Ajraddatz goes postal

So Kumioko has now been indefinitely banned, and by none other than that most curious admin Ajraddatz, who, as has been discovered, just happens to be one of the defenders of a website known for teaching kids about the “humorous” side of raping children, beating women, and smashing blacks in the face with a bat.

No good will come of this.

So, who is Kumioko, and what happened? Kumioko, now known as Reguyla, is sort of like your favorite uncle who tells the same joke all the time.  The first time you hear it, it’s mildly insightful, but every time a newcomer arrives, the same joke is trotted out again and again.  Kumioko’s rap is about abusive admins.  For a while, it looked like the admins had gotten rid of Kumioko by convincing him that he would be given a fair chance, if only he waited long enough.  but now that looks like just empty words.

What happened is a little harder to figure out, but I will try to read the tea leaves.

First, there is no active sockpuppet investigation that I can find.  The Kumioko sockpuppet archive was last updated in November 2016, so it’s probably not about socking.  Kumioko’s socks are pretty benign anyhow, they mostly do template maintenance and minor cleanup of the Medal of Honor lists, like this edit here by “Kumioko99”–the guy seems to make no attempt to hide his identity, perhaps so these edits will be seen as legitimate.

Kumioko’s edit history likewise yields few clues.  He’s obviously not active on Meta, but it seems he was blocked on the notorious IRC, and used Meta for an appeal and had that used against him.  His global account is here, but it looks like whatever happened has been going on across multiple wikis and probably beyond.

But now I see he has been globally banned just this morning, by a WMF office account, so I think the only way to try to piece this together is with a timeline.

Kumioko timeline

The backstory

Sometime in 2012, Kumioko had some kind of difficulty on the English Wikipedia, and felt his reputation had been tarnished beyond repair.  After trying unsuccessfully to get someone to acknowledge he had been falsely accused, he took it on himself to start warning other users. Kumioko is not his real name, but his identity does seem to be known in the movement. Whatever the original incident, he seemed deeply offended, and tried to get his account globally locked, but eventually ended up with a new user name instead. By 2014 he was using the name Reguyla, but his writing style was distinctive, and he was immediately recognized.  Salt was poured on old wounds, but the community processes did not provide relief or closure, they only made things progressively worse.

The current difficulty

Kumioko’s current difficulties seem to have started with an RFC against him on Meta, that he was not even informed of: Requests for comment/Global ban for Reguyla.  The action was initiated by newbie User:TJH2018, whose user pages on English Wikipedia shows he is a junior member of the Pasedena high school ROTC program, likes to revert vandals and call users “bro”, and has Zero Tolerance policy for personal attacks AND stupidity”, and whose talk page sports a Star Trek style banner that proclaims “Yellow Alert. Wikipedia Security (aka Vandal Fighters) to stations.”  In spite of being a newbie, TJH2018 was easily able to find the steward elections on Meta, where he cast his first vote for….Ajraddatz. The meta lynch mob failed to materialize, but the barrier to action was identified: “Criterion #3 requires an indefinite block or ban on two or more projects, but the block on Commons has an expiration date.”  In spite of TJH2018’s professed disdain for personal attacks, he gets in one snark at Kumioko on his talk page: “Hey, genius. He wasn’t talking to you”, and (current arb) Durmies, who learned his compassion on the talk pages of the Manchester regulars, gets in another one, mocking Kumioko for “whining all the time and emailing tearjerker stories”.  But never mind, the hyena pack has found a gazelle that has been separated from the herd, and they smell their prey.

So here is what I can piece together.

22:37, 20 April 2016  TJH2018 starts RFC against Kumioko on Meta [diff]

23:47, 20 April 2016 Reguyla objects to not being notified on TJH talk page [diff]

20:57, 1 May 2016 TJH puts global lock template on Reguyla’s talk page [diff]

18:50, 28 January 2017 Reguyla request on Meta that IRC ban be lifted. [diff]

21:54, 28 January 2017  Meta refuses the venue, but from the lengthy comments, it is clear some grievance has crossed over from Wikia  [diff]

22:11, 28 January 2017 Seventeen minutes later, Ajraddatz blocked Reguyla on Meta 1 week [diff]

22:16, 28 January 2017 Ajraddatz changed the block to infinite [diff]

22:34, 3 March 2017 MichaelMaggs blocked Reguyla on Commons with an expiration time of indefinite [diff]

NB: at this point Kumioko is now indeffed on two wikis (Commons and Meta), the prerequisite for a global ban, so the original objection to TJH2018’s ban request no longer stands.

