Hasten-the-day blog war

smiley-face-popcornOkay, you’re going to have to trust me on a lot of this, partly because a lot of the evidence has been scrubbed, and partly because I don’t want to link to sites that dox, and neither of these sites have any scruples in that regard. What evidence remains is on Wikipediocracy’s first blog post about WikiTribune and some archived screenshots on the Wikipedia Review proboards, under their blog post “Wikipediocracy’s misogyny is on display again”.

These are two blogs that pride themselves on Wikipedia criticism.  Their rallying cry is “hasten the day”, abbreviated “HTD”, meaning the day when Wikipedia ceases to exist.  Wikipediocracy was created by paid editors; they are probably still editing as sock puppets, and trying to make money off of it. The Proboards, as far as I can tell, is not interested in paid editing but have probably been on the receiving end of Wikipedia’s toxic culture and possibly Wikipediocracy’s as well, since they are known to be even worse than Wikipedia.

The first move in this war was by the Wikipediocracy blog, one of their typical stalkerish hit pieces on Jimbo’s latest thing, in this case WikiTribune. They got everything wrong, mistaking one in a series of blog posts on Medium.com for an official launch, and ripping off a frivolous photo of a female journalist trying on a costume hat from the news magazine she publishes, without attribution.  The first tipoff was no byline, no one wanted to take responsibility for writing the miserable thing.

The countermove was by a Proboards mod member, who pointed out all of the discrepancies, and was duly blocked for his efforts.  Who could have seen that one coming. Proboards surmised that the writer of the blog piece was Kohs, based on the topic (Jimbo, again) and the perceived aggression towards women with the unflattering photo.  Wikipediocracy mod Zoloft – the one who patronizes bars that feature women wearing tartan bras – made a point of saying he definitely did not write the blog post, but no one came clean on the authorship. So round two was a tie — Proboards made kitty litter out of the blog post, but Zoloft kept his finger on the scrub button, plus Greg got in a good dig about the Proboard guy’s wall-of-text writing style.  The Proboard guy should really take this to heart.  He does have some good insights and writes in an interesting tone, but if he is going to persist in the stream-of-consciousness technique, instead of proper proofreading and editing, he ought to at least make arbitrary paragraph breaks, so it doesn’t look like he just tossed off the first thing that came to mind. Kohs may be as accurate as a stopped clock, but when it comes to style issues, it would pay to listen, as he is likely to be right twice a day.

The third round went to Wikipediocracy, point and match. Zoloft trolled Proboards on their own blog, and doxxed the Proboard mod member by matching him with his previous Wikipediocracy handle.  The Proboards blog went into circular firing squad mode with everyone rage quitting and laying down tools, but not without massive walls of text, which have thankfully now been disappeared.

So the end result: Proboards is basically dead, with a couple of predictably dull misogynists dominating what little comment there is, but Wikipediocracy has sustained enough momentum for a second hit piece on WikiTribune, this one by Zoloft.  And a pitiful thing it is.   Looks like he just googled “WikiTribune” and pasted the search results.  But it will probably keep them going for days on end.  A win for mediocrity and banality all around.

Update: artist’s concept of what happened:


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