code for this is not available for public viewing, so as such cannot be highjacked by the “community” in the same way that Superprotect was defeated by a community generated patch. It’s really too bad, but at this point it’s pretty obvious the “community” has surrendered the high ground, by advocating sabotage, and is no longer protecting the interests of the project so much as their own privilege.
  • So far you cannot subscribe by email (?)
  • If for some reason (like moderator action) you get locked out of the site, you probably lose access to your correspondence/messages there as well (there are private messages, aren’t there?)
  • This is supposed to act like a blog where you can post news about your organization, after a mysterious vetting process, but there is already Outreach, which has the capability to deliver newsletters to your user page.  If I am not mistaken, this is largely maintained by user:Romaine. (Hmm.)
  • There is no way to track edits or see who wrote what, no revision control unless you do external archiving .
  • How do you even have a conversation here?
  • Unlike the mailing list, there is probably a way to revdelete.
  • Users can accumulate trust levels.  This is similar to social networking principles in the social media sites developed by Wikimedia foundation board member Esra’a Al Shafei, who has the distinction of being Arab, gay, and alive, all at the same time.
  • There is a discussion page on meta.
  • LOL, “Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance: Our site, products and services are all directed to people who are at least 13 years old or older. If this server is in the USA, and you are under the age of 13, per the requirements of COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), do not use this site.”
  • It talks a little bit like Clippy:

Remember Clippy?
No, I am not.  And why am I talking to computer-generated pixels.

I am going to predict that the mailing list for the arbcom, or whatever body replaces it, is going to be on this, or a similar platform, once all the issues have been worked out. Maybe all the mailing lists, it really is an archaic system.

I am also going to predict that bans and blocks, if they still exist in the future,  will be discussed in this platform, since it has a private option.  You may recall that in the case of Jimbo blocking Bishonen, a special wiki was created for the two of them to discuss the block, and as a result, Bishonen emerged as the new god-king of Wikipedia. (see meatball wiki “GodKing”)

Oh looky here, it has its own Flowchart:

(Is this cc-by-sa 3.0 like the rest of WP?) (Uh, say what? The voluminous “attributions” only cover the text.)

Ajraddatz goes postal

So Kumioko has now been indefinitely banned, and by none other than that most curious admin Ajraddatz, who, as has been discovered, just happens to be one of the defenders of a website known for teaching kids about the “humorous” side of raping children, beating women, and smashing blacks in the face with a bat.

No good will come of this.

So, who is Kumioko, and what happened? Kumioko, now known as Reguyla, is sort of like your favorite uncle who tells the same joke all the time.  The first time you hear it, it’s mildly insightful, but every time a newcomer arrives, the same joke is trotted out again and again.  Kumioko’s rap is about abusive admins.  For a while, it looked like the admins had gotten rid of Kumioko by convincing him that he would be given a fair chance, if only he waited long enough.  but now that looks like just empty words.

What happened is a little harder to figure out, but I will try to read the tea leaves.

First, there is no active sockpuppet investigation that I can find.  The Kumioko sockpuppet archive was last updated in November 2016, so it’s probably not about socking.  Kumioko’s socks are pretty benign anyhow, they mostly do template maintenance and minor cleanup of the Medal of Honor lists, like this edit here by “Kumioko99”–the guy seems to make no attempt to hide his identity, perhaps so these edits will be seen as legitimate.

Kumioko’s edit history likewise yields few clues.  He’s obviously not active on Meta, but it seems he was blocked on the notorious IRC, and used Meta for an appeal and had that used against him.  His global account is here, but it looks like whatever happened has been going on across multiple wikis and probably beyond.

But now I see he has been globally banned just this morning, by a WMF office account, so I think the only way to try to piece this together is with a timeline.

Kumioko timeline

The backstory

Sometime in 2012, Kumioko had some kind of difficulty on the English Wikipedia, and felt his reputation had been tarnished beyond repair.  After trying unsuccessfully to get someone to acknowledge he had been falsely accused, he took it on himself to start warning other users. Kumioko is not his real name, but his identity does seem to be known in the movement. Whatever the original incident, he seemed deeply offended, and tried to get his account globally locked, but eventually ended up with a new user name instead. By 2014 he was using the name Reguyla, but his writing style was distinctive, and he was immediately recognized.  Salt was poured on old wounds, but the community processes did not provide relief or closure, they only made things progressively worse.

The current difficulty

Kumioko’s current difficulties seem to have started with an RFC against him on Meta, that he was not even informed of: Requests for comment/Global ban for Reguyla.  The action was initiated by newbie User:TJH2018, whose user pages on English Wikipedia shows he is a junior member of the Pasedena high school ROTC program, likes to revert vandals and call users “bro”, and has Zero Tolerance policy for personal attacks AND stupidity”, and whose talk page sports a Star Trek style banner that proclaims “Yellow Alert. Wikipedia Security (aka Vandal Fighters) to stations.”  In spite of being a newbie, TJH2018 was easily able to find the steward elections on Meta, where he cast his first vote for….Ajraddatz. The meta lynch mob failed to materialize, but the barrier to action was identified: “Criterion #3 requires an indefinite block or ban on two or more projects, but the block on Commons has an expiration date.”  In spite of TJH2018’s professed disdain for personal attacks, he gets in one snark at Kumioko on his talk page: “Hey, genius. He wasn’t talking to you”, and (current arb) Durmies, who learned his compassion on the talk pages of the Manchester regulars, gets in another one, mocking Kumioko for “whining all the time and emailing tearjerker stories”.  But never mind, the hyena pack has found a gazelle that has been separated from the herd, and they smell their prey.

