Renée is the new Rogol

It seems like just yesterday that Rogol Domedonfors roamed the earth, trying to drum up a little brigading, to disrupt the Wikimedia projects just for the sake of disruption. Who can forget his canvassing on some of the now defunct Wikipedia criticism sites?

I have posted comments at the wikimedia-l email list…  I do hope that independently-minded readers will find them sufficiently interesting to cross-post to appropriate other mailing lists….

Making them do something they had not planned to do, or do not want to do, or had never even though of, but feel they now have to under Community pressure, creates resentment, consumes resources and creates a generally unhappy atmosphere for debates over other issues….

Crossposting comments to WMF blog posts on these matters will also help publicity. If all those cross-posts link to the email of one particular author, that would look odd. Probably linking to independent but well-thought-out independent comments is the most helpful ….

For reference, the entire statement is here.

Ah, those were the days. My evil twin had to come over and help me air out the blog. And who can forget Rogol’s sock drawer?

On Aug 21 it was Reinhard.

On Aug 22 it was Rudyard, also Ronald.

On Aug 23 it was Rod.

And so on, Redmond, Reed, Reginald, Roald, Ruud, Roland, Rutherford, Rognvald, Roibéard, and Reid.

I had almost forgotten about that snakily worded RfC to get rid of Reliable Sources.

Rogol clashed with Kohs as well, and I thought that Gregory and I would finally find true happiness together in our shared antipathy for Rogol.  Sadly, it was not to be.  Kohs went on walkabout and hasn’t been seen since.

After Rogol disappeared in August, there was only boredom, until a botlike creature named Newsfeed took over Wikiediocrazy and posted one link after another that no one would comment on.

The mission of trolling the mailing lists and Wikimedia blog had been forgotten.  Forgotten, that is, until the September return of the natives, and with them new blood, and a new face: Renée…Renée Bagslint.

Renée has brought a new savoir faire to the art of hastening-the-day from within.

“So will you be posting these comment to the blog?  I realize that WMF may simply ignore comments they do not like, but it will at least accustom the blog editors to behaving in an overbearing manner and tend to poison the relationship between the WMF editors and its readers.”

How diabolically clever. Newbie Renée has magically stumbled onto both the Wikimedia blog and the mailing lists, as if by accident, and has even dipped a toe into the Wikimedia-l mailing list.

Rogol may have dropped the baton, but it looks like Renée has picked it up and is going to run with it.



Rogol trolls the Wikimedia mailing list

Well, well, Rogol “hasten-the-day” Domedonfors  has just shit all over the Wikimedia mailing list.  Again.  Never mind that he’s clueless about finance; Rogol has decided to take it on himself to micro-manage whoever’s job it is to do just that.  

The opening move was by Pine, who sometimes tag-teams with Rogol, and who seemed deeply concerned about the cost of the strategy process.

Could you also discuss what measures are being taken to control costs in the strategy process?

Perhaps he is worried there won’t be any money left over for his Cascascia (Seattle) user’s group.

This was followed by some America-bashing by Rogol and some gender-trashing by some WikiData people.

Chargée d’Affaires

The next round went to Anna Stillwell, the new Chargée d’Affaires:


The statement, “the Foundation and all the external consultants advising it on this exercise are all US-based“, is not accurate.

There are four streams of research and discovery in this phase:….

Five hundred words later, everyone’s eyes have glazed over and Rogol has absolutely no chance of waking anyone up to the clear and present danger of …what was it again?

But Pine posts two times more and Rogol three, and is finally answered by another staff member, responding to Pine only, and completely ignoring the existence of Rogol, who after all doesn’t use his Meta name on the mailing list:

You may not know this, but these kinds of requests are costly, particularly when it escalates with a strongly negative comment and a demand to speak to a Board member. I share these figures on the cost of this request thus far in the service of transparency.

