Is “The Journal of The Wolfe Pack” a reliable source?

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New York Brad

User: Mdfalco is a business partner buddy of New York Brad. He was last seen fixing up New York Brad’s Wikipedia article,  polishing the article for New York Brad’s law firm, and adding links to his publication Green Bag Press.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Mdfalco has now cited New York Brad as an expert on Rex Stout. (They are both members of “The Wolfe Pack” fan club.) The edit in question concerns the writer’s first published story, believed to be from 1912.  Mdfalco has changed the footnote.  Previously the footnote said:

As extensive searches for an early story by Stout titled “Their Lady” have been unsuccessful, it appears the story may have been published under another title.

MdFalco has changed this to:

The solution to the mystery of this missing story was finally revealed by [[Ira Brad Matetsky]] in “The ‘Their Lady’ Mystery Solved” in The Gazette–The Journal of the Wolfe Pack, Fall 2018, p. 7.

So, no real information about the missing story. Just a promotional item about the club newsletter and a teaser about New York Brad.  No link, no ref.

Okay, so maybe it’s one of those open source thingies, all about providing information as a public service, and you can read it online. And maybe it’s peer-reviewed, with the type of editorial board that would make it a WP:RS reliable source for Wikipedia purposes?


The full name of the newsletter is “The Gazette—The Journal of The Wolfe Pack“. They publish twice a year, and you can get a 2-year subscription for  $35.00.  But wait, the newsletter is for members only. “Join now to start receiving your copy.” But if you look at the membership page says it’s $40. It says you have to “print, fill out, and mail the membership application with a check for $40.00“.  A check?  I can’t remember the last time I saw one of those.  And snail mail!

And it may take a while:

“Initial processing of memberships submitted by mail may take a few weeks since someone must go to the USPS to pickup check, then deposit check and update mailing list.”

LOL, a P.O. Box, but it looks like they do have PayPal.

Lots of “click here to buy” Amazon stuff.  And Ira’s stepmother Amanda Matetsky gets a little free promotion on their book list.

Oh, but there are more fees:

The cost of events is not included in the membership fee. Membership fees are used only for Gazette publication/mailing and mailings of newsletters.

Really, they mail dead-tree newsletters?  Now that is really 1912. Not even an option to log in and read it online?

And what is the cost of these “events”?  As they say, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

But hey, why not use Wikipedia to promote membership in your private club, with access to your private newsletter. The North Face got away with it.

Wikipediocracy just ran a hit piece on a woman who they allege might have complained privately about harassment by a male Wikipedian. Might not even be true, but they ran her off the project with their pogrom, just as surely as a SanFranBan. Not the first time either. Let’s see if the Wikipediocrazies are willing to touch this one, or if it will be Fanboy City.

[Just noticed this: he goes on to add “Their Lady” was published as “Her Forbidden Knight”.  But everyone agrees that that story was published in 1913, not 1912.  In fact the list here shows seven other stories earlier than that one, five of them from 1912.  And this material is copyright 2015 by Ira Brad Matetsky (aka New York Brad, who added a commentary so as to tweak the copyright date) so it’s not exactly new material, but it doesn’t seem to have made it into the Wikipedia article. What kind of sourcing is this?  If this was a biography of a woman scientist, it would be at deletions already, or at least would have acquired a hostile template or two.]

Wikimedia employee fires off takedown notice against Gender Desk

Meet Jonatan Svensson Glad, the “#fuckeverything” admin from Commons who is also a sometime Wikimedia Foundation employee. You may have seen Jonatan a few weeks ago in passing when I was commenting on some of Fae’s more objectionable re-tweets. (See Fae approves “cunt”) He was the guy wearing the t-shirt with the f-bomb (



Imagine my surprise when I received a takedown notice from this guy. As it turns out, he published this photo of himself on Commons under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 creative commons license. But it seems he has also been doing some business with Getty images in the side, because you will notice the image as tweeted by him has a Getty watermark. Either that or Getty stole it from Commons and is trying to make some money off of something that is freely licensed. It wouldn’t be the first time Getty Images was behind a threatening letter – a while back they tried to sue photographer Carol Highsmith for license infringement for posting one of her own images online, an image that had been donated to the Library of Congress and was therefore in the public domain.

So let’s back up a little and talk about what I do here.

