Katharine Graham drops the F-bomb

Katherine Graham was the first woman Fortune 500 CEO.  When the Washington Post broke the Watergate story, Katherine Graham was the publisher and owner, and it was her decision to risk publishing the story. She died in 2011.

She was also known to drop the f-bomb on occasion, using her “finishing school” or “mid-Atlantic accent”.

It was a particular thrill to hear her occasional finishing school–accented f-bomb. “I didn’t travel all the way here,” she’s said to have once scolded a Washington Post correspondent who had expended titanic effort to get a hot-air balloon for Graham to view Kenya’s breathtaking Masai Mara region, “to be a fucking tourist.”

This fits my current theory that the f-bomb can only be used by women who are very rich, very poor, or very anonymous.

meryl-streep-vogue-by annie leibovitz
Meryl Streep plays Katherine Graham in Steven Spielberg’s new film The Post. Photo by Annie Leibovitz.