Flying copulation

Oh dear, what new phenomenon might this be?

And it is coming out of, of all places, the Manchester freak show.

And way past their bedtime too.  Manchester is one hour ahead of UTC, which places the timing of this post at 11:39 pm.

Oddly enough, this was originally posted to the Bureaucrats noticeboard, but for some reason has ended up in the archives for Community response to the Wikimedia Foundation’s ban of Fram/Archive 3.

On the current page is this one:
Pro-tip: if you want to convince someone about how appalled you are at the use of a bad word for “poop”, it might be more convincing if you don’t use a vulgar word for “whoopie”.

So what exactly is this flying copulation thing, and how is it accomplished?

As far as I have been able to determine, this is done by insects, specifically “love bugs“.


These creatures actually fly while attached to each other. In Florida they darken the sky with their swarms, and make kamikaze swipes at cars. The carcasses must be removed from cars quickly, as they are hard to remove once dry.

In case there is any question, the female is the larger one on top. She literally drags her lover through the air.

According to Snopes, the love bug was not created by Evil Scientists. Quoting the University of Florida’s entomology department, “If we’d created them, they would be orange and blue.” The bugs are black and red.

Why the Wikipedians have seized on the habits of this insect as something of value to hold up to the C-suite in their online discussions is unknown.

Fae approves “cunt”

Fae is one of the most powerful – and divisive – insiders the Wikimedia movement has ever seen.  And one of the biggest bullies.

Back in 2012 got into some controversy and the Signpost detailed it all —  his resignation from the UK chapter under a cloud, his sudden re-emergence as he kicked himself upstairs as chair of the Wikimedia Chapters Association, and the subsequent arbcom case, Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case/Fæ. The case involved bondage nudes of himself he uploaded to Commons, the  badgering of volunteers on Jimbotalk, legal threats, and multiple sockpuppets which he refused to disclose. The arbcom case only lists a few socks, but if you dig deep enough into the Wikimedia blog, and other dark corners, you will find he eventually gave up over 200 sockpuppets, which probably makes him a more prolific puppeteer than even Kumioko.  Who knows how many more he didn’t give up.

And he was powerful enough, even then, to be able to get his arbcom case courtesy blanked. You can still read it here though.  And from what I can tell, it looks like he is still topic banned from “BLPs relating to sexuality” and “images relating to sexuality”.  But that is only on English Wikipedia.  He is still throwing his weight around elsewhere, mansplaining, disrupting, and dictating to women about what it means to be female and how to run their groups.  And it seems he has been given secret permission to form a private LGBT Telegram group, but who gave the permission and where the discussion took place is still unknown. But it looks like the group does not lack for lemmings, or bullies.

A case in point: the proposed Women in Red user group, now dead in the water.

Women in Red has morphed several times.  It started out at Wikimania in Mexico City as Project XX, but that was quickly renamed as a courtesy to trans women, as it implied two X chromosomes. It was first proposed by Victuallers, of Gibraltergate paid editing scandal fame, but it was quickly realized that a woman’s group run by men was not a good look. Rosiestep came forward as the female partner, and seems to have enjoyed a lot of support from somewhere with bots, stats, Wikipedian-of-the year designation, and so forth. She remains the public face of the group, but who really runs it is anybody’s guess. But nobody can dispute that WiR has gotten a huge number of biographies of women into WikiData, and from there into the google algorithms, which is the true purpose of Wikipedia.

Rosiestep’s angle in this is also anyone’s guess but there might be a clue here, in the pub crawl comment:

It is generally known that each project gets to designate a member to the Summit in Germany, which has a reputation for beer, not to mention the free plane ticket and luxury hotel. This year the projects are only allowed one instead of two members (or member + guest), which always turns out to be the (male) president of the organization plus one other, but because of the ongoing consultation, maybe it was thought the women needed a representative. So maybe Fae wanted that beer slot for one of his own Telegram people, or maybe he just wanted to wreck it for the women. Or maybe, with the increasing problems with corruption on enwiki, the power center is shifting once again back to the affiliates and Fae wants to seize power before that happens and have the groups stacked with even more LGTB than there are already. Consider this change in the bylaws, from the group’s talk page. But whatever the reason, Fae appeared on the talk page of the fledgling group and strong-armed them into a name change from Women in Red to Gender Diversity Visibility Community User Group, or GDVCUG for short. (See @WikiWomenInRed is DOWN)

Imagine if the powerful MilHist group, which has traditionally been a stepping stone to the arbitration committee and similar hat-collecting, was forced to change their name to “Military history and homosexuality”, or if Opera was forced to become “Opera and transgender diversity”.  WiR barely survives and does so only by knowing whose ass to kiss. But no one dares go against Fae, so one by one, the volunteers who started out with such enthusiasm, and have been frequent participants in intersectionality editing events, and enthusiastically participated in events for getting LGBT articles up to speed, have one by one discovered they have other commitments in real life that conflict with their participation in this new group.