• 6: Number of staff involved in responding, including 3 senior leaders
• 2: Number of Board members now involved
• 1.5 hours: Estimated amount of Board time spent thus far
• 10 hours: Estimated amount of staff time spent thus far
• $1,500: Estimated cost of staff time (considering expenses beyond just salary)

Providing the detailed answer you have requested would require considerably more time and increase the cost more. We have decided not to provide that response because we have ample financial oversight and we would like not to set a precedent of spending resources discussing this level of detail on financial matters.

Way to go dudes. Way to hasten the day. You just cost the foundation $1,500.

And that doesn’t even count Anna Stillwell, who was probably hired specifically for the Pine and Rogol Show, and who probably makes more than all three of us put together.  But then, they probably didn’t read MauMauing the Flak Catchers.

Step back for a minute and watch what is going on with the empire building. Every time someone points out a problem, the WMF creates a new layer of bureaucracy. Got harassment issues? Poof! An entire new department, new hires left and right – a new fiefdom with a shiny new budget. Rogol and Pine decide go off on one of their bitch sessions? Billable hours for all! This time it was $1,500, but next time they will already know the drill, so who knows how high it can go.

But think about this. How much did Rogol get paid for his trouble? Will Kohs now give him a bonus? I doubt it. Everyone here is laughing all the way to the bank, everyone except Rogol.

Chargée d’Merde

I have taken this to heart and hired myself a new Chargée d’Merde du Taureau. This is my Evil Twin, Gender Desk. She is telling me not to close the comments just quite yet.

In the meantime, my fans may not know this, but I count myself somewhat of a finance pundit. Here is my expert advice about why Pine and Rogol were stupid to do what they did:

“You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table, there’ll be time enough for counting when the dealing’s done.” ¹

Rogol gets free speech and Kohs gets PMS

Alas poor Rogol: a while back he tried to comment here, again and again and again and again, and I’m afraid I must have put his comments offline, poor dear. But Kohs has taken up his cause,

kohs-2 identity concealed

and since I feel sorry for Kohs, with the Examiner being shut down so he can’t run around the Internets spamming the comment sections with his latest anti-Jimbo broadside to try to drum up some SEO, I have decided to take pity on the both of them, and restore Rogol’s  comments, in their very own post.

The TL:DR is that Rogol claims to have proofs and insightful comments, but he sees no point in posting them here.  Instead he posted something like 16 different comments saying basically that he has nothing to say. So yeah they were taking up real estate in my sidebar, which this format isn’t really geared for extensive threaded comments anyhow, plus did I mention he is insufferable?  Anyhow, he was warned, he was given an explanation, but he persisted. So I shook my fist, yelled ‘get off my lawn’, and took the comments offline.

In the meantime poor Kohs seems to be developing an allergy to Rogol, which is only tempered by the fact that Rogol’s bizarre style seems to have energized his base, and brought Kohs’  website back to life.

kohs- 1 newidentity concealed

kohs-3 identity concealed

So you can see Rogol’s welcome is wearing a bit thin, but Kohs must grit his teeth and swallow his sarcasm for now, they can’t really afford to throw Rogol under the bus just quite yet.

Yea, verily, the thrice blessed and cursed Vigilant has returned, as has the inestimable Mason, not to mention the globally loathed Cla68, who everybody seems to be cheerfully tolerating. Wonder what kind of drugs they’ve got.

cla68 January Crystal Wright post 1[UPDATE: Oh wait, I see what they’re doing.  They’re just bumping old threads so it looks like there’s something going on. I can’t tell who’s back.

I also see they linked to me three or four times, so no telling how much traffic I really got from there, my stats will certainly be inflated. But Vig has definitely got sucked in again, and SB Johnny and that nasty little RfB who showed so little gratitude when I helped him out with his love life.  And where’s Kelly, I miss Kelly. ]

So without further ado, here are the missing Rogol threads, which in the interests of Kohs’ mental health, I will thoughtfully hide under a “continue reading” button:

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