Former Commons admin: Jcb

This former admin comes from the Netherlands. Lots of problems, according to the de-adminning discussion.

Mass deletions of images that were later determined to be good.

Massive blocks of newbies with no warning.

A quick look a the talk page shows a penchant for biting newbies that makes Manchester look like the Welcome Wagon. [link]

I don’t think this justifies ignoring the 7 day deadline set in deletion policy. I now notice your warning to original uploader. Indiminating warning in place of guidance on how to provide proper source information does not seem healthy at all. Not to mention it’s hard to provide this information now that file is deleted ahead of time. Pikne 13:48, 1 September 2019 (UTC)

Nope, we are not going to babysit the problem tags. This user is not a newby, they have almost 9k edits. Simply removing a problem tag is very disruptive. The admins are busy enough without such behaviour. Jcb (talk) 13:55, 1 September 2019 (UTC)

Yikes, no point in even talking.
And he gets the last word,

“Well, thanks a lot for wanting to waste the time of even more people over this. Jcb (talk) 14:32, 1 September 2019 (UTC)

This was not the first desysop discussion, for instance there was

The first request for de-adminning (which I guess is what they call it on Commons) was in July 2011.  The last was September 2019, and he kept using the tools even after they voted to remove them.  It took Commons 8 years to deal with this problem.  And how many decent editors were driven off in the meantime?   How many users had to tiptoe around him to try to get the work done?

Why here is one now, our old friend Slowking4, the perennial target of Beestra’s sockpuppet obsessions. (OMG, he is still at it, unwriting Wikipedia as fast as good editors can write it.) In this case yet another user has had their image deleted and the clueless:

Considering JCB’s long history of abusing newbies, and even blocking them out of hand without warning, that looks like pretty good advice. But what does Jeff G do?  Starts some trouble for Slowking. [link]  but as it transpires in the talk page discussion Jeff G has been going around to newbie talk pages and posting a long rant criticizing them for not signing, even though there is a bot that does it. And Slowking has been following Jeff G around, criticizing him for harassing the newbies and directing him to a consultation about talk pages. Jeff G is so pedantic that Colin mistakes him for an admin. “It gives the impression Jeff is a power user asserting his superior knowledge, and not really understanding the “customer facing” role required at HelpDesk”.  but them someone steps in and notes that Jeff G is NOT an admin, and it is noted that Jeff G.’s “third admin request was opposed for being BITEy”.

Fast forward to Fae’s latest RfA on Commons.  I guess he’s bored now that he’s topic-banned from again on his favorite topic and decided to try to get the Commons bits again.  But as an example of how he knows how to calm troubled waters he brags about his role in Slowking’s block.

I wrote about this last spring: Fae strikes again: the Cuteness Association. Do take a look at Colin’s lengthy list of diffs, that he has in a collapsed box, [permanent link] …here is the one about the plush toys (disclaimer: I don’t particularly like Colin) :

      • In March this year Fae nominated for deletion photographs from Wikimania 2017 that contained plush toys. Rather than dumping a list of all such toys for review, I would expect an admin to filter out those images where de minimis permits us to retain them. Approx half the 70+ images nominated were kept. During the discussion Fae got increasingly irritated by some of the keep votes (some of which were coming over from Wikipedia). This provoked the following insult:

“in baby speak that middle aged Wikipedians seem to need at open knowledge conferences:

Please help me. My mummy works hard making toys for other children. She has seen her toys being used by Wikimedia to promote their projects and we cry together because nobody cares about giving her credit for her work and we cannot afford to pay a lawyer. Please nice Wikipedians, read the label my mummy stitches on her toys, and give my mummy credit for her work so that future children can enjoy her cute toys.

Admins should deal with DR professionally and not let the ignorance or perceived childishness of some wind them up to the point where they start writing mocking insults. Later, Slowking commented that Fae might not be so welcome at future meetups “because dumping on those who do, might get you unloved“. Fae, now at boiling point, attacks slowking for “a rather personal and threatening sounding attack” on Fae. Fae repeats this “this appears threatening and personal, a comment you would expect to come from someone stalking you“, “The wording appears deliberately chosen to make me feel unsafe to ever physically attend a Wikimedia funded event“, “This is not an overreaction, this a factual reading of your text above, and the words you are choosing fit every conventional definition of harassment.” So a DR on plush toys becomes a nuclear-war allegation of stalking and harassment.

