Alexa: dudes dig me

So who reads Genderdesk?


Can we see that a little closer?

Dudes. And more dudes than the average. This is not always accurate, see for example the notes at the gender guesser , or this about gender on Twitter.

But what can I say.  Dudes are really into me.   Can’t blame them really.

What kind of dudes?

Dudes who are highly educated. Dudes with a good brain.  Dudes who know words, who have all the best words.  I was going to use the term “stable genius” but this is Wikipedia after all, maybe we can just go with “genius”.

Dudes who are not expected to do anything at work.

I don’t know why anyone would read me at home, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the “home” contingent on the above graph is my European fan base and they are just in a different time zone.

So these are smart dudes, but are they dudes from Wikipediocracy?


Um, no.

The only one I recognize is Wikipedia, which is a little surprising to see Barbour or his cohorts here since their site has a vaguely porny vibe. And I don’t see Wikirev either, which started out strong, but which everyone deserted since it turned into a Breitbart SEO optimization hub outpost.  They never did recover from getting trashed by IAC. The others I think have something to do with something called Rational Wiki, but that was before my time.

UPDATE: Oh my, the website is claimed by “team IAC” the paid editing clique from India with all the bizarre conspiracy theories. I have to admit it was worth it though just to see arbitrator Drmies admit to receiving his Wikipedia payoffs in bitcoin through the Cayman Islands. Too bad The Darkened Knight deleted his comments at the end, and now his account too, he knew some stuff about them.

reddit team IAC thread


Wikipediocracy attack on Genderdesk: a legitimate SEO strategy?

So you’re worried about traffic to your blog, and you pick some woman off the internet at random, make some crude remarks about her on your blog, then if she objects, claim you are being harassed and fire off a legal takedown notice.  Should be good for a few page hits, right?

Let’s do the numbers, shall we?

From the time “Wikipediocracy takes no prisoners: Kohs fires off DMCA against Gender Desk” was published on October 3, until roughly some time this afternoon, about 67% of the page views can be traced to specific sources, in particular to four Wikipedia criticism sites:  reddit (WikiInAction), Wikipediocracy,, and Wikipedia  Since some, if not all of these sites are in the habit of doxing, I will not link to them

The highest volume site is clearly Reddit, with 46% of the traffic, followed by Wikipediocracy and Wikirev, with 28% and 18% of the traffic respectively, and Sucks trailing in a distant 4th place with 7% of the traffic. The duration of the traffic was different for each. Reddit’s attention span was the shortest, with the page hits concentrated almost completely in one day. Wikipediocracy managed to sustain interest for about two days.  Wikirev and Sucks have both continued driving sustained traffic up to the present, which is surprising, considering that neither one seems to be seriously in the criticism business, in the sense of providing regularly published adult-level posts and commentary.

That leaves the remaining 33% of the page views unexplained. Could they be from the new super-seekrit r/Wikipediocracy reddit?  (And no, I haven’t been invited.) Perhaps some passing troll or IP will drop by with the straight poop on that.

[Note: it has now been reported on Sucks that the person who answers the email requests for membership is Vigilant, who was “VigilantWO” on Reddit and just “Vigilant” on Wikipediocracy.  So is Vig running a new paid editing empire?  I would certainly rather work with Vig than Kohs, even if the pay was less, but it’s pretty certain Kohs does not pay well.]

So enough the numbers, what about interpretation.

First, Reddit is kicking Wikipediocracy’s butt, and if I am not mistaken, those are all people that Wikipediocracy was too snooty to keep around.  Looks like all those purges are coming home to roost. They should have kept Dark Knight, taught him how to make paragraphs, how to express himself without every other word being a pee-pee word, and how to cut his rants by at least two-thirds. He seems to be making paragraphs now and has stopped flaming–heaven forbid he should ever get any facts wrong himself–so they have missed some great potential.

Second, the missing Rogol is being credited with a lot of stuff, and I probably bear some of the blame for that, since I suggested he was holding up Wikipediocracy all by himself, with a little help from Poetlister and Kohs bumping the old threads in a way that you couldn’t see the recent edit count, not that the published edit counts on those things are at all reliable.

But what if it was just the normal cycle of things, and Wikipediocracy’s content had absolutely nothing to do with the lack of commenters,  and that Rogol had nothing to do with the return of the natives. People do disappear in the summer, in fact there are whole countries that take July off, and probably August too. People go to the beach.  They take vacations. Wikipedia people too, they are either all at Wikimania, or preparing for it, or moping around if they didn’t get a scholarship. So there is no one around to criticize either.

