The Carrite kumbaya challenge

the carrite kumbaya challenge4Rosashills has thrown down the gauntlet.

Last week Carrite went over to Jimbotalk to shill for black history month, but couldn’t resist yet another dig at women, saying race is a bigger issue than gender.  To date, Carrite has made no edits himself on any black history topics. We call bullshit.

Rosashills has issued a challenge:

I’d be willing to donate the price of four local espressos to the SPCA if he adds at least one significant edit to 28 articles this month (or creates at least 5).

And Rosashills has even provided a little head start, a list of possible topics on the intersection of Marxism (Carrite’s favorite topic) and black history.


Books (redlink)

Around the Caribbean

work of Ishmael Reed

So will Carrite put his money where his mouth is?  The world is watching.

Wehwalt-ShopFloorSource User:Carrite

Additional bets and links are welcome.


Wikipediocracy domain changes owner

In the midst of an internet shakeup of Wikipedia criticism sites, Wikipediocracy has quietly changed their domain registration. The previous owner of the domain name was Gregory Kohs, who has disappeared from the internet and is rumored to be on vacation.

According to Whois, the registration was changed a few weeks ago, on 2018-01-17.

Details of the website’s domain registration were discussed here on a previous post: “Wikipediocracy attack on Genderdesk: a legitimate SEO strategy?” In particular, see the first comment.  The current registration is archived here. was changed a few days earlier, on 2018-01-09, archived here.

The domain registration for the third site, Mywikibiz remains unchanged, still registered to Gregory Kohs, archived here. [1] [2]

Wikipediocracy attack on Genderdesk: a legitimate SEO strategy?

So you’re worried about traffic to your blog, and you pick some woman off the internet at random, make some crude remarks about her on your blog, then if she objects, claim you are being harassed and fire off a legal takedown notice.  Should be good for a few page hits, right?

Let’s do the numbers, shall we?

From the time “Wikipediocracy takes no prisoners: Kohs fires off DMCA against Gender Desk” was published on October 3, until roughly some time this afternoon, about 67% of the page views can be traced to specific sources, in particular to four Wikipedia criticism sites:  reddit (WikiInAction), Wikipediocracy,, and Wikipedia  Since some, if not all of these sites are in the habit of doxing, I will not link to them

The highest volume site is clearly Reddit, with 46% of the traffic, followed by Wikipediocracy and Wikirev, with 28% and 18% of the traffic respectively, and Sucks trailing in a distant 4th place with 7% of the traffic. The duration of the traffic was different for each. Reddit’s attention span was the shortest, with the page hits concentrated almost completely in one day. Wikipediocracy managed to sustain interest for about two days.  Wikirev and Sucks have both continued driving sustained traffic up to the present, which is surprising, considering that neither one seems to be seriously in the criticism business, in the sense of providing regularly published adult-level posts and commentary.

That leaves the remaining 33% of the page views unexplained. Could they be from the new super-seekrit r/Wikipediocracy reddit?  (And no, I haven’t been invited.) Perhaps some passing troll or IP will drop by with the straight poop on that.

[Note: it has now been reported on Sucks that the person who answers the email requests for membership is Vigilant, who was “VigilantWO” on Reddit and just “Vigilant” on Wikipediocracy.  So is Vig running a new paid editing empire?  I would certainly rather work with Vig than Kohs, even if the pay was less, but it’s pretty certain Kohs does not pay well.]

So enough the numbers, what about interpretation.

First, Reddit is kicking Wikipediocracy’s butt, and if I am not mistaken, those are all people that Wikipediocracy was too snooty to keep around.  Looks like all those purges are coming home to roost. They should have kept Dark Knight, taught him how to make paragraphs, how to express himself without every other word being a pee-pee word, and how to cut his rants by at least two-thirds. He seems to be making paragraphs now and has stopped flaming–heaven forbid he should ever get any facts wrong himself–so they have missed some great potential.

Second, the missing Rogol is being credited with a lot of stuff, and I probably bear some of the blame for that, since I suggested he was holding up Wikipediocracy all by himself, with a little help from Poetlister and Kohs bumping the old threads in a way that you couldn’t see the recent edit count, not that the published edit counts on those things are at all reliable.

But what if it was just the normal cycle of things, and Wikipediocracy’s content had absolutely nothing to do with the lack of commenters,  and that Rogol had nothing to do with the return of the natives. People do disappear in the summer, in fact there are whole countries that take July off, and probably August too. People go to the beach.  They take vacations. Wikipedia people too, they are either all at Wikimania, or preparing for it, or moping around if they didn’t get a scholarship. So there is no one around to criticize either.

So Rogol steps into the void and posts some of his tedious rambling pseudo-philosophy, and disappears, then Newsfeed appears and posts some equally insufferable links with no context, and no appearance of knowing anything whatsoever about Wikipedia,  before disappearing in turn. Then September hits, and the regulars return in droves.  Were they all on strike from paid editing, and were suddenly offered new and more lucrative sockpuppet contacts?  Or were they just at the beach?  Or at Wikimania.  We will probably never know, unless some passing troll or IP drops by with some enlightenment.

But let’s look at it from another angle.  What if Rogol had never showed up, if Poetlister had not felt loquacious?  Would Wikipediocracy have disappeared forever?