I am not a paid blogger.  I’m just an ordinary Wikipedia volunteer.  Sometimes I use this small blog to talk about paper dolls or coloring books or saints.  Sometimes I use it to talk about sexual assault and fear and intimidation.   And sometimes I use it to talk about corruption on Wikipedia, and about how the small users are treated by the powerful. And when I do that, I like to use screenshots, so people can see what I am talking about, and also because it is proof that something did happen if someone later tries to delete it or conceal what they did.  Wikipediocracy tries to scrub stuff all the time, as have several admins I have discussed here. But still, it’s pretty hard to imagine why someone would want to come after me, just out of the blue.

So who is this Jonatan Glad person?

In real life, he is a telemarketer. He has an account on Medium here: His first essay was “A Small Rant and Advise (sic) from your Friendly Telemarketer” in which he tells people to pretend to want the merchandise so he can get paid his commission, and the worst that will happen to them is that they will get some unwanted forms in the mail.  I don’t know about anyone else, but there is no way on God’s green earth that I would give out my address to some stranger who cold-called me. It’s worse than that though, he asks people for their social security number.  Not even the government will ask that over the phone.

On Twitter he is .  On Commons he is user:Josve05a, where he is an admin and member of OTRS. Occasionally he tweets letters he receives in his official Wikipedia role and says how stupid he thinks the people are.   Here is a letter he wrote someone as a member of OTRS.

He seems to have a lot of personal things to say on Twitter.

About gay guys who like to “blow”…

About the possibility of cuddling with non-gay guys

Dunno, that would pretty much kill it for me, the implied lack of consent….
Here he is buying a pair of glasses he can’t see with, just for show:

Flipping off a political discussion on TV, and taking a picture of his middle finger:

And my personal favorite, a discussion of urinals and whether straight guys all want to pee together.  For once, here is a discussion about peeing in a European country that is not about the Netherlands:

There was also this.

I’m not sure which of these are Too Much Information, but I’m pretty sure we’re already past that point.

Jonatan is also User:Josve05a (WMF), an account that is closed right now, but most recently worked on the Swedish sections of the Wikimedia strategy sessions. He was also paid to photograph the Swedish gay parade, the grant disbursed by Wikimedia Sverige (WMSE), a local chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation in Sweden. See for example this photo. Apparently Wikimedia Sweden has some expensive photography equipment to loan out.  And with WikiMania in Sweden next time around, who knows where he might turn up next.

On Commons Jonatan Svensson also has his own category, complete with Wikidata infobox. In it he has a Wikidata Q number, which he created for himself, and an Orcid number, even though he has never been a researcher and never published or collaborated on anything.  Much like the reading glasses that do nothing. There are also a few sub-categories, and he has meticulously labeled every photo that has him it it, no matter how far in the background. So you can see what he did at WikiConference North America 2016‎,  Wikimania 2016‎, or the Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2017.  ‎ Not sure which is my favorite, maybe this one of him gazing longingly towards James Hare and the pie lady or maybe this other one of him sitting next to Wikipediocracy’s Zoloft on the roof of the San Diego library.

But back to why this guy is after me.

It seems he has a little photography business he is running out of Commons, where he is an admin. On Twitter he thoughtfully provided links his 20 best-selling photos on iStock and Getty, in particular the ones of the Swedish gay parade that he took with Wikimedia Sweden’s equipment.

And also on Twitter we find out that he has recently switched enforcers / photo companies. In September the company Pixsy was able to get him $200, and in January another £150 British pounds.


By January he had switched over completely from the Getty companies.

He’s not going after his admin friends, it seems his concern for “copyright theft” does not extend to anyone in power, only the peons.

It seems that writing nasty-grams for the OTRS turned out to be good practice for writing take-down notices and shaking down users of his gay parade photos – photos that, may I remind you, he had already licensed on Commons to be used freely.

So, how did he work this on Commons?  Let’s take a look at one of his parade images, this one. Just for the record, the use of this image here is completely “fair use“. 1. The purpose of the image is obviously criticism and commentary and is not being used for profit 2. The material is published under a free use creative commons license and given attribution  3. the image uploaded to commons is small compared to the surrounding text, and in fact it is the surrounding text, that is important here. 4. my target audience is not the same as the audience that might be purchasing his freely licensed work on Commons, and in fact I am giving him free publicity.  So, the image:

Right away you will notice a “protected by Pixsy” template in the “permissions” section. Let’s look a little closer.