So Rogol steps into the void and posts some of his tedious rambling pseudo-philosophy, and disappears, then Newsfeed appears and posts some equally insufferable links with no context, and no appearance of knowing anything whatsoever about Wikipedia,  before disappearing in turn. Then September hits, and the regulars return in droves.  Were they all on strike from paid editing, and were suddenly offered new and more lucrative sockpuppet contacts?  Or were they just at the beach?  Or at Wikimania.  We will probably never know, unless some passing troll or IP drops by with some enlightenment.

But let’s look at it from another angle.  What if Rogol had never showed up, if Poetlister had not felt loquacious?  Would Wikipediocracy have disappeared forever?

I think not.  We have it from Somey, who appears to be some sort of Wikipediocracy regular, that “We’ll probably change the hosting arrangements before year-end”, so we know the hosting is paid up, for at least a while.  Plus we have it from Zoloft/William Burns that the cost of running Wikipediocracy is about $500.  If you estimate that the cost of web hosting is less than $3 a month, as this article states, then they are good to go for another 167 months, or 13 years. Plus I think we can be pretty sure that Kohs is not going to give up that domain name as long as he remains conscious and/or reasonably sane enough to understand what a domain name is.

Hasten-the-day blog war

smiley-face-popcornOkay, you’re going to have to trust me on a lot of this, partly because a lot of the evidence has been scrubbed, and partly because I don’t want to link to sites that dox, and neither of these sites have any scruples in that regard. What evidence remains is on Wikipediocracy’s first blog post about WikiTribune and some archived screenshots on the Wikipedia Review proboards, under their blog post “Wikipediocracy’s misogyny is on display again”.

These are two blogs that pride themselves on Wikipedia criticism.  Their rallying cry is “hasten the day”, abbreviated “HTD”, meaning the day when Wikipedia ceases to exist.  Wikipediocracy was created by paid editors; they are probably still editing as sock puppets, and trying to make money off of it. The Proboards, as far as I can tell, is not interested in paid editing but have probably been on the receiving end of Wikipedia’s toxic culture and possibly Wikipediocracy’s as well, since they are known to be even worse than Wikipedia.

The first move in this war was by the Wikipediocracy blog, one of their typical stalkerish hit pieces on Jimbo’s latest thing, in this case WikiTribune. They got everything wrong, mistaking one in a series of blog posts on for an official launch, and ripping off a frivolous photo of a female journalist trying on a costume hat from the news magazine she publishes, without attribution.  The first tipoff was no byline, no one wanted to take responsibility for writing the miserable thing.

The countermove was by a Proboards mod member, who pointed out all of the discrepancies, and was duly blocked for his efforts.  Who could have seen that one coming. Proboards surmised that the writer of the blog piece was Kohs, based on the topic (Jimbo, again) and the perceived aggression towards women with the unflattering photo.  Wikipediocracy mod Zoloft – the one who patronizes bars that feature women wearing tartan bras – made a point of saying he definitely did not write the blog post, but no one came clean on the authorship. So round two was a tie — Proboards made kitty litter out of the blog post, but Zoloft kept his finger on the scrub button, plus Greg got in a good dig about the Proboard guy’s wall-of-text writing style.  The Proboard guy should really take this to heart.  He does have some good insights and writes in an interesting tone, but if he is going to persist in the stream-of-consciousness technique, instead of proper proofreading and editing, he ought to at least make arbitrary paragraph breaks, so it doesn’t look like he just tossed off the first thing that came to mind. Kohs may be as accurate as a stopped clock, but when it comes to style issues, it would pay to listen, as he is likely to be right twice a day.

The third round went to Wikipediocracy, point and match. Zoloft trolled Proboards on their own blog, and doxxed the Proboard mod member by matching him with his previous Wikipediocracy handle.  The Proboards blog went into circular firing squad mode with everyone rage quitting and laying down tools, but not without massive walls of text, which have thankfully now been disappeared.

So the end result: Proboards is basically dead, with a couple of predictably dull misogynists dominating what little comment there is, but Wikipediocracy has sustained enough momentum for a second hit piece on WikiTribune, this one by Zoloft.  And a pitiful thing it is.   Looks like he just googled “WikiTribune” and pasted the search results.  But it will probably keep them going for days on end.  A win for mediocrity and banality all around.

Update: artist’s concept of what happened:


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