Jeff G.

Oddly enough, Slowking has not been seen around lately, and it looks like the reason is Fae, who with Jeff G as his sidekick, has made a pretty effective demonstration of his power on Commons.  Looking at some previous discussions, Fae seems to thinks the Cuteness Association is a parody of the affiliates association he started and made himself president of (and was quickly removed from) after he was booted from Wikimedia UK.  Also note this discussion, started by Jeff G, that Fae bragged about providing the diffs against Slowking. Unlike Fram, Slowking does not get the right of reply, or even talk page access.  But I guess that’s Commons for you, not exactly a collaborative environment. Anyone who tries to keep the newbies away from the biters learns very quickly that the inmates are in charge of the asylum. Finally, Jeff G. runs to try to get Slowking globally banned, but doesn’t get very far.  Behold, once again, Dunning-Kruger in action, while the real “content creators”- and team-minded individuals – are sidelined.

The Simpsons takes on the trans thing

LOL, we are all Marge Simpson. Unless we are her sister.

(As always, if this does not display in your area, right click on the video screen and paste the URL in a new browser window.)

The provenance/significance of this is (1) I am linked in an old Reddit thread (2) Fae goes nuts, accuses me of all kind of Evil Stuff (which, as any fool knows, would have been done by my Evil Twin if it was truly Evil and (3) a new link to me via Reddit from Wikipedia this morning by an individual who also celebrates a gamergate/incel post on Jimbotalk from 2015, by User:IPInUrPool (I pee in your pool???), a user with all of two edits, and which was quickly reverted. Can we guess this is a way of claiming authorship? I fully expect this to be followed up by a new round of harassment from the “alt-right” neo-Nazi contingent, as they once again try to silence me by trying to discover my identity. Carrite will probably chime in and try to dox me again as well, and Somey/Midsize Jake will be busy with the delete key again, although I have no idea why a faux-lefty like Tim would make common cause with fascists.

Just a note about Fae, since it is mentioned in several threads…

We like Fae. Actually, we like him a lot. He has done a lot for us. He has tried to get us some rights. Wikipedia is a much better place because of Fae, in spite of his idiosyncrasies. One Fae is worth a thousand Tsumikirias with the “ero kawaii” anime child porn user box, and the large-breasted little girls with their little white panties, showing off their virginal buttocks (“fan service“, anyone?).  For all of the talk of Fae’s bondage porn – of himself and uploaded by himself – you have to admit there was nothing non-consensual or non-adult about it. It was just Fae being Fae. And while I have not followed his personal situation closely, for some reason I have the impression he decided to be a little less….um, flamboyant…and settle down a little when he got married. Good idea, no one wants to share their husband with Wikimedia Commons.

But Fae is not God, he is not infallible, and he does not have the right to have everything he says accepted without reflection. Fae does not have the right to not be criticized, and he does not have the right to intimidate and dox by going to women’s talk pages on Wikipedia demanding to know my identity. But we understand he is big enough and powerful enough to get away with it. As they say on Sucks, the rules are for the Little People, not for people like Fae who can ignore them with impunity.

So if Fae is going to make claims about me editing in bad faith, or try to silence me by doxxing threats, and then claiming that *he* is the one being harassed, well, I am going to push back on that one.

I would urge Fae to think twice, then think three times, and then go and think some more before aligning himself with thinly veiled excuses for criminal assault. The LGBT community got a huge boost in credibility and respectability when Cheney’s daughter was discovered to be gay (alas for the days when Dick Cheney represented the far right wing of the right-wing Republican party), and when gay marriage became legal. For a moment, at least, this was an issue that transcended class and party politics.

Now the LGBT community stands to lose it all, with the new fashion for “t-slurs” and calls for gender-based violence against Lesbian women. I would urge Fae to stand against this, or if he cannot, because it carries with it a huge chance of harassment on the most personal and violent level, at least to not embrace or to give it oxygen. This is a fad, it will pass. LTGB rights will not. It is probably also part of an organized campaign of disinformation (see Organized disinformation) by individuals who are not disclosing their true agenda.

trans thought policeI would also urge Fae to be transparent about any conflicts of interest he might have, and declare any relationships with gay pride parade organizations, with any organizations that advocate forced hormonal sterilization of children who do not conform to stereotyped gender roles, and with any big pharma corporations that market hormone products for transitioning.