And what did WiR get in return?  Maybe the LGBT members have turned out to be valuable allies, and that having experienced discrimination themselves will offer some support and understanding?


Here is Fae’s “cunt” re-tweet, that I promised you in the title.

Fae thinks this is funny and re-tweets it for his subscribers.

Is there anyone on Wikipedia by now who does not understand how this is misogyny? How it feeds into creating an environment that allows women to be subjected to a whole spectrum of abuse? How it is used in sexual assault, and in particular to remind women that they can be forcibly impregnated at any moment, and the chilling effect this has on women’s participation?

Does Fae care? No. He thinks it’s funny and thinks it’s worth retweeting just to insult some politician and amuse his followers. Fae is secure in his British male privilege, his arrogance, his sense of entitlement, and uses the occasion to punch down. A politician has made some statement he didn’t like, but instead of addressing the issue directly, he finds a less powerful group to turn around and stomp on.

Does Fae get it? Does he understand how disrespect works? Oh yeah.

And Fae has no problem passing on the signal to other bullies, to encourage distaste, dehumanization, and hatred of their target: women.

In fact, Fae seems to specialize in creating an abusive environment for women. Here’s another one he retweeted.  This is just what Wikipedia needs, a bunch of dudes who are already watching porn to come over and join some Wikipedia editing events in person. That should make the women feel safe.

And this, a bit ironic, it should probably be added to the potty mouth list, but do you count re-tweets of gratuitous f-bombs? Hm, he looks kinda underage…

fae-retweets-f-bomb disguised
Screenshot includes Photo by Jonatan Svensson Glad, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

[Note: it has come to my attention that this screenshot incorporates a photo Fae retweeted of Jonatan Svensson Glad, who is on Twitter, also Wikipedia user:Josve05a, an admin on Commons.  I have added a second attribution of the type Wikimedia blog uses for his photos, and have also altered the photo slightly to emphasize that the purpose of the screenshot is not to be an exact representation of the photo in the screenshot but rather criticism and comment.  In particular, it is one of several examples of the type of smut Fae adds to his Twitter feed at the same time he is bewailing Wikipedia’s toxic environment elsewhere.]

Here’s another one, calling a woman a vulgar term for prostitute.

Except it’s not a woman, it’s a female impersonator, Brian Firkus, whose stage name is Trixie Mattel, and who not surprisingly seems to have a much more polished article on Wikipedia than any of the women jazz musicians I listed a few days ago for black history month.

Imagine now someone in blackface, who thinks racial epithets are funny. Is this really okay, that you can all someone bigoted names, and it’s all just pretend bigotry if they are not really a member of the minority they are dressed up as.

These were dressed up for musical performances, which is no longer acceptable because it is thought to perpetuate harmful stereotypes, but what if they had used their costuming to perpetuate hate speech?

For women, navigating a world in which most men are taller and larger than they are, domestic violence and sexual assault are real, genuine possibilities, and very frighting. One in four women has been assaulted.

Most of us know someone or have witnessed a situation where someone was getting hurt, and we had to evaluate it, and if and when it was safe to intervene.

Or we constantly have to evaluate our surroundings as we move from place to place, use public transportation, or just walk on the sidewalk.  Is that guy behind you following you and should you cross the street to see if he does the same? Or maybe you should not go straight home, so he doesn’t see where you live. It’s a daily dance, and women learn it from the age of 11, constantly scanning the environment for safety, staying aware of your surroundings and not getting lost in thought. It is basic survival.  It sucks your time and your energy.  But to someone like Fae, bondage and physical abuse is just another form of entertainment, and is even sexually arousing. Hurting and killing women is just a big fat joke.

Oh Fae gets it all right.  He just doesn’t care.

WTF portal

So much potty-mouth, so little time.

Two weeks ago there was some nastiness over on Phabricator over the soft launch of the new WMF website, that boiled over onto the wikitech mailing list.

