Fact-checking the failing Wikipediocracy on Gorman and the Heilman affair

So what is going on at the failing Wikipediocracy?  For a while now, it’s just been Kohs and Poetlister bumping old threads, and trying to make it look like the place was inhabited.  But are the regulars actually returning, or is this just the last hurrah?  I see Vig came back to vet the players behind Jimbo’s latest WikiTribue venture,  and seems to have gotten sucked back into the vortex. But what’s this? They sure have got this wrong, Kevin Gorman was never any Jimbo apologist, I’m pretty sure he called for Jimmy to step down during the 2016 board fiasco:

RfB sure, no fact checking expected from those quarters, but Vig? SB Johnny? Tsk! Tsk!

Yep here it is.

It's unfortunate that James and Jimmy have gotten in to it in public, but -
I hate to say this, but there's no other way around it - Jimmy should be
embarassed.  He's been exceptionally disrespectful of a respected community
member, but worse than that, he's flat out lied on multiple occasions about
the situation involving James.  If someone challenges me on that statement,
as I have time, I will compile a list of diffs and archived emails in which
he's done so. If the situation between James and Jimmy is such that a
healthy board dynamic with both as trustees is not possible, then frankly
Jimmy should step down, or at a minimum give up the concept of a Founder's
seat, convert it to a community elected seat, stay on as a board member
until the next elections, and then run as an ordinary community member in
the next set of elections.

I think it should also be stated for the public record that Jimmy was the
individual who pushed for Lila's stay to be extended (and I like Lila, I
really do,) and for trustees to not speak with the day to day WMF employees
that have formed the backbone of the WMF side of the movement.  I also
don't know who put the FAQ together, but want to point out that it's not
factually accurate to say that James cannot run in the next elections, as
at least one official FAQ stated at one point.  That would be true if he
was a community ELECTED board member removed for cause.  He wasn't, so the
relevant provision doesn't apply, and he's eligible to run again as soon as
there are faux-elections again.


Jimbotalk explodes…with Jimbo

f bombJust when you thought it was safe to go back into Jimbo’s talk page.

This time it was Jimmy himself:

James has made a lot of noise about why he was dismissed which is utter and complete bullshit. He wrote a nice piece for the Signpost about transparency which implied that the board got rid of him for wanting more transparency. Utter fucking bullshit.–Jimbo Wales (talk) 22:06, 25 January 2016 (UTC)


fearless leader drops bomb gif

Most people would object to treating even a troll with such violent and sexually explicit language, but Doc James is a physician, a respected volunteer, and a community-elected leader in a very public not-for-profit project, not to mention he’s Canadian.  Where does Jimbo think he is–the arbitration committee bulletinboard?

  • Capeo (1) (2)
  • Stemoc (3)
  • Kevin Gorman (4)
  • Drmies–an admin, an arbitrator and Manchester insider, so no surprise there (5)
  • Only in death does duty end (6)

They probably think they look like this:

joe cool joe cool joe cool joe cool joe cool

But for some reason, this is all I can think of:

bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon

Maybe he’s jetlagged from Davros or something…maybe he’ll come to his senses and strike his comments….




Manchester drags Kevin Gorman to Arbcom

He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. –The Untouchables

KGorman WikiConference_USA_2015Last October, Kevin Gorman got up in front of a group at a convention and said, “in one of our breakout sessions about gender, the word I heard more than harassment, was Manchester.”

According to Gorman, “So, I get about twenty emails a week from women Wikipedians who don’t want to deal with any of the process on Wiki, because every arbitration committee case that has involved women in the last two years, has involved all of them being banned.”

In case no one remembers about Manchester, see The Atlantic article “Wikipedia’s Hostility to Women” about Eric Corbett, the “c-word” and the clique of sycophants who support and enable his contempt for women.

manchester united1Now Manchester is trying to have the last word, and has dragged Kevin off to Arbcom, just in time for the holidays.

As far as I can tell, the case involves some university class that was editing Wikipedia as an educational exercise.  Well, don’t you know it, they all had the same IP, surprise, surprise, surprise, so some idiot blocked them.  Gorman came along and showed the instructor how to use the educational tools, and even though this should have been a no-brainer, he also checked with the sockpuppet group before unblocking them.  But apparently someone along the way forgot to say “Simon Says”, because it looks now like some esoteric rule was broken. I can’t personally figure out what the technicality is, but suffice it to say that Kevin Gorman will now spend the next three months of his life dealing with this petty wikilawyering.

Gorman again: “For reference, I moderate our Gender Gap mailing list, I seriously regularly receive twenty to thirty emails a week related to Wikipedia-related problems from women who do not want to participate in any of our official processes because of what happens to them when they do.”  Like what is happening to Gorman right now.  It is not only the women; the harassment is extended to those who attempt to act as allies as well.

ride_of_the_valkyries_by_chrisrawlins9And how are Arbcom cases decided?  By whoever comes to the battlefield with the largest army. Kevin’s female friends may have all either been banned or gone into hiding, but there does seem to be one ray of hope.  SlimVirgin, a long-time experienced operator, has left a tantalizing message on his talk page.  Perhaps we may expect her appearance during the evidence phase.

So why is it again that Wikipedia can’t seem to get more educational groups interested in working with them?????!?