Fae strikes again: the Cuteness Association

Alces the Wikidata moose

This week has been really depressing, what with all this stuff about Commons admins taking pictures of themselves in t-shirts with F-bombs and uploading them to Commons, not to mention the threatening mail.

So I thought I would go over to Wikipedia Weekly where the participants are usually fairly human and see if they had anything to cheer me up. No such luck.

Lo and behold, there is a discussion on Commons to get rid of the Cuteness Association. (See Wikimedia Cuteness Association) Not just one photo, but the entire category. Something, something, copyright, something.fae - Ashley Van Haeften

And Fae is behind the whole thing.

Doesn’t this guy have a hobby?

Now I am not going to take a stand on Cuteness, particularly a stand *against* cuteness, unless it turns out there’s some gender issue involved. They even have some scientific studies to back them up, about how cuteness “promotes human empathy”…”social interaction” “can positively influence human work productivity”.. etc etc.  So no, I am not going to take stand against Science either. And I think there is some value in the transparency of knowing which staffers and admins bring stuffed toys with them to conferences.

But Fae has absolutely no compunctions about this.

The discussion is here


Fae approves “cunt”

Fae is one of the most powerful – and divisive – insiders the Wikimedia movement has ever seen.  And one of the biggest bullies.

Back in 2012 got into some controversy and the Signpost detailed it all —  his resignation from the UK chapter under a cloud, his sudden re-emergence as he kicked himself upstairs as chair of the Wikimedia Chapters Association, and the subsequent arbcom case, Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case/Fæ. The case involved bondage nudes of himself he uploaded to Commons, the  badgering of volunteers on Jimbotalk, legal threats, and multiple sockpuppets which he refused to disclose. The arbcom case only lists a few socks, but if you dig deep enough into the Wikimedia blog, and other dark corners, you will find he eventually gave up over 200 sockpuppets, which probably makes him a more prolific puppeteer than even Kumioko.  Who knows how many more he didn’t give up.

And he was powerful enough, even then, to be able to get his arbcom case courtesy blanked. You can still read it here though.  And from what I can tell, it looks like he is still topic banned from “BLPs relating to sexuality” and “images relating to sexuality”.  But that is only on English Wikipedia.  He is still throwing his weight around elsewhere, mansplaining, disrupting, and dictating to women about what it means to be female and how to run their groups.  And it seems he has been given secret permission to form a private LGBT Telegram group, but who gave the permission and where the discussion took place is still unknown. But it looks like the group does not lack for lemmings, or bullies.

A case in point: the proposed Women in Red user group, now dead in the water.

Women in Red has morphed several times.  It started out at Wikimania in Mexico City as Project XX, but that was quickly renamed as a courtesy to trans women, as it implied two X chromosomes. It was first proposed by Victuallers, of Gibraltergate paid editing scandal fame, but it was quickly realized that a woman’s group run by men was not a good look. Rosiestep came forward as the female partner, and seems to have enjoyed a lot of support from somewhere with bots, stats, Wikipedian-of-the year designation, and so forth. She remains the public face of the group, but who really runs it is anybody’s guess. But nobody can dispute that WiR has gotten a huge number of biographies of women into WikiData, and from there into the google algorithms, which is the true purpose of Wikipedia.

Rosiestep’s angle in this is also anyone’s guess but there might be a clue here, in the pub crawl comment:

It is generally known that each project gets to designate a member to the Summit in Germany, which has a reputation for beer, not to mention the free plane ticket and luxury hotel. This year the projects are only allowed one instead of two members (or member + guest), which always turns out to be the (male) president of the organization plus one other, but because of the ongoing consultation, maybe it was thought the women needed a representative. So maybe Fae wanted that beer slot for one of his own Telegram people, or maybe he just wanted to wreck it for the women. Or maybe, with the increasing problems with corruption on enwiki, the power center is shifting once again back to the affiliates and Fae wants to seize power before that happens and have the groups stacked with even more LGTB than there are already. Consider this change in the bylaws, from the group’s talk page. But whatever the reason, Fae appeared on the talk page of the fledgling group and strong-armed them into a name change from Women in Red to Gender Diversity Visibility Community User Group, or GDVCUG for short. (See @WikiWomenInRed is DOWN)

Imagine if the powerful MilHist group, which has traditionally been a stepping stone to the arbitration committee and similar hat-collecting, was forced to change their name to “Military history and homosexuality”, or if Opera was forced to become “Opera and transgender diversity”.  WiR barely survives and does so only by knowing whose ass to kiss. But no one dares go against Fae, so one by one, the volunteers who started out with such enthusiasm, and have been frequent participants in intersectionality editing events, and enthusiastically participated in events for getting LGBT articles up to speed, have one by one discovered they have other commitments in real life that conflict with their participation in this new group.