So here is what I can piece together.

22:37, 20 April 2016  TJH2018 starts RFC against Kumioko on Meta [diff]

23:47, 20 April 2016 Reguyla objects to not being notified on TJH talk page [diff]

20:57, 1 May 2016 TJH puts global lock template on Reguyla’s talk page [diff]

18:50, 28 January 2017 Reguyla request on Meta that IRC ban be lifted. [diff]

21:54, 28 January 2017  Meta refuses the venue, but from the lengthy comments, it is clear some grievance has crossed over from Wikia  [diff]

22:11, 28 January 2017 Seventeen minutes later, Ajraddatz blocked Reguyla on Meta 1 week [diff]

22:16, 28 January 2017 Ajraddatz changed the block to infinite [diff]

22:34, 3 March 2017 MichaelMaggs blocked Reguyla on Commons with an expiration time of indefinite [diff]

NB: at this point Kumioko is now indeffed on two wikis (Commons and Meta), the prerequisite for a global ban, so the original objection to TJH2018’s ban request no longer stands.

04:09, 14 April 2017‎ WMFOffice (WMF Global Ban) [diff]

So the kids ganged up on an old man, and as a group, they were able to outmaneuver him across multiple platforms–in the short term.  But you know what?  My money’s on Kumioko.  He’s played whack-a-mole before, and he takes the long view.  Plus, he’s been taking apostrophe lessons from the Kohser, who may be a lot of things, but when it comes to the apostrophe, Kohser is still the undisputed master, so any new accounts Kumioko makes will be much much harder to detect, punctuation-wise.

But that’s not the real reason it was such a huge mistake.  It was such a huge mistake because these are the people who are the lifeblood of any volunteer organization, and they should be treated with respect. Imagine if someone had actually taken time to listen to the guy and understand where he was coming from, instead of trying to provoke.  Instead, they decided to play gotcha, requiring people to use their talk pages to grovel for unbanning, then removing talk page access.  And when the user tries to find another venue to get unblocked, the Wikipedia user gets mocked, blocked, and humiliated all over again, by snot-nose kids who have never even written an article. Do they find that as entertaining as “jokes” about raping children, beating women, and smashing blacks in the face with a bat?  Is that the WMF’s business model?

respect the authority screenshot2
“Respect the authority, and then maybe we wouldn’t be here.”  Oh, and you can’t call anyone a “POV pusher” unless you’re friends with an admin.

So why do they do this? What is the point?

“Respect the authority, and then maybe we wouldn’t be here.”

Do I hear the sound of jackboots?




In the meantime, what has our Ajraddatz been up to? PenisPenis! .. and more penis !!1!


But not poop, oh, no definitely not poop.  Poop is Kryptonite.  Forget free speech nonsense. Must revert poop.  Revert!! Revert!! Reverrrrrt!!!11!1 💩💩💩

Kumioko unchained…by the most curious admin Ajraddatz

Louis_Huard_-_The_Punishment_of_Loki cropped1
The breaking of Loki’s chains signals the beginning of Ragnarök, the end of the world.

Long-time miscreant Kumioko has finally been globally unlocked.  And by one of the strangest admins you’ll ever see, a guy called Ajraddatz.  Kumioko was long ago renamed Reguyla–no idea how to pronounce it–for some obscure reason that has now been lost in the Mists Of Time. Reguyla’s specialty was spamming the interwebs with complaints about “abusive admins”, and the admins’ specialty has been trying to figure out how to keep the guy locked up.

So, about Ajraddatz.

To start off with, Ajraddatz has put in some time on a Pokeman wiki, reverting spam.  No big deal there, a lot of Wikipedians are into stuff like Pokeman and My Little Pony.

Ajraddatz is also deeply into Uncyclopedia, which is billed as a “comedy” wikia.

And what does Uncyclopedia think is funny?

“Don’t resist. The experience will be more pleasurable for the both of you if you just lay back and get raped.”

“In the rare occasions where the driver survives, the NSMBer comes back and swings the bat again to the drivers face. This method is maybe the most satisfying for the NSMBer.”

“You… you look amazing,” was all I was able to stammer as I gaped in awe at her. The intricate silk kimono she wore was tight on her body, displaying her nubile curves. She grinned slightly.

“Thank you, Mr. Wales,” she responded.

“We went over this, Wikipe-tan. Call me Jimbo.”

“Anything can be used to smack the bitch down, but the following is a list of preferred weapons.”

league of legends avatar croppedAjraddatz is also active on League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena video game where players receive points for destroying another group’s quarters (“nexus”) and killing unarmed non-player characters and civilians (“minions”).  He’s been there nine years, with over 5,000 edits.

*First request for admin on Meta 2011 (withdrawn)
*Second request for admin on Meta 2014 (passed)
*Stewart elections 2014 (passed)

An admin who thinks raping children, beating women, and smashing blacks in the face with clubs is funny, and who has spent nine years learning how to collaborate to kill unarmed bystanders. What could possibly go wrong?


[August 2018]

Well, well, well, Ajraddatz has a new name on Wikia.  He is now “C886553”.  They still seem to know him though.  (archived)   Dysklyver chronicles his hat-collecting career. (archived)

ajr new name on wikia

Seems like his name change broke a template.

ajraddatz broken template