I think not.  We have it from Somey, who appears to be some sort of Wikipediocracy regular, that “We’ll probably change the hosting arrangements before year-end”, so we know the hosting is paid up, for at least a while.  Plus we have it from Zoloft/William Burns that the cost of running Wikipediocracy is about $500.  If you estimate that the cost of web hosting is less than $3 a month, as this article states, then they are good to go for another 167 months, or 13 years. Plus I think we can be pretty sure that Kohs is not going to give up that domain name as long as he remains conscious and/or reasonably sane enough to understand what a domain name is.

Wikipediocalypse now?

I’m not in any of the Wikipediocracy dead pools, but … “the forums are down for maintenance”?  What maintenance. At 3 AM?

Is this the end, my friend…

wikipedocracy end times

[UPDATE: Nah, they’ve struggled to their feet again, but judging by the way Rogol’s posts are dominating the boards, I would say it’s too soon to put away the death watch beetles.]
death watch beetle cropped death watch beetle cropped death watch beetle cropped death watch beetle cropped death watch beetle cropped death watch beetle cropped death watch beetle cropped

Fact-checking the failing Wikipediocracy on Gorman and the Heilman affair

So what is going on at the failing Wikipediocracy?  For a while now, it’s just been Kohs and Poetlister bumping old threads, and trying to make it look like the place was inhabited.  But are the regulars actually returning, or is this just the last hurrah?  I see Vig came back to vet the players behind Jimbo’s latest WikiTribue venture,  and seems to have gotten sucked back into the vortex. But what’s this? They sure have got this wrong, Kevin Gorman was never any Jimbo apologist, I’m pretty sure he called for Jimmy to step down during the 2016 board fiasco:

RfB sure, no fact checking expected from those quarters, but Vig? SB Johnny? Tsk! Tsk!

Yep here it is.

It's unfortunate that James and Jimmy have gotten in to it in public, but -
I hate to say this, but there's no other way around it - Jimmy should be
embarassed.  He's been exceptionally disrespectful of a respected community
member, but worse than that, he's flat out lied on multiple occasions about
the situation involving James.  If someone challenges me on that statement,
as I have time, I will compile a list of diffs and archived emails in which
he's done so. If the situation between James and Jimmy is such that a
healthy board dynamic with both as trustees is not possible, then frankly
Jimmy should step down, or at a minimum give up the concept of a Founder's
seat, convert it to a community elected seat, stay on as a board member
until the next elections, and then run as an ordinary community member in
the next set of elections.

I think it should also be stated for the public record that Jimmy was the
individual who pushed for Lila's stay to be extended (and I like Lila, I
really do,) and for trustees to not speak with the day to day WMF employees
that have formed the backbone of the WMF side of the movement.  I also
don't know who put the FAQ together, but want to point out that it's not
factually accurate to say that James cannot run in the next elections, as
at least one official FAQ stated at one point.  That would be true if he
was a community ELECTED board member removed for cause.  He wasn't, so the
relevant provision doesn't apply, and he's eligible to run again as soon as
there are faux-elections again.

Rogol gets free speech and Kohs gets PMS

Alas poor Rogol: a while back he tried to comment here, again and again and again and again, and I’m afraid I must have put his comments offline, poor dear. But Kohs has taken up his cause,

kohs-2 identity concealed

and since I feel sorry for Kohs, with the Examiner being shut down so he can’t run around the Internets spamming the comment sections with his latest anti-Jimbo broadside to try to drum up some SEO, I have decided to take pity on the both of them, and restore Rogol’s  comments, in their very own post.

The TL:DR is that Rogol claims to have proofs and insightful comments, but he sees no point in posting them here.  Instead he posted something like 16 different comments saying basically that he has nothing to say. So yeah they were taking up real estate in my sidebar, which this format isn’t really geared for extensive threaded comments anyhow, plus did I mention he is insufferable?  Anyhow, he was warned, he was given an explanation, but he persisted. So I shook my fist, yelled ‘get off my lawn’, and took the comments offline.

In the meantime poor Kohs seems to be developing an allergy to Rogol, which is only tempered by the fact that Rogol’s bizarre style seems to have energized his base, and brought Kohs’  website back to life.

kohs- 1 newidentity concealed

kohs-3 identity concealed

So you can see Rogol’s welcome is wearing a bit thin, but Kohs must grit his teeth and swallow his sarcasm for now, they can’t really afford to throw Rogol under the bus just quite yet.

Yea, verily, the thrice blessed and cursed Vigilant has returned, as has the inestimable Mason, not to mention the globally loathed Cla68, who everybody seems to be cheerfully tolerating. Wonder what kind of drugs they’ve got.

cla68 January Crystal Wright post 1[UPDATE: Oh wait, I see what they’re doing.  They’re just bumping old threads so it looks like there’s something going on. I can’t tell who’s back.

I also see they linked to me three or four times, so no telling how much traffic I really got from there, my stats will certainly be inflated. But Vig has definitely got sucked in again, and SB Johnny and that nasty little RfB who showed so little gratitude when I helped him out with his love life.  And where’s Kelly, I miss Kelly. ]

So without further ado, here are the missing Rogol threads, which in the interests of Kohs’ mental health, I will thoughtfully hide under a “continue reading” button:

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