” This image is protected against image theft. Failure to comply with the following license may result in legal or monetary liabilities.”

“I use Pixsy to monitor, find, and fight image theft by issuing takedown notices and recover compensation. Please follow the license specified on this page below, in order not to perform image theft.”

Notice the unusual wording “I use pixsy…” It is indeed a custom template.

And this is where it lives.

Jonatan even used his Commons admin superpowers to protect the page:

And you may notice he used his template to advertise his own business, as well as the business of the iStock/Getty company he was getting paid from. When he changed vendors, he also changed the advertisement, and would have had to edit through the page protection as an admin to change it.

Pisxy_logoSo how many pages use this template? Here is what links to the page. And here is the Pixsy logo, which is claimed to be in the public domain, since it “consists only of simple geometric shapes or text“, lol.

So many issues, where to start.

This guy is obviously getting money from this company. Where is the COI statement? Does Wikimedia Sweden even care about such things? Does the WMF?

Where is Smallbones? I’m sure he could find someone to interview this guy for the Signpost. Inquiring minds want to know.

Why is this guy willing to go after me for so little money? It looks like he can only get $200 for an image.  And the only way someone is going to shell out money for a free image is if they either don’t know it exists on Commons, or don’t know how to find it.

What does he think is wrong with my image?  It contains an exact screenshot of his own tweet, with the same attributions.  And if the screenshot of his tweet is not attributed correctly, why did he not make proper attributions in his own tweet?

Should the WMF enforce the attribution on a Creative Commons license? (They never have, even to ask politely, much less send threatening letters.) If so, should they use an outside contractor like Getty or Pixsy?  Why doesn’t Wikipedia have an attribution on images used on articles (they only have a link on the image itself)?

Who gets to keep the money from any damages recovered from “stealing” free Commons images, the volunteer or the WMF? Why isn’t this guy turning over the money to the WMF?

Why does Jonatan not disclose the existence of a free Commons image when he tweets the image he gets payment for?  Isn’t that a requirement of the creative commons license?  It’s probably a technicality that no one will complain about it since Wikimedia Foundation is known not to be very confrontational about labeling Commons images.  But shouldn’t admins and OTRS agents be extra scrupulous in following Wikipedia’s rules?

Is this some kind of entrapment scheme? It looks like a kind of SLAPP suit, where some people who do not want the cost of a legal defense will probably just pay the fee.

Do Commons admins care about this, or do they protect their own, like crooked cops. Will someone nominate the logo for deletion?

And finally, if this is completely Kosher, how can I cash in on it, and perhaps get the WMF to buy me some cameras.

Oh and I suppose being an admin and OTRS and all, this character ought to go on the Potty Mouth list, even if looking for smut on Commons is a bit like looking for dandelions in a lawn.

Does Connie Hair edit Wikipedia for her boss?

“These guys know we will shoot them in a heartbeat if they fire a round or throw a stone, now that we have thermal and infrared night vision and can pick out individual targets from a distance.” –Connie Hair, Fox News, 2005.

Does Connie Hair edit Wikipedia for her boss?

First of all, if your employer requires you to edit Wikipedia as part of your job, you have a Hostile Workplace, and can sue them under Title IX.

Second, if you edit Wikipedia in exchange for money without disclosing it – and editing an article about the person you get your paycheck from definitely qualifies  – this is most certainly a WP:COI Conflict Of Interest violation.

Third, this is done all the time, and no one would have known if her boss, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) hadn’t squealed on her during a congressional hearing.

So who is she?

Having the Southern Poverty Law Center compile a dossier on you is never a good sign.  SPLC included Connie Hair’s bio in a 2006 report.

In 2005 she was hired by Chris Simcox of the anti-immigraton Tombstone Militia as official spox for his Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. She used her long friendship with Sean Hannity to get Simcox onto Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes”, where Hannity did several programs from the Mexican border.

Connie Hair started her career as a B movie actress.  After appearing in four films, she turned to ultraconservative politics.