This is what happened.  Some German text appeared in heading of the landing page of the new site.  This is what it looked like:
The text says “Stell dir eine Welt vor, in der jeder einzelne Mensch frei an der Summe allen Wissens teilhaben kann.” Running this through Google translate gives us “Imagine a world in which every single person can freely participate in the sum of all knowledge.”

This was logged as a bug on Phabricator, but the WMF blithely closed it, saying it was a design feature, was still being worked on to include more languages, and they should read the memo, which no one could find.  Then things got ugly, and eventually someone typed “What the fuck?”, a remark that has now been removed. The bru-ha-ha boiled over onto the mailing list, where a memo was eventually produced saying in part,

“While we encourage criticism and productive comments to improve the software, comments like “What the fuck” do not contribute to the discussion and turns the discussion from respectful criticism to folks swearing at other folks.”

And this from Brian Vibber

I would advise you generally to treat wikitech-l like a professional workspace, which it is for those of us who are employees of WMF or WMDE.

If your corporate HR department would frown at you making a statement about people’s character or motivations with derogatory language, think twice about it. Treat people with respect.

The whole exchange on the phabricator bug report seems to me like swatting a gnat with a howitzer – an over-reaction on the part of the volunteers – but you have to remember the technical community had just been treated somewhat cavalierly by the WMF over the Go Fish Digital affair. (See Is something fishy at Wikipedia?)

First the concerns of the technical community were brushed off and they were told to talk nice about Go Fish, in what was most certainly a serious COI matter.  Then the WMF flat out lied to the technical community, saying there had been no private data involved when it was obvious from reading the various Phabricator tickets that WMF Legal had been involved, and that Go Fish Digital had actually signed NDA agreements exactly because they would have access to personal data.  No one said anything at the time, probably because of the potential security issues, and because Go Fish Digital still had access to the personal data at that time. But no one went to the technical community later and thanked them for standing guard on the watchtower.

So this isn’t just a matter of a volunteer trashing an employee, who is not allowed to respond in kind because of employee workplace standards.  It is one in a series of frustrations in which the technical community appears to have been routinely treated in a dismissive fashion.

But, whatever.  At this point, “What the fuck” is now pretty clearly off limits on Phabricator.

But not on Facebook.  This was just jarring.

I thought the Wikipedia Weekly Facebook group was moderated, but apparently not.  Here is the entire thread:

This is pretty misleading. It is not a skull, it is template for a portal, and the person they are mocking is respected Wikipedian Daniel Case, who I believe is using his real name here. This is the edit, adding four portal templates at once: {{portal|Bridges|Death|Disasters|Italy}}. [diff] To equate this with vandalism is irresponsible, not to mention mocking him with the edit war prediction and the lisp imitation. He and his wife have been around for a while, and they’re good people.

portal grouping

The Death Portal is a thing, and is associated with the Death Wikiproject. On the portal you can find a list of their outstanding articles and DYKs, a list of disasters and accidents from WikiNews, some charts of topics and categories to help you navigate the topic, some recent obits, and even a link to who died on this day.

The death toll for the Ponte Morandi bridge collapse now stands at 39.

If they are really so obsessed with the skull on the death portal they should replace it with the candle image [link] commonly used for deceased Wikipedians, instead of trash-talking respected Wikipedians who pitch in to help with fast-breaking events.

What is wrong with people, indeed.

This deserves a spot on the Wikipedia Potty Mouth List.

[Why are all of Aretha’s recordings of “Repect” getting taken down?…] shrug, okay here’s another

Wikipedia potty-mouth list

Here are some ways they work the F-bomb or whatever into a Wikipedia conversation.  I’m starting with the so-called leadership, the big shots, the hat-collectors.  These are the people who set the tone for the whole project.

No doubt the list will grow.

Feel free to chime in. No annoyance is too petty, no big shot is too much of a sacred cow.

The list

  • c bomb iconBishonen (also Bishzilla, etc.) admin

    ..He isn’t calling anybody a cunt either, but I’m not sure using the word to make a remark more “colourful” (juicy?) or “memorable” is any better….Bishonen | talk 20:52, 9 November 2018 (UTC) [diff]

  • Carrite (Tim Davenport), resident Marxist at Wikipediocrazy

    ..There should be an ArbCom case if this is not met with a ban at AN/I and this person should be out the fucking door, end of story…. Carrite (talk) 14:11, 2 April 2016 (UTC) [diff]

    …the RFA system is fucked up… Carrite (talk) 15:46, 2 August 2018 (UTC) [diff]bacon

  • Drmies (Michel Aaij), admin, former arbitrator

    (edit summary)  yeah fuck you too. don’t know what I am supposed to have done to you, but I’m sure you’re very oppressed Drmies (talk) 00:24, 13 August 2018 (UTC) [diff]

    …I have on more than one occasion told all of you (YOU TRUMP EDITORS, FOR FUCK’S SAKE, ALL OF YOU) that you are making this a nasty place to work, but your nonsense is worse than that of others…. Drmies (talk) 15:51, 6 May 2018 (UTC) [diff]

    As for “fucking fascist state” and other Godwin-tending utterances: this is a website. That’s all it is: a website… Drmies (talk) 15:15, 26 January 2016 (UTC) [diff]

  • f bombJimbo, (Jimmy Wales)

    Utter fucking bullshit.–Jimbo Wales (talk) 22:06, 25 January 2016 (UTC) [diff]

  • baconKeilana, (Emily Temple-Wood) co-Wikipedian of the year 2016

    …She and her husband were the hematology power couple of the 20th century (words I never thought I’d say in a row) and guess who had an article? Yeah, her husband. Guess who got the Nobel Prize alone for their collaborative work? Yeah, her husband. I’m still really fucking salty about this. “Just a technician”, my ass. Add her to the long list of “women who got totally screwed out of a Nobel because they worked with their husbands/other dudes/were women”. It’s a long fucking list…
    – from “Shit I cannot believe we had to fucking write this month”, Wikipedia Signpost  [URL]

  • MjolnirPants

    dgafSo can we fucking please stop personalizing everything and just discuss the fucking issues at hand? MjolnirPants (talk) 12:42, 10 July 2018 (UTC) [diff][DGAF userbox]

  • baconMrX

    Are you fucking kidding me?! You have the balls to accuse ”ME” of hounding, when I am the one who has compiled evidence of hounding, stalking, and battleground behavior by the OP direc ted at me? How did you, Mongo, and ψλ even know this page existed? We’re you all stalking my every edit? I never discussed this pafe with anyone; I never linked to it; I never mentioned ψλ’s name. I’m so fucking thoroughly sick of the constant drama and battleground bullshit on Wikipedia that I could puck. How about you and your whole busybody crew fuck right off!! …MrX  18:43, 17 May 2018 (UTC) [diff]

  • c bomb iconnagualdesign (Joe Haythornthwaite)

     ,… because I’ve been using Photoshop for nearly 20 years and I know what I’m doing, not because I’m some sort of cunt. nagualdesign 17:06, 6 July 2018 (UTC) [diff]

    Pardon my language but what the fuck?!nagualdesign 01:08, 13 January 2018 (UTC) [diff]  Fuck you too, buddy. nagualdesign 02:05, 23 February 2018 (UTC) [diff]

  • baconNewyorkbrad (Ira Brad Matetsky), admin, arbitrator

    Fuck off Archive request as withdrawn. Newyorkbrad (talk) 14:27, 30 October 2013 (UTC) [diff]

    …I would prefer not to need a weeks-long case focused on a series of questions like “when is or isn’t it proper to tell another editor to ‘fuck off’?”… Newyorkbrad (talk) 19:13, 23 October 2017 (UTC) [diff]

  • baconOpabinia regalis, admin, arbitrator

    I don’t quite agree with the reasoning above – “too complex for AE” means “too complex for self-selected volunteers who aren’t actually obliged to do fuck all”… Opabinia regalis (talk) 16:24, 29 June 2018 (UTC) [diff]

  • what is this1Ritchie333, admin

    Changes “founding member” to “founder member” (??), edit summary “fuck off, nationalist”… Revision as of 06:33, 21 May 2018 by user: Ritchie333 [diff]

    creates a redirect WP:CLUSTERFUCK in shouting all caps to Wikipedia:Article titles. 09:36, 27 June 2018‎ by user: Ritchie333 [diff] [deletion discussion]

Honorable mention (off wiki)

  • c bomb iconFae () (Ashley van Haeften), former admin, former chair of Wikimedia UK

    Retweeted “This man is a complete and total cunt.  No other word sums him up better.” May 2018. [Screenshot.]

  • baconGamaliel (Rob Fernandez), former admin, former Signpost editor-in-chief, Board of Directors, Wikimedia DC

    “WTF is wrong with people.” Facebook Wikipedia Weekly, August 15, 2018.  (See: WTF portal) Screenshot:
    wtf fb1

  • baconc bomb iconTony1

    (email)  “go fuck yourself” …”gross cunt”…Tony1 16:47, 15 April 2013 (UTC) [diff]