04:09, 14 April 2017‎ WMFOffice (WMF Global Ban) [diff]

So the kids ganged up on an old man, and as a group, they were able to outmaneuver him across multiple platforms–in the short term.  But you know what?  My money’s on Kumioko.  He’s played whack-a-mole before, and he takes the long view.  Plus, he’s been taking apostrophe lessons from the Kohser, who may be a lot of things, but when it comes to the apostrophe, Kohser is still the undisputed master, so any new accounts Kumioko makes will be much much harder to detect, punctuation-wise.

But that’s not the real reason it was such a huge mistake.  It was such a huge mistake because these are the people who are the lifeblood of any volunteer organization, and they should be treated with respect. Imagine if someone had actually taken time to listen to the guy and understand where he was coming from, instead of trying to provoke.  Instead, they decided to play gotcha, requiring people to use their talk pages to grovel for unbanning, then removing talk page access.  And when the user tries to find another venue to get unblocked, the Wikipedia user gets mocked, blocked, and humiliated all over again, by snot-nose kids who have never even written an article. Do they find that as entertaining as “jokes” about raping children, beating women, and smashing blacks in the face with a bat?  Is that the WMF’s business model?

respect the authority screenshot2
“Respect the authority, and then maybe we wouldn’t be here.”  Oh, and you can’t call anyone a “POV pusher” unless you’re friends with an admin.

So why do they do this? What is the point?

“Respect the authority, and then maybe we wouldn’t be here.”

Do I hear the sound of jackboots?




In the meantime, what has our Ajraddatz been up to? PenisPenis! .. and more penis !!1!


But not poop, oh, no definitely not poop.  Poop is Kryptonite.  Forget free speech nonsense. Must revert poop.  Revert!! Revert!! Reverrrrrt!!!11!1 💩💩💩

Kumioko unchained…by the most curious admin Ajraddatz

Louis_Huard_-_The_Punishment_of_Loki cropped1
The breaking of Loki’s chains signals the beginning of Ragnarök, the end of the world.

Long-time miscreant Kumioko has finally been globally unlocked.  And by one of the strangest admins you’ll ever see, a guy called Ajraddatz.  Kumioko was long ago renamed Reguyla–no idea how to pronounce it–for some obscure reason that has now been lost in the Mists Of Time. Reguyla’s specialty was spamming the interwebs with complaints about “abusive admins”, and the admins’ specialty has been trying to figure out how to keep the guy locked up.

So, about Ajraddatz.

To start off with, Ajraddatz has put in some time on a Pokeman wiki, reverting spam.  No big deal there, a lot of Wikipedians are into stuff like Pokeman and My Little Pony.

Ajraddatz is also deeply into Uncyclopedia, which is billed as a “comedy” wikia.

And what does Uncyclopedia think is funny?

“Don’t resist. The experience will be more pleasurable for the both of you if you just lay back and get raped.”

“In the rare occasions where the driver survives, the NSMBer comes back and swings the bat again to the drivers face. This method is maybe the most satisfying for the NSMBer.”

“You… you look amazing,” was all I was able to stammer as I gaped in awe at her. The intricate silk kimono she wore was tight on her body, displaying her nubile curves. She grinned slightly.

“Thank you, Mr. Wales,” she responded.

“We went over this, Wikipe-tan. Call me Jimbo.”

“Anything can be used to smack the bitch down, but the following is a list of preferred weapons.”

league of legends avatar croppedAjraddatz is also active on League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena video game where players receive points for destroying another group’s quarters (“nexus”) and killing unarmed non-player characters and civilians (“minions”).  He’s been there nine years, with over 5,000 edits.

*First request for admin on Meta 2011 (withdrawn)
*Second request for admin on Meta 2014 (passed)
*Stewart elections 2014 (passed)

An admin who thinks raping children, beating women, and smashing blacks in the face with clubs is funny, and who has spent nine years learning how to collaborate to kill unarmed bystanders. What could possibly go wrong?


[August 2018]

Well, well, well, Ajraddatz has a new name on Wikia.  He is now “C886553”.  They still seem to know him though.  (archived)   Dysklyver chronicles his hat-collecting career. (archived)

ajr new name on wikia

Seems like his name change broke a template.

ajraddatz broken template