The films:

  • “Fake-Out” (1982) (Oh my, notorious nude Lesbian prison shower scene, odd choice for right-wing anti-LGBT activist, archivedanother source, film 14:43) memorable line, “relax, enjoy”
  • Charles Bronson’s “Death Wish 4: The Crackdown” (1987), plays girlfriend of Frank Bauggs (David Fonteno), the mob assassin, memorable line “I wish he would drop dead” just before boyfriend is thrown out of window and lands on car, to chauffeur (Irwin Keyes, is this any relation to Alan Keyes, both from NY, yeah it’s a stretch, probably not even close); LA Times review, “It’s indicative of the film’s slightness of characterization that 24th -billed Connie Hair, as an amusingly jaded gangster’s fancy lady, makes the strongest impression in the entire cast.” (film)
  • “Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde” (1993)
  • “Crime and Punishment” (2002)

In the 1990s she was a spokesperson for Free Republic. She was press secretary for the bizarre Alan Keyes in his 2000 presidential run and again in his run against Barack Obama in the 2004 Illinois senate campaign. She worked for Judicial Watch, a litigious organization heavily funded by the hard-right Scaife Foundation.

[Just a footnote, why would Richard Melon Scaife, Adolf Coors, Howard Ahmanson, the Bradley Foundation, the Olin Foundation, and others fund the Institute on Religion and Democracy‘s …. (hmm kind of a bland article, lots of IP edits)… multi-million dollar crusade against mainline churches and the National Council of Churches?]

Connie Hair has been a consultant for Coalition for a Fair Judiciary (“the only grass-roots organization that stands in the gap between the judicial nominees and the vicious onslaught of the left”‘) (no Wikipedia article) and part time communications director and speech writer for Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), who resigned in the midst of a bizarre sorry about $5 million offered to a female employee to be a surrogate mother.

She is also said to have been employed by Diener Consultants “Diener is noteworthy because its president, Phillip Sheldon, is the son of Lou Sheldon. As founder of the Traditional Values Coalition, Lou Sheldon (a Jewish convert to a pro- Zionist dispensationalist Christian sect) belongs to the Falwell-Pat Robertson-Hagee-Gary Bauer-Tim LaHaye cabal which leads the “endtimes” religious right into Israel’s clutches.” (source) “the professional beltway fundraising organization which came to control the Minuteman Project and MCDC” (source). Also PR for former Education Secretary William Bennett.(source 1, 2), involved in fundraising for Terri Schiavo’s national campaign and “she was 8 yrs in military psyche-ops…”(another source). She was a former Paramount Studios secretary, and she was a paid consultant to Washington activist Larry Klayman (Judicial Watch). (source).

 According to her own 2017 bio, she is a graduate of Broadmoor High School Baton Rouge, Louisiana, class of 1977.

She is single, was media and coalitions advisor to the U.S. Senate Republican Conference, and was “in Hollywood for nearly two decades, my work in the entertainment industry culminating at Paramount Pictures in network television”.

Also “Served eight years in psychological warfare with the U.S. Army Reserve as a PSYOP Specialist because physical wounds heal.”  Wat?

Is there some outside source for that?  Because, as far as anyone has been able to document, she was working for the vigilante Minutemen group.  Can you still be in the Army Reserve if you are an item at SPLC?

Well, this should give the current crop of COI crusaders something to think about.

Rep. Louie Gohmert COI editing

Louie Gohmert admits his Chief of Staff has been editing his Wikipedia article.

Do these guys have any idea how the internet works?  They seem to think the google knowledge panel that pops up when you do a search is typed by humans.

So which one is his chief of staff?  Probably not this IP.  Oh dear,

”’Louis “The Coward” Gohmert Jr.”’ … He is also an Russian agent, got smacked down by Gabby Giffords for being too afraid of his constituents and kisses Donald Trump’so YUGE orange ass every chance he gets.


Looks like the chief of staff has a name: Connie Hair.

She has a Twitter account too, with a little American flag in it.

Looks like Gohmert has been busy this week, making anti-Semitic conspiracy theories against George Soros that even Fox Business will not support.

As for Connie Hair, she has been busy retweeting speculation about the identity of Donald Trump’s new chief of staff once John Kelly leaves. Bet you she isn’t in consideration for the job, now that everyone knows about her Wikipedia adventures. I can’t spot the account though, and most of the IP stuff is vandalism.

UPDATE: The video was just added to his Wikipedia article a half hour ago.

Katherine COI tweetUPDATED UPDATE: Katherine LOLs

A little late, but might as well add her profile at Southern Poverty Law Center.

Connie Hair c 2006