And what did WiR get in return?  Maybe the LGBT members have turned out to be valuable allies, and that having experienced discrimination themselves will offer some support and understanding?


Here is Fae’s “cunt” re-tweet, that I promised you in the title.

Fae thinks this is funny and re-tweets it for his subscribers.

Is there anyone on Wikipedia by now who does not understand how this is misogyny? How it feeds into creating an environment that allows women to be subjected to a whole spectrum of abuse? How it is used in sexual assault, and in particular to remind women that they can be forcibly impregnated at any moment, and the chilling effect this has on women’s participation?

Does Fae care? No. He thinks it’s funny and thinks it’s worth retweeting just to insult some politician and amuse his followers. Fae is secure in his British male privilege, his arrogance, his sense of entitlement, and uses the occasion to punch down. A politician has made some statement he didn’t like, but instead of addressing the issue directly, he finds a less powerful group to turn around and stomp on.

Does Fae get it? Does he understand how disrespect works? Oh yeah.

And Fae has no problem passing on the signal to other bullies, to encourage distaste, dehumanization, and hatred of their target: women.

In fact, Fae seems to specialize in creating an abusive environment for women. Here’s another one he retweeted.  This is just what Wikipedia needs, a bunch of dudes who are already watching porn to come over and join some Wikipedia editing events in person. That should make the women feel safe.

And this, a bit ironic, it should probably be added to the potty mouth list, but do you count re-tweets of gratuitous f-bombs? Hm, he looks kinda underage…

fae-retweets-f-bomb disguised
Screenshot includes Photo by Jonatan Svensson Glad, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

[Note: it has come to my attention that this screenshot incorporates a photo Fae retweeted of Jonatan Svensson Glad, who is on Twitter, also Wikipedia user:Josve05a, an admin on Commons.  I have added a second attribution of the type Wikimedia blog uses for his photos, and have also altered the photo slightly to emphasize that the purpose of the screenshot is not to be an exact representation of the photo in the screenshot but rather criticism and comment.  In particular, it is one of several examples of the type of smut Fae adds to his Twitter feed at the same time he is bewailing Wikipedia’s toxic environment elsewhere.]

Here’s another one, calling a woman a vulgar term for prostitute.

Except it’s not a woman, it’s a female impersonator, Brian Firkus, whose stage name is Trixie Mattel, and who not surprisingly seems to have a much more polished article on Wikipedia than any of the women jazz musicians I listed a few days ago for black history month.

Imagine now someone in blackface, who thinks racial epithets are funny. Is this really okay, that you can all someone bigoted names, and it’s all just pretend bigotry if they are not really a member of the minority they are dressed up as.

These were dressed up for musical performances, which is no longer acceptable because it is thought to perpetuate harmful stereotypes, but what if they had used their costuming to perpetuate hate speech?

For women, navigating a world in which most men are taller and larger than they are, domestic violence and sexual assault are real, genuine possibilities, and very frighting. One in four women has been assaulted.

Most of us know someone or have witnessed a situation where someone was getting hurt, and we had to evaluate it, and if and when it was safe to intervene.

Or we constantly have to evaluate our surroundings as we move from place to place, use public transportation, or just walk on the sidewalk.  Is that guy behind you following you and should you cross the street to see if he does the same? Or maybe you should not go straight home, so he doesn’t see where you live. It’s a daily dance, and women learn it from the age of 11, constantly scanning the environment for safety, staying aware of your surroundings and not getting lost in thought. It is basic survival.  It sucks your time and your energy.  But to someone like Fae, bondage and physical abuse is just another form of entertainment, and is even sexually arousing. Hurting and killing women is just a big fat joke.

Oh Fae gets it all right.  He just